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So, What’s Next?: Korean Culture Blog Posts, KCON, &caughtinkorea

*Off Topic*

I’ve had my nose buried in the entire Sookie Stackhouse series– you might know these books a little better as the TV show True Blood, for the past week. I managed to read them (all over again) from start to finish, which explains my long(er than usual) absence.

Well, I forgot how much I love reading for fun! After all, I was in law school for the past three years and had no time to read anything but casebooks


Anyway, here’s what’s coming up on WesternGirlEasternBoy, because I love blogging, too!

So, What’s Next?

I have some new, exciting Korean culture blog posts in the works:

How to Make Korean Friends Online, in America, and in South Korea

This But Not That: How To Dress To Impress in South Korea

How to Lose a Korean Guy in 10 Days (Based on True Stories)

My Favorite Kindie Artists, Part 1

My Favorite Kindie Artists, Part 2

Of course, Feeding Your KDrama Addiction will be back, too!

In addition, KCON 2014 is in TWO weeks. I STILL can’t believe that I’m going.

(This is crazy.)

While there I plan on going to the convention and the concerts as well as crossing a few things off my “KCON Bucket List,” like bar hopping, shopping, and sight seeing in Los Angeles. Of course, that includes a trip to KTown, AND meeting up with one of the minds behind

(Their site just gets better and better, so be sure to check it out!)

I will be sharing my first KCON with you all here on my blog and at my Instagram, and I hope you are just as excited as I am!

So, stay tuned!

I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’ll kick things off with a translation of 한여름의 일기장.

P.S.: I recently discovered these hilarious, NSFW KakaoTalk chats by caughtinkorea, a black girl who is living in Korea. Be sure to check out her tumblr for those chats (oh, yes– Korean boys can be crazy, too) AND more fun stories about her life in Korea. Oh, her brother is in BTS’s new reality TV show, American Hustle Life, and she’s sharing stories about that, too.