Don’t Make Me Blush!

Blush and I talk to each other every day, and ever since we started dating (did you miss it?) we always spend the weekends together– the entire weekend from Friday to Sunday (or Monday morning) and not just Friday at 8 PM sharp to Saturday at about 2 or 4 PM! *cough* Honey *cough*

Yes, Blush goes to school (he’s majoring in computer science) and needs to study (and has a job and needs to work), but he still manages to make time for me as any good boyfriend could, should, and would. Anyway, when we are together, we love cooking and watching movies or just talking about anything and everything.

A few weeks ago, Blush made this huge list of places for us to eat, too. After all, we’re both HUGE foodies! So, I made a date night jar that finally has some money in it now that a few weeks have passed. So, we’re getting ready for date night soon, probably the week after next since he has exams next week and needs to study this weekend.


The “Ad-babe-tures” list back then. but it’s always growing and much longer now! Yes, how cheesy and cute is he?!


Back then it was sad and empty, but now it’s happy and full! Oh, I made everything from scratch, and no– the lid did NOT come with it. Let’s just say I drink a lot, and I was glad I saved a big bottle of moonshine in particular.

So, H- and I will have Girl’s Night Out on Saturday! Speaking of my bff H-, Blush has met her and all of my friends who are still in Austin by now– close and not-so-close, and he finally gets why I spend most of my time with just a few of my closest friends– like one or two.

Of course, I’m just glad he can get along with all of my friends even if he doesn’t like all of them, and with good reason, too. I was really shocked when after one just one dinner with the whole group of girls (and a few more) he was able to pin all of them AND all of their personality flaws down.

I was especially impressed since his feelings about the girls I no longer spend that much time with matched mine. Of course, I had known them for years! This is why I always tell girls that it’s so important to trust a guy’s opinion and to have guy friends! They can and will see right through girls and women, even when we don’t want to admit it or believe that what they’re saying, especially about us, is true.

Anyway, we’re both really happy, and we always laugh because I understand modern Korean pop culture way more than he does, but he understands modern hip hop and African American culture way more than I do! Still, there’s so much that we can share with each other when it comes to being Nigerian American or Korean American– or just two people with similar interests but different backgrounds.

We share with each other just as much as we learn from one another, and it’s new for me and so wonderful and amazing and just comforting, too. There are no barriers for us to cross, which is why we’re already so close. Of course, it wasn’t easy for him to trust me so soon, especially after things kind of got off on the wrong foot when he found out I had JUST broken up with someone, but I have my ways!



Pretty is as pretty does, but I do like my new pretty “princess” hair! Blush does, too.

In the end, if you want a real relationship with someone, then you have to be real first. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not– like Honey, who was less than sweet! Sure, you’re going to want to hide things (me) and hesitate to open up (Blush) in the beginning, but as time goes by you have to come clean and take the plunge or the relationship will fail despite the fact that he (or she) is your perfect match– for now if not later, too.

Despite the fact that my twenties seem temporary, especially after Junho, I do want to live and love the same way I did when I was 21 even when I’m 25 (now) and later. It’s not easy, but by now we’ve all been hurt by someone or something, and hopefully by now we’ve all learned that while many things are temporary, hope should be eternal.

So, what are you hoping for?

As for me, I’m hoping that Blush and I get to go to all the places on our ad-babe-ture’s list– that I finally learn Japanese (I’m studying it again now that I have free time)– that this trip to Korea and Japan definitely works out (I’m planning to go with my close friends and saving up again)– and that I ace the phone interview for another part-time legal job as a court representative that I have at 2:45 today.

P.S.: Hope is nothing without hard work, so hope hard but work harder. And, a lot of times we tell ourselves that we’re working hard– our hardest, but it’s just an excuse. We just don’t want to work harder and think (deep down inside) that things should be easier. So, don’t be afraid to work even harder. Your blood, sweat, and tears will lead to new experiences and happiness– and if not success now, then success later.