Last Goodbyes, Lost Luggage &Law School

The Last Day

My last ootd-- jk, I changed later~

I woke up somewhat early. After all, it was my last day in Seoul, South Korea. And, it snowed– although just a little. So, I definitely got the “white winter” that I was hoping for!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet my “little sister” and go to ANY entertainment companies, but I did get to go back to Myeong-dong for a little shopping with unni; and, on the way to pick up unni from her hotel, I met another funny and friendly taxi driver who started singing trot songs to me and talking about his past as a musical actor.

After some light serious shopping, I met my best friend for dinner at my favorite restaurant, The Flying Pan Blue, in Itaewon. We had some DELICIOUS food, and I already can’t wait to go back!

Chicken Avocado Panini~

Then, I met Mr. Kang for (another) dinner– this time in Yoido. We chatted, and before I left I gave him some more chin chin, a Nigerian snack that my mom made. His family had fallen in love with it!

Finally, I was on my way to Bunker in Apgujeong where I met up with unni and one of my friends. No, I didn’t take a picture with my crush, but I did talk to him. I also let the bartender who always gave me free drinks know that I would be back “next time.”

The girls and I drank and danced– drama free, and I got home at 5 o’clock in the morning as planned. I slept for three hours, and then I showered, got ready, and packed my bags before meeting up with my best friend at 10:00 in the morning.

We took the subway together before saying our goodbyes at the airport. I ended up having a wonderful trip and a cozy flight. I slept the ENTIRE time. However, when I arrived to San Francisco almost 12 hours later, my luggage did not arrive with me.

Thankfully, it only took two (agonizing) days for them to find it, and I should get it today or tomorrow. Anticlimactic, but “The End”!

So, “two weeks” in Seoul was too short, but this short and sweet winter vacation made me fall in love with Seoul, South Korea all over again, and it also gave the the strength I need to keep dreaming, to keep living a life where I wake up everyday with the determination to make my dreams a reality.

There was just something different about this trip– maybe because I went for different reasons, with a different heart and a different mind, but I met so many wonderful people and made so many wonderful memories that I will never forget.

But, I realized that I don’t want Seoul to be just a memory. I have a lot of work to do and a long way to go, but someday I will call Seoul “home.”

There is an indescribable feeling that the city gives me– the often crowded but sometimes quiet streets, the bright neon lights and even brighter morning sun, the view of the Han River as I stand on the subway or sit in a taxi, staring out.

When I’m in Seoul, I don’t want to be anywhere else, so I know that I have to go back. But for now, I started my last semester of law school on Monday. Looking back, I am amazed at how far I’ve come– there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to open your eyes and your heart to see it.

9 thoughts on “Last Goodbyes, Lost Luggage &Law School

  1. Thanks for sharing :D I’ve only been to Itaewon for mexican food once during the afternoon and then we bounced… reading your blog makes me want to hit it up at night haha.

    Good luck this semester and job searching!


    • Thanks SO much, because I will need all the luck I can get (along with putting in some hard work)!
      And I’m glad I changed your mind about Itaewon. It’s not as bad as people think it is, but you do have to stick to the right places– namely Exit 1 and Exit 2 as far as I know:) Hope you can go check it out soon!


  2. Hi I Have said Seoul Kore, is the place for you. I know I do not know you personally yet only just here at your blog. Nevertheless I can sense it about you I know your life is there in Seoul Korea, the husband to be is there as well, your career is definitely there my dear. You will see all I say here will take place into your beautiful life you will see it. As time passes you will see things fall into place with your life. I also do not think it was by chance that I came upon your Site or Blog. It was meant for me to find you.
    I am glad again that you made it home✈ safe and your bags 💼💼👗👚👢💼finally arrived to you safe as well.
    Now you must get back to your studies. Do great so you can return to Seoul, South Korea. It is and has always been a light at the end of the tunnel, mainly for those with a dream and a purpose, and those who believe in themselves. When you have a drive and you know you want something as long as it’s of good, you will always seek after it until you arrive to it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how old you are it will manifest into your life. Well love you much girlie, keep dreams high, and keep on praying. I know it’s in the heavens for you you got it, it’s all on its way now to your life.
    I will talk to you later my dear.
    ME- MARIA E. 💋Smooches dear one!!


  3. I just discovered your blog and I think it’s lovely. Your latest post was nice. I went Korea last September and I’m currently doing a vblog + blog posts on my trip. I’ll have to backtrack and read some more of your trip there.


  4. Seoul loves you as much as you love her! You sound very sure of what you wanna do with your life and I’m glad you have a career alternative in case your first option doesn’t work out. It shows maturity and that you aren’t just riding on the waves of emotions. Well done, you have come quite far, and I wish you success this final semester! :)


  5. That last comment you made about not wanting to be anywhere else when you’re there – that’s the way I feel about Cork, Ireland. If I could, I would’ve already dropped everything and moved (and I still hope beyond all that I get there before too long). I think wanting enough and trying hard enough opens doors that often seem too tightly shut. Best wishes that you are able to accomplish your goal! e


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