My “Must-Watch” Korean Dramas: 2014 Edition

My must-watch lists got off to a great start in 2013, but 2014 is looking like a totally hit or miss year for Korean dramas! But, be sure to check out the long list of Korean dramas that I’ve watched and loved in the past right HERE.

(This post is still under major construction, because I’ve been catching up on episodes of Witch Hunt and quit ALL KDramas until then! But, just a few more episodes to go before I get started on my super long watch-list of KDramas.)

1. My Love From Another Star


In this drama starring Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Park Hae Jin, and Yoo Inna, “an alien from another planet lands in Korea and falls in love with a top Hallyu star.”

This is a must-watch because it was heart-felt, touching, and believable thanks to the great cast. There were modern super heroes, Hallyu stars, and sick, scary villains.

There was also friendship and rivalry. It had everything you could ever want in a story, and it was so well told on screen.

2. Secret Love Affair


This drama about an older married woman who falls in love with a much younger boy has me hooked, and I’ve been sharing my favorite scenes and statements– a kind of recap, HERE.

Now, this is a must-watch because of the chemistry between the two leads, played by Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae. It’s a slow burner but it gets HOT. I also loved the music, cinematography, and side stories.

Nothing was wasted; every moment had a point, subtle or strong.

3. A Witch’s Romance

Witch's Romance~

This drama about another older woman who falls for a much younger guy is TONS of fun so far– and also so different from Secret Love Affair even though they are both noona romances!

Be sure to check out their steamy kisses HERE! And, this is a must-watch due to the cute, bubbly relationship between the two leads, played by Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon.

Although the pacing could have been better, it still worked. I watched all the way to the end and felt satisfied, too.

4. Yoo Na’s Street

Yoo Na's Street~

I Love both of these leads and the entire cast– along with the story about a bumbling detective and his sexy pick-pocketing neighbor! This KDrama replaces Secret Love Affair, and you can watch the teaser here until English subs come out:

And, English subs are out, so watch this KDrama right HERE.

5. High School King of Savvy


This Kdrama about a high school boy turned CEO was so good it got it’s own surprise post! Read it right HERE. In addition, this is the first KDrama that I gobbled down in three days this year.

Everything worked thanks to stellar performances from the entire cast. They really pulled off their same old-same old characters and made them feel new.

The story also took all the right twists and turns without making any of the characters do something they wouldn’t do. I was laughing and fan girling the whole time, but I did let out a tear or two, too

6. Fated To Love You


I just started watching this and the first few minutes pulled me in so much that I can finally finish High School King of Savvy (watched it in three days!) and start a new KDrama– this one!

I was skeptical of Jang Hyuk in a role like this one– I last saw him playing a slave in Chuno after all, but I can already tell he’s going to pull Mr. Chaebol off and give him his own unique Jang Hyuk spin.

I’ve heard this is his second KDrama with Jang Bo Ra, so I’m excited to see them both!

7. You’re All Surrounded


This is another one that just made my must-watch list. Read all about it right HERE.

Now, as you’ve seen I’ve decided not to watch any of the divorce dramas (Emergency Couple and Sly and Single Again), medical dramas (New Leaf, Doctor Stranger, and Angel Eyes), or cop dramas (Gap Dong and You’re All Surrounded) that aired this year.

I also passed on Joseon Gunman, Trot Lovers, and My Secret Hotel High School King of Savvy as well. It’s Okay, It’s Love just seems cray cray, so even though I love Gong Hyo Jin– I’ll pass on this KDrama.

Now, here are a few KDramas that are on my must-watch list. I’m just waiting for more episodes to air before I watch since I like to binge-watch!

8. Three Musketeers


Starring my love Jung Yong Hwa in what will surely be an action and adventure sageuk, The Three Musketeers promises something different this year. Also, the team behind my favorite fusion sageuk Queen In Hyun’s man is behind this KDrama! Much to anticipate along with what I’m sure will be a stellar performance by YDG.

9. Ironman


Lee Dong Wook is my absolute favorite Korean actor, and I’m excited to see him take on a role as a tortured superhero! Now, I think that Lee Dong Wook is the only actor who can pull of the whole knives coming out of my body thing, but let’s be real:

As I said, this drama is going to be either REALLY good or really Really REALLY bad. And, it was really Really REALLY bad…!

9. Bad Boys


Yay, Park Hae Jin, one of my favorite actors and a Busan boy to boot, is finally back! Okay, okay. I know this is his third drama this year, but Doctor “Cuckoo” was not on MY watch list.

Anyway, I’m excited to see him and a bunch of other great– really great, actors and actresses in this crime action thriller with lots of mystery, too. Here’s the trailer!

Watch it HERE, with English subs (finally).

10. Misaeng


An office drama and cartoon remake with lots of buzz!

11. Liar Game


A JDrama remake with lots of buzz, too!

12. Valid Love



Uhm, my Korean boy bias Lee Soo Hyuk plus my Korean girl bias Lee Shi Kyung plus the writer of My Name is Kim Sam Soon? Yes, this is definitely on my must-watch KDrama watch list.

(What a mouthful!)

13. The King’s Face


Aaw, Seo In Guk is finally back on the KDrama screen! Excited for this sageuk AND gender-bender KDrama.

… and the list continues, but I’m falling so far behind! I’m watching Witch Hunt now and will watch The Greatest Love again before jumping back to 2014. So stay with me as I update this list and come to the final conclusion at the end of the year.

Just when I was about to give up on KDramas, I’ve been pulled back in!

Finally, you can watch a bunch of new and old dramas on my favorite site where I watch high quality videos (1080p!) with great subtitles that leave nothing out:!

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24 responses to “My “Must-Watch” Korean Dramas: 2014 Edition

    • Haha Sounds a lot like my life right now!

      I will definitely need more Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun this year! They are both soooooo charming along with being great at what they do. Their acting is on fire– so is the rest of the casts’, and I love having something to look forward to after working and being in school ALL day… >.<

  1. Hi i wonder if you wanna guest blog on my site and i do same on yours ?
    My name Is Susan Jonsson i am from sweden and are 25 years old.

    have a good day

    • Hi Susan!

      Nice to meet you, and thanks for contacting me about this.
      d me an email with your topic or any ideas. I love having guest bloggers but do edit each submission. That might be good for you if you hate editing– I’ll do it for you!

      I’d also love to visit your blog and see what it’s about. My email is Don’t forget the “x”!

      – WGEB

  2. hi ..i have only started waching kdramas this year ..but i hav watched alot. could you please suggest some really good kdramas? i only like dramas lik the heirs,my luv from another star, city hunter, faith, boys over flowers ect…im more inot kdramas that have romace,comdey and not so much if action. pls sugggest some really good kdamas..thnx :)
    your website was very helpful although im not sure which is my type :)
    thnx again

    • Have you checked out THIS series? Lots of suggestions!

      And we have EXACT opposite taste in KSramas. I didn’t really like any of those, but you should watch Secret Garden, Coffee Prince and My Name is Kim Sam Soon, if you like those! :D Maybe also check out Queen InHyun’s Man. :)

  3. Bad Guys … Ooo i love that show. Sigh Park Hae Jin …mmm totally different from his “from another star” charcater. I love his dead eyes and deadpan delivery of everything. And is it me or does he have like the sexiest lips ever…cant pull my eyes away.

  4. you’re missing out, Gap Dong is my fave drama this year and Lee Joon is such a talented actor. there was amazing acting throughout and never a dull moment. Hotel King was good too :)

    • I tried to watch Gap Dong for Lee Joon, too, but I am NOT a fan of Yoon Sang Hyun. he tends to overact. Anyway, Hotel King with Lee Don Wook was also good? I will check it out probably next year. So much catching up to do!!! :)

  5. You’re missing something if you don’t watch, “THE JOSEON GUNMAN”. It’s fantastic. Watch LEE JOON GI run, leap, fight, shoot a gun, wield a sword, straddle and ride a horse while firing a gun. This KOREAN drama is the best scripted and acted drama of 2014 and LEE JOON GI is the BEST KOREAN ACTOR of the year. Watch his PHOENIX EYES and CUPID BOW LIPS. He is also a fantastic dancer (“KING of DANCE”) and excellent singer, and he’s so FUN and HUMOROUS. Watch him on YOUTUBE.

  6. Did you ever get a chance to watch Iron Man? I was so excited to see it but it quite a letdown – the drama had a weird sense of humor that I just didn’t get.

    • OMG, boy did I! I couldn’t get past Episode 3, and I thought… Lee Dong Wook needs to pick better dramas. I love him as an actor, but part of being a successful actor is picking the right “acts.”

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