Secret Love Affair: Scenes and Statements from Episodes One and Two

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By now I’ve watched over 50 Korean dramas– if I only include the ones that I’ve watched from start to finish, filmed from 2004 until 2014; but, I’ve never watched a Korean drama quite like Secret Love Affair!

So, here are my favorite scenes and statements from Episodes One and Two, and be sure to follow along with me as I watch Secret Love Affair!

Episode One

Scene One

No skirt?~

No skirt?~

No problem!~

No problem!~

I instantly fell in love with Oh Hye Won after this scene, and I also admire the way that she uses her hands, face, and whole body to act out every scene.

In addition, there isn’t much that will shake Oh Hye Won– not even forgetting to put on her skirt in the middle of winter, and we get to find that out from the very beginning, which just makes me more curious about what– or who, inevitably does.

Scene Two

"What's real love, bitch? Is the reason that you don't cheat on YOUR husband because you're in 'real love'?!"~

The look in her eyes…~

Oh Hye Won just accused Seo Young Woo of cheating on her husband without actually being in love– in real love, and this is Seo Young Woo’s cutting reply (also accompanied by a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it slap):

“What’s real love, bitch? Is the reason that you don’t cheat on YOUR husband because you’re in ‘real love’?” 

At this moment we know that Seo Young Woo is not just playing around. She’s lonely and willing to both latch on to and lash out at the people around her. She’s volatile. She’s crazy. She’s honest about being all of the above– and even honest about being broken.

(I saw this actress in I Do, I Do but didn’t have a good impression of her or any impression of her beyond her flippant attitude and swollen, post-op face. I’m loving her here, though! She’s edgy.)

Two women who have more in common than either one would like to admit~

Two women who have more in common than either one of them would like to admit~

Here, I felt as if Oh Hye Won’s own conscience was speaking to her through Seo Young Woo, and– of course, she ignored her conscience even when it literally hit her in the face a few moments before.

“I know that your husband is useless. What’s really yours? The house where you live, your car, and even your house-keeper– it all belongs to us.”

“Us” being the company Seo Young Woo partially owns and that Oh Hye Won works at.

As for Oh Hye Won, she’s going to stick to her principles for as long as she can until something– or someone, forces her to let them go and hold onto what very well might slip right through her fingers and leave her falling over the edge and into the abyss known as the unknown.

Scene Three


Step-mom and step-daughter~

Don’t mess with Han Seong Sook!

In the moments before she actually grabbed her step-daughter’s hair, there was this look of complete and utter insanity in her eyes, as if she would (and could) destroy her…


Well, if this isn’t utter destruction, then I don’t know what is!~


Only her husband’s voice calling out to her wakes her up from her rage~

None of the women in this drama are weak, helpless, or looking for their Knight in Shining Armor to rescue them. They are the princesses who escaped from the Dungeon and slayed the dragon on their own…

They are The Queens.

In addition, the calm and quiet before this scene just made it all the more compelling. Behind their elegance, which isn’t feigned, is something primal and something… ugly.

 This small, secretive glimpse into their private life is reflected in the cinematography as well, and it made me look forward to more of their interactions in a way that I usually don’t. There’s an unusual depth to the drama that just unfolded, and it’s deep enough to drown in!

Scene Four

The boy who was always on the outside, looking in...~

The boy who was always on the outside, looking in…~

The way Lee Seon Jae– a seemingly ordinary but less than average delivery boy, stands there gazing at the piano and the piano players from far away lets us know how passionate he is about the  piano and how envious he is of the people who get to not only play but touch it.

His love for piano and music is more than a passion– it’s an obsession, one we see that will soon be projected onto his first piano teacher (and perhaps first love) Oh Hye Won.

Until he met HER, but will she become a part of his world, or will he become a part of hers? Maybe, they'll just destroy both worlds, or each other...~

… Until he met HER, but will she become a part of his world, or will he become a part of hers? Maybe, they’ll just destroy both worlds and each other…~

I watched this episode again, and I noticed that he really looks at her; and, some of you who have been in love (and maybe those of you who haven’t) will know what I mean. It’s subtle, but after watching the next few episodes the way he looks AND feels about her is definitely not as subtle.

Episode Two

Scene One

To play...~

To play…~

Or not to play?~

… Or not to play?~

Here, I love how the focus switches from Lee Seon Jae to Oh Hye Won in another delicate, subtle use of cinematography that really adds something simple and special to each scene.

That is the question.~

To play!~

Lee Seon Jae plays the piano so well that Oh Hye Won is immobile, listening with her body and her soul~

And never stop playing…

Lee Seon Jae plays the piano so well that Oh Hye Won is immobile, listening with her body and her soul. As we’ll soon see, their intimacy is spiritual… musical, and this is not going to be the typical love affair that we all expect.

Scene Two

Like a little puppy, Lee Seon Jae is eager to keep "playing catch"~

Like a little puppy, Lee Seon Jae is eager to keep “playing catch”~

His hands might never stop stroking those keys~

His hands might never stop stroking those keys~

And, their movement makes her angry~

And, their movement makes her angry~

And joyful~

And joyful~

And sad~

And sad~

But, Oh Hye Won wipes away her sudden tears~

But, Oh Hye Won just wipes away her sudden tears~

And smiles~

And smiles~

Soon, they're moving...

Soon, they’re moving…

Moving as one~

… Moving as one~

I LOVE this scene. It’s subtly sexual as many of the piano scenes are, but it’s like their first time: Unexpected, surprising, and incredibly emotional.

Neither one of them wants to end what just begun.

Scene Three

Seo Young Woo barges in on their intimate moment~

Seo Young Woo barges in on their intimate moment~

Oh Hye Won immediately rises and hushes her sternly~

Oh Hye Won immediately rises and hushes her sternly~

She pulls her outside as well~

She pulls her outside as well~

And stands in her way, defiantly protecting the boy inside~

And stands in her way, defiantly protecting the boy inside~

Here, Oh Hye Won tells Seo Young Woo the following:

“You’re right, I’m resting. I haven’t been this happy in a long time, and my ears are happy, too.”

This is the first time that we see Oh Hye Won relaxed, expressive, and happy. She’s always on the phone and running errands and taking care of everyone else around her. She never has any time to herself, especially to enjoy what she loves: Music.

Lee Seon Jae will become an escape for her, but one that she might never be able to escape from…

Scene Four

For a moment she's somewhere else~

For a moment she’s somewhere else~

Somewhere only she knows~

Somewhere only she knows~

And, he is, too~

And, he is, too~

Here, they are oblivious to the political machinations going on around them– shown to us through scenes that cuts back and forth as the day goes on, and only aware of the music as night begins to fall.

Scene Five

Seo Young Woo accuses the professor of betraying her and tries to pressure him into joining her side~

Seo Young Woo accuses the professor of betraying her and tries to pressure him into joining her side~

Seo Young Woo says:

“What did you say when you married Hye Won? You said that she was an empty shell, an empty fucking shell!”

Later, Oh Hye Won will hear a recording of their conversation, but her “shell” doesn’t crack when she does.

Scene Six

Oh Hye Won turns to leave but hesitates when she sees Lee Seon Jae standing, waiting~

Oh Hye Won turns to leave but hesitates when she sees Lee Seon Jae standing, waiting~

She goes to him and asks him if he knows how good he is at playing the piano~

She goes to him and asks him if he knows how good he is at playing the piano~

For the first time, he gets to talk to someone about his passion, and she is a good listener~

For the first time, he gets to talk to someone about his passion, and she is a good listener~

Lee Seon Jae tells her:

“I starting playing the piano because when my mom went to work she would close and lock the door… a piano that the person who used to live in our house threw away and left there.”

Here, we see how lonely his childhood must have been, but he’s still bright and boyish– still childish.

He looks lost when the conversation finally ends~

He looks lost when the conversation finally ends~

She paces, asking him what he wants to hear since she already told him how good he is at playing the piano~

She paces, asking him what he wants to hear since she has already told him how good he is at playing the piano~

She's surprised when he asks her if he can play one more song~

She’s surprised when he asks her if he can play one more song~

He's nervous and anxious but trusting~

He’s nervous and anxious~

So, they play the piano together– strangers and friends at the same time, a teacher and a student, a woman and a boy.

Scene Seven

Afterwards, he runs home, at times smiling and at time crying ~

Afterwards, he runs home, at times smiling and at times crying~

Afterwards, she sits and smiles to herself~

Afterwards, she sits and smiles to herself~

He stops and smiles at a bridge somewhere~

He stops and smiles at a bridge somewhere~

And, he pretends to play the piano~

And, he pretends to play the piano~

Sometimes thinking of the day they spent together, sometimes imagining her by his side~

Sometimes thinking of the day they spent together, sometimes imagining her by his side~

Together, but forever?~

Together, but forever?~

What would it be like, he wonders?

What would it be like, he wonders?

Before he falls asleep~

He thinks about her before he finally falls asleep~

She thinks about him, too~

She thinks about him, too~

Before finally falling asleep~

Before finally falling asleep~

Scene Eight




She’s married, and this is the face that he makes when he finally finds out after she comes to his house together with the professor~


To make matters worse, she’s excited to hear him play until she accidentally steps on a super-sticky mouse trap!~


Not to worry, our hero will save the day~


Again, he makes her laugh and cry~

Here, her husband leaves her to fend for herself since he’s afraid of mice, which Lee Seon Jae claims his apartment is full of. Oh Hye Won once again takes everything in stride and with a smile.

I hope you’re enjoying these scenes and statements from Secret Love Affair!

The first two episodes are full of scenes and statements that are simple on the surface but hold so much meaning underneath. By the end of them, we start to see that the relationships between Oh Hye Won and her husband, Oh Hye Won and Seo Young Woo, and Oh Hye Won and Lee Seon Jae all show signs of failure, but will any of them flower and flourish when she finally opens her heart?

And, don’t forget to stay tuned for Secret Love Affair Scenes and Statements: Episodes Three and Four.

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Secret Love Affair

*Korean Drama Reviews, Recaps, &More*

It feels like I’m watching an independent Korean film instead of a Korean drama– well, it is a remake of the Japanese film Tokyo Tower, and I love it!

So, I stopped in the middle of Episode One to start writing this review and came back again in the middle of Episode Two.

(Let’s hope this noona romance holds me down, because I Need Romance 3 sure didn’t!)

Secret Love Affair~

Secret Love Affair~

I first saw Yoo Ah In in Boys of Tomorrow before he was famous, but I haven’t seen him since then. It was a dark, gritty, coming of age Korean movie, so I’m not surprised to see him here in this dark, gritty Korean drama, either.

(I’m planning to write another Must-Watch Korean Movie list, and Boys of Tomorrow is definitely on it!)

He’s incredibly gorgeous, and I remember loving his drunk Tweet fest.

As for Kim Hee Ae, I first saw her in Noonas  Over Flowers, a Korean variety show. Her grace and vitality really caught my eye, so I was definitely looking forward to seeing both of them in Secret Love Affair.

First Impressions

I love the story, I love the characters, and I also love the cinematography. There is a certain quietness since many scenes don’t rely on background music– except for the occasional presence of powerful, moving piano strings, to portray the depth and emotion of the moment. What ends up standing out the most is the dialogue and the slice of life moments that let the characters “breathe.”

I also love that from the very beginning we get a glimpse into the black heart and twisted life of each character– well, everyone except for Oh Hye Won, who is played by the gorgeous, stunning, and 46 years young Kim Hee Ae.

(Yes, major noona here!)

But, this just makes her inevitable “she looked like her whole was falling apart” moment that much more anticipating.

Oh Hye Won is 40, and her love interest, well, he’s the “just born in ’94″– that’s 1994, delivery boy (and genius pianist) Lee Seon Jae. He’s something of an enigma, and I think Yoo Ah In does a GREAT job of capturing the innocence and passion of someone so young, of a talent so untempered.

If you’ve ever dated a younger guy, then you’ll definitely understand the squirmy, angst ridden, and awkward initial moments between them and appreciate his acting.

The age gap might bother you, but I love it, too.

Theme-centered dramas from medical dramas to sports dramas to high school dramas tend to fall flat, but this drama expands beyond it’s theme– or backdrop, which is music– really, a music school and the art foundation that runs it. We definitely get some politics in the first episode and can expect more later on, but it’s all done meaningfully as a way to let us know who the characters are and what drives them, what motivated them.

Finally, I never knew that playing the piano could be so sexual. Tension, tension, tension– especially in Episode Two!

I just can’t get enough of this Drama Land couple, so here’s more of them:

… And more.

So, are you watching Secret Love Affair?

Well, I hope you are, but it’s definitely NOT for everyone.

Anyway, I’m about to get back to my latest drama addiction, but stay tuned for My Must-Watch Noona Romances. I’ll take you all the way back to 2004 with a drama that captures both of this year’s trends: noona romances and divorced couples who get a second chance at love.

Then, I’ll bring us up to date with a few more recent noona romances, like my favorite: I Do, I Do.

10 Korean Drinking Games

*Korean Culture: The Good, The Bad, &The Ugly*



Koreans love to drink…

And, they love to play games, too!

So, here are 10 Korean drinking games. Yes– I’ve played them all! But, some of these games are really easy, and some of them are really hard, so I’ll go through the easy ones first and save the best hardest for last!

Korean Drinking Games

Most of these games are played while sitting in a circle, and if that matters I’ll try to mention it.

1. Image Game

(이미지 게임, or image game)

Level: Easy

When it’s your turn, say any image that you want and ask who best fits that image.

“Who is the person who looks like they have had the most boyfriends or girlfriends?”

Then, everyone (including you) will point to that person, and they have to drink. It’s a great way to get to know the people you are drinking with, so it’s almost always used as an icebreaker and is usually one of the first games that gets played.

(This is also known as Chopsticks since you can play with chopsticks and use them to point instead of your finger.)

2. Baskin Robbins 31

(베스킨 라빈스 31, or Baskin Robbins 31)

Level: Easy

Everyone can count up to three numbers. The first person starts with one, and they can stop counting at one, two, or three. Then, the next person will count up to three numbers starting where the first person left off.

Person 1: “One, two.”

Person 2: “Three, four, five.”

Whoever makes a mistake and counts more than three numbers has to drink. However, whoever says 31 also has to drink, so be careful of how low or high you count!

(This game is easy and fun but can get confusing if someone playing doesn’t know how to count in English or if someone playing doesn’t know how to count in Korean, which definitely happened when I was playing before!)

3. 3-6-9

(삼-육-구, or sam-yook-gu)

Level: Easy

This is another counting game, but everyone can only say one number. Every time a number with three, six, or nine comes up, then the person saying it must clap instead. We clap once for 3 and 30, but clap twice for 33, 36, 39, etc.– if we get there!

Whoever says one of those numbers on accident instead of clapping or forgets to clap twice if needed has to drink.

4. The Quick Wit Game

(눈치 게임, or nunchi game)

Level: Easy

This is another counting game, and you can only say one number, too. Everyone sits in a circle, and someone has to start by saying one and standing up at the same time. The next person has to say two and stand up, and so on.

If more than one person says a number and stands up at the same time then they have to drink. However, the person who is last also has to drink, so be quick and be “witty!”

5. I Love You

(사랑해, or saranghae)

Level: Easy

Everyone sits in a circle. The first person can turn to the person on the left or the person on the right and say, “I love you.” Then, the person being told I love you can accept it, turn to the next person, and say I love you; or, they can reject it and say, “꺼져,” or kkeojyo, which means get lost.

If either person laughs then they have to drink, so keep a straight face and try to stay sober!

(I played this during a group sogaeting and my match told me to get lost. He ended up dating another girl who was also on the group date, and I think they are still together!)

6. Son Byung Ho Game

(손병호 게임, or Son Byung Ho game)

Level: Easy

This game became famous in Korea after Son Byung Ho played it together with the MCs and guests on Happy Together, one of my favorite Korean variety shows.

You might know it as the OPPOSITE of “Never Have I Ever.” You hold out five fingers and say something that you’ve actually done and that other people might have done, too. If someone else has done it, then they have to fold a finger down.

Like SNSD, you can also say, “Fold if you’re married,” or, “Fold if you like sweet potatoes.”

Then, whoever has no fingers left first has to drink.

7. King Game

(왕 게임, or wang game)

Level: Easy

You need at least three people and a deck of cards, and it helps to sit in a circle, but don’t let anyone see your card!

Everyone picks a card, and the person who picks the King gets to decide who and what. Usually, the King can pick one or two numbers who have to do whatever he says from dancing to kissing to stripping– well, by the time this game gets played, people are usually drunk and dirty!

Don’t want to do what the King says? Then, you have to drink.

(This game can also be played with cigarettes or paper, but you have to mark them up with numbers and draw a king.)

8. Soju

(소주, or soju)

Level: Easy

For this game you will need a bottle of soju! Take the cap off and twist the end part. Then, take turns trying to flick it off with your finger.

The person who’s turn is next when it finally comes off has to drink; or, whoever flicks it off can make everyone else drink!

9. 007

(007, or gong-gong-chil)

Level: Medium

Everyone sits in a circle. The first person says gong and points to someone else. That person says gong and points to someone else. That person says chil and points to someone else. Then, that person says bang.

The game stops, and the people on both sides of the person who said bang have to raise their hands. If they don’t, then they have to drink.

10.   Name Game

(네임 게임, or name game)

Level: Hard

This is another icebreaker, but it’s MUCH harder than the one from before. It’s also known as frying pan, but we’ll call it the name game. First, everyone sits in a circle and sings a song, “DING-dingdingding, DANG-dangdangdang, DINGDING, DANGDANG, the name game!”

Then, everyone claps.

Clap 1: Slap your thighs.

Clap 2: Clap your hands.

Then, point to the right with one thumb.

Then, point to the left with one thumb.

Then, slap your thighs again, and so on.

The first person will say someone’s name along with a number from one to four. That person has to immediately say their name that many times to the beat while clapping or pointing, and then pick someone else.

 (A lot of Korean drinking games start with songs, like the “Random Game” song that picks someone to pick a random game. There is also a “Baskin Robbins 31 song, and the “jjook jjook” song to encourage someone to drink if they are having a hard time!)

So, have you played any Korean drinking games?

And, here is the “jjook jjook” song!^^

“술이 들어간다 쭉쭉쭉!,” or “sooli deureoganda, jjook, jjook, jjook!”

It means the liquor is going down (your throat), followed by a very nice onomatopoeia for the sound.


Daniel Cooper: Western Boy, Eastern World

*Korean Culture: The Good, The Bad, &The Ugly*

The WGEB community just got a little bigger, and I’d like to introduce you all to my first guest blogger!^^

Daniel Cooper

Mr. Cooper~


Daniel Cooper is 21 years old, and as an African-American student at a historically black university– Lincoln University, he took on the challenge of introducing his black peers to Asia.

Along the way, he founded The Chinese Club at Lincoln and managed to study abroad in China twice. In the end, he accomplished a lot:

“Yes, I turned what was thought to be a small time, soon-to-disappear language on a black campus into a thriving program that I hope can be taken seriously, and it will be.”

But, while in China Daniel felt the strong push and pull of the Korean Wave, and he’s here to share his funny and heartfelt stories about his first experiences with Korean culture from the good to the bad to the ugly.

Western Boy, Eastern World

Hello everyone! My name is Daniel (丹尼尔) Cooper, and you can visit me at my blog, Voyage To Asia.

Korean Culture– the Korean wave, is so powerful. Even in China I was dominated by it, and even when you think you know Korean culture the wave from that massive ocean proves deep indeed. So, here are just a few flashes of my good, bad, and ugly experiences with the Korean wave after a few months in China!

(I’ll be talking about my experiences with my Korean friends Kyunghan, Kim, Genie, and Lin, and they also starred in my blog post on My Korean Influences.)

Choi Kyunghan

Kyunghan and I~

Kyunghan and I~

Always the leader, and he also had a knack for leading people to new experiences. According to him, “Offering octopus is a sign of friendship in Korean culture.” Well, I did not know that! The subsequent action was to shove an octopus from a street vendor down my throat, because we’re good friends, right?

Kim Minjung aka Kim noona

Kim noona and I~

Kim noona and I~

Nice and caring but not nearly as innocent as you might think since I thought Kim noona could easily find a job as a spy. She’s good at gathering intelligence. Between me, Lin, and Kyunghan, there were no secrets from her. She was also a hookup person, and toiled to introduce me to every Korean girl she knew. She even pushed me to go on some of those group dates that are so popular in Korean culture, but I’ll talk about that later!




Hanging out with Lin was the most comfortable since he was a lover of the night life… and also got the girls!


He’s not nearly as traditional as Kyunghan or Kim noona but still interesting in that respect. Lin actually loves black people more than I do, and since he liked a black girl in my program group, he wanted to learn some Ebonics from me– real thug. But, Lin was also real hospitable, and I realized this after meeting his family in which I was adopted after just two days. His mom told me to call her “mom,” and his sister was another noona…!

(I can never meet someone young enough that I’m oppa.)




Genie was a friend of a friend, and since that’s a perfect way to meet people in Korean culture, Genie and I actually dated for awhile. And man, she knew all the spots! One thing I learned from Korean girls: Better have that fashion.

She had money and intended to spend it. We went dating in Korean town in Shanghai where we hit up some Korean BBQ, went to a bar, went to get some snacks, then went to another restaurant (she can eat), and we finally ended with that KDrama style walk and talk in a nicely lit road with no people near the park.

Now, between the three of them I ended up getting hurt, sick, traditional, and downright embarrassed!

Getting Hurt

Let’s start with the hurt– not hurt as in dumped by Genie, or hurt as in getting beat by Kyunghan or Lin (they are both built), but hurt as in my pride. Nothing serious of course, but I must say that I’m a pretty good badminton player– just not at their levels yet!

Getting Sick

I’ve been to China twice before meeting them, and it was not a big issue. I have good food tolerance, but… — and that’s a long but, they got me sick somehow.

I’m a chicken, beef, pork, and shrimp kind of guy, and I’ve never had octopus or any of those indescribable, unknown foods that they had me eat. Kyunghan Hyung always picked up the tab, or Kim noona (but hyung’s money), and they never let me pay. I like this part of the culture, but eating free means that you eat what’s given to you. And, in my case, it’s squirming octopus and fire buring cold kimchi.

The amount of spice in these dishes was unheard of! I used to think that if you’re turning red, then maybe that’s enough. But to them, that means eat more.

So, I think I got sick AND gained weight, too.

Getting Traditional

I knew that Koreans usually bowed to each other as a sign of respect, but I never really saw it in practice until I met Kyunghan! He bowed to someone else, another Hyung!


I thought, “Oh… wait, what?” Well, I can do that to, so the next day I saw Lin and bowed, but that didn’t work. Then, I saw Kim noona, and I got a bow back and a cute laugh, but noona is always like that. Then, when I saw Kyunghan hyung I bowed, and I finally got the, “Daniel! Not bad!” And, that’s how I impressed Kyunghan hyung, and even to this day I bow to maybe 70 percent of the new Koreans that I meet.

It makes everything so much easier, but it’s safe to say that Kyunghan hyung is the most traditional!

Getting Embarrassed

And, the embarrassment. This is a blog post in and of itself, but I’ll keep it short for now.

Kim noona gave me the most chances to embarrass myself, but in a cute way as they describe: Group dates. One or two in awhile is fine to me, but every other day is kind of… Well, people thought that I was a playboy since I was getting setup so much, and I didn’t even do anything!


 More over, when we play those drinking games like 007, or gong-gong-chil, people point their fingers at who they think should drink, so guess who got picked: Usually me or Lin. Well, once I get a little alcohol and some music, I turn up. But, Koreans can turn up, too! So, we start dancing.

Now, I dance freestyle, and that alone makes them parade me around in clubs, but it’s fun, especially seeing them copy me. Oh, and Kyunghan hyung has really got moves! Last thing in the embarrassment section is seeing the girls of this group date, or when I have to fend off some outsiders who try to dance with us in the clubs.

Protective much? Yes, but only because I love them.

It’s me again, westerngirleasternboy, but I hope you enjoyed reading about Daniel’s adventures with his Korean friends and with Korean culture. It’s crazy to think that this all took place in China, but then again it’s not so crazy when I think about my own adventures with my Korean friends and with Korean culture that take place here in Austin, Texas.

Yes, the Korean wave has probably hit us all no matter where we are!

Daniel, you have to come back!

So, stay tuned for more guest blogging from Daniel along with a blog post by yours truly about some of my favorite Korean drinking games!

P.S.: Want more of Daniel? Be sure to check out his blog and my favorite blog post, Black in Asia…?.


Skin Art Temporary Tattoos

*The “Beauty Tips and Tricks” Series*

I don’t wear any jewelry and always keep my makeup to a minimum, so I love to accessorize my outfits with my fingernails and toenails.

Now, I also love to accessorize my outfits with Skin Art Temporary Tattoos!^^

Yes, I’m afraid of commitment– and not just when it comes to relationships. I wanted to get some star tattoos, but how much would they cost? Would I like them a few years, months, or even days from now?

Would they even look good? 

So, I went online shopping and found these adult and artistic temporary tattoos:









I put my first one on last night, and it was super easy! I loved it immediately, and since it’s not supposed to last for more than five days, I can also get rid of it later.



No commitment, no problem.

But, last night I also had an amazing reunion with a girl that I met in Korea in the summer of 2012! I had contacted her this past winter and found out that she was no longer in Korea but in law school at Baylor, which is in Waco, Texas– just an hour away from me!

We missed each other over SXSW but finally met up last night at the Korean bar and connected over samgyubsal and soju before going back to my apartment for more drinks, but we also connected over my SHOES once she got into my closet.

I did a quick wardrobe change and picked a nice outfit with her help. Even though I wore this top last night, it was what went best with my shorts!



She also asked me about my “tattoo,” and when she found out that it was temporary– and that I had a lot more, she asked for one, too.

Sparkles and a sparrow~

Sparkles and a sparrow~

We had a great night getting dinner and then going downtown with all of my friends.

(She also gave me wise advice about Tao 2, wise advice that my friend and older sister Maria Edwards has echoed so well.)

So, what are some of your favorite accessories?

I, personally, can’t wait to try on more of these temporary tattoos!

Color and Soul in Kpop: Lee Michelle’s Solo Debut

*Kpop, Korean Idols, &More*

I’ve been a fan of Kpop since 2008, but I don’t pay as much attention to it anymore since everyone is always doing the same thing such as focusing on their image and concept instead of their voice and music.

But, here are some Korean idols who I still not only pay attention to but love and support for representing Korean musicJay Park, CNBLUE, EXO, and BTS.

I also love Ga In!

I do like Big Bang’s album Alive, G-Dragon’s album One of a Kind, and Lee Hi’s album FIRST LOVE. I also like many of SNSD’s songs, especially I Got a Boy, but I’m not in love with them, you know?

Unfortunately, most of the nugu, or unknown, Korean idols that have been debuting over the past several years will disappear having never had a hit song let alone a hit album, at least not without the use of digital sajaegi, or digital chart manipulation.

There’s definitely a reason for this: Kpop just lacks creativity and sensitivitycolor and soul.

Yes, there ARE a lot of bad things about Kpop these days from the shitty songs to the stripper-like clothing to the digital sajaegi, but the good thing about Kpop (that will never change) is that some of these kids are still pursuing their dream to become a singer– not an “idol.

And, Lee Michelle is one of those kids.

Lee Michelle~

Lee Michelle~

Lee Michelle, a half-black, half-Korean singer who appeared on Season One of K-pop Star took the Kpop world by storm with her color, soul, and story, and then disappeared into the calm. Now, she’s back– but not with YG and not with Supearls.

She’s back “Without You.”

(This is one music video that you shouldn’t watch without a box of tissue.)

The last time I cried while watching a Kpop video was back in 2008 or 2009. I was watching DBSK’s “Love in The Ice.” But, I cried today– unexpectedly, while watching Lee Michelle’s music video for “Without You.”

This video is powerful– just as powerful as her voice and the message that she is sending out to anyone who has ever known the pain of being different from everyone else and hated for it:

Instead of running away, changing yourself to be more like everyone else, and ultimately hating yourself, too, just love yourself…

Just love yourself.

So, who are some of your favorite Korean idols?

More importantly, why do you like them– for the music that they create or the image that they portray? In the end, I hope Kpop continues to give us songs that can make us cry as it embraces stars like Michelle Lee, sharing their songs and their stories.

My Favorite Real Life Korean Bromances

*The “My Favorite Korean Boys” Series*

Some of my favorite Korean boys and men are already taken in Drama Land AND in real life. But, they’re not always taken by a wife.

Sometimes, they’re taken by a best friend…


So, get ready for these sometimes cute, sometimes cringeworthy couples!^^

Jung Woo Sung (1973) <3 Lee Jung Jae (1973)

The Classic Couple~

The “Classic” Couple~

This couple has been together since they filmed City of The Rising Sun together back in 1998, but rumor has it they still speak to each other using honorifics out of respect (and love).

Song Seung Heon (1976) <3 So Ji Sub (1977) <3 Park Yong Ha (1977)

The Bad Boy Couple~

The “Bad Boy” Couple~

 During a guerilla date  So Ji Sub, one of my favorite Korean “boys,” said that the only person he would ever be able to borrow money from is his best friend, Song Seung Heon. But, I guess he forgot about me.

However, this wasn’t always a couple– it was a threesome!

Unfortunately, Park Yong Ha passed away after committing suicide, and the following is a brave, beautiful, and heartbreaking moment that you shouldn’t watch without a box of tissue by your side:

Cha Tae Hyun (1976) <3 Kim Jong Kook (1976) <3 Jang Hyuk (1976)

The (Kind of) Cool Guys Couple~

The “(Kind of) Cool Guy” Threesome~

1976 must have been a year made for awesome threesomes, and here is one more!

I first found out about this threesome while watching Family Outing, and I have grown to love each and every one of them (almost) equally.

Gong Yoo (1979) <3 Jo In Sung (1981)

The BFF Couple~

The “BFF” Couple~

These two talented goofballs will definitely be friends forever, but nothing more than that, which is great, because Gong Yoo is another one of my favorite Korean (and Busan) boys!

Won Bin (1977) <3 Kang Dong Won (1981)

The Mystery Couple~

The “Mystery” Couple~

There’s not much that anyone knows about these two, but they definitely look good together; and, Kang Dong Won even introduced Won Bin to his current girlfriend and future wife(?), Lee Na Young.

Park Ji Sung (1981) <3 Patrice Evra (1981)

The Bumblebee (Black and Yellow) Couple~

The “Bumblebee (Black and Yellow)” Couple~

Park Ji Sung left his home in South Korea to play soccer in England for Manchester United, and while there he met and became fast friends with Patrice Evra.

(I love the last question!)

Later, Park Ji Sung even brought his best friend back home to star on one of their favorite shows that they always watched together: Running Man!

(This was such a great moment in Korean variety show history!)

Yasiel Puig (1990) <3 Ryu Hyun Jin (1987)

The "Still Kids at Heart" Couple~

The “Rookie” Couple~

Still kids at heart~

Still kids at heart~

Just really BIG kids!~

Just really BIG kids!~

Here’s another couple that met while playing sports, but this time it’s baseball! Ryu Hyun Jin and Yasiel Puig are both rookies at the Los Angeles Dodgers; and, their bromance is always making headline news.

But, here’s a sneak peek! Just fast forward to 2:25 to see them battle it out in English, do their “secret” handshake, and even say hi to mom.

Kim Woo Bin (1989) <3 Lee Jong Suk (1989)

So handsome~

The “Schoolboy” Couple~

But really~


Last but definitely NOT least, here’s a couple that we all know and love– my favorite couple, in fact. After all, Kim Woo Bin is also one of my favorite Korean boys!

(And, I’m also an ’89er.)

Anyway, these two became famous– and a famous couple, after filming the big hit high school drama School 2013!

They even appeared on Running Man together.

So, I hope that they tease and tantalize us more on the big screen soon, but here’s some couple spam until then– sorry if you don’t speak Korean, but here’s one more reason to learn!

(And, just sayin’: G Dragon, back off and butt out!)

So, which couple is your favorite real life Korean bromance?

I could be jealous of so many of these guys, but I won’t waste my time, and you shouldn’t either. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the bromance.

Korean BBQ

*Korean Culture: The Good, The Bad, &The Ugly*

If you’ve never had Korean BBQ, then you’re definitely missing out on what is one of the most delicious ways to eat meat in the world and what is a BIG part of culture in Korea.

It’s not just about slapping a bunch of special BBQ sauce on pounds of meat sitting on a grill outside, chopping it up, and sticking it right in your mouth or in between two slices of bread before eating it like here in Texas.

(But, damn, that tastes good, too!)

It’s about grilling the meat to perfection, dipping the meat in your favorite sauce– ssamjang or sesame, placing it carefully on lettuce or a sesame leaf before decorating it with your favorite side dishes from kimchi to bean sprouts to garlic, and then wrapping it all up before devouring a bite of food that looks like it might break your jaw but definitely won’t.

Unfortunately, it definitely will break your heart when it’s all finally gone.

Don’t watch this video on an empty stomach, but yes, it’s what samgyubsal, my favorite type of Korean BBQ second only to galbi, or ribs, is all about!

Over SXSW, my friend and her boyfriend hosted a wonderful Korean BBQ with samgyubsal and so much more (like gyeran mari, or egg rolls, and doenjjang jjigae, or fermented bean stew) at their home, and it’s something you should try, too!



But that's not all!~

But that’s not all!~



And hookah~

And hookah~

We also had everything from bokbunja, or raspberry fruit wine, to tequila to white peach sake.

Good food, good drinks, and most importantly– good friends!^^

This was another awesome part of my spring break, which is– of course, over now…


Bring YOUR Favorite Korean Artists to YOUR Country


*Kpop, Korean Idols, &More*

SXSW is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that I have to wait until next year to see some of my favorite Korean artists again! In fact, YOU might not have to wait for SXSW or until next year before getting to see YOUR favorite Korean artists from Korean idols to Korean bands to Korean singers right in YOUR country.

Recently, I volunteered at the SXSW trade show with one of my best friends. Together, we volunteered for an awesome, up and coming Korean startup called MyMusicTaste, the builders of an app that allows artists to go where their fans are.

Even Lady Gaga came to the MyMusicTaste booth~

Even Lady Gaga came to the MyMusicTaste booth~

(Not just Korean artists by the way!)

With MyMusicTaste, LUNAFLY, a popular Korean indie rock band, was able to go all the way to South America for a “Made By You” tour.

Can you imagine finally getting to see YOUR favorite Korean artists in YOUR country? I bet you can and definitely have before; but, don’t stop there, because you can finally make it happen.

Stop wishing, start making– that’s all you need to do!

Download the MyMusicTaste app on your phone and start “making” tours for your favorite Korean artists. Then, share the app and the tours that you’ve made with your family, friends, and fellow fans to help bring your favorite Korean artist to your country.

(It’s easy to use, and you will know why after you check it out, download it, and use it!)

As for me, I’d like to bring the wonderful ladies of LADY CUBE back to Austin, Texas. Their sweet features and simple style are accompanied by smooth, sexy, and soulful vocals that go perfectly over their homemade electronic beats.

Maddie and Kayle of LADY CUBE~

Maddie and Kayle of LADY CUBE~

These two ladies aren’t just great singers and songwriters.

They’re great DJs, too.

And, my favorite, “Just The Way You Are”– but be warned, it’s artistic and NSFW:

 This video is 3D and can be watched with the special 3D glasses found in this cool (specially signed for me) box that puts records and CDs to shame:



From Maddie~

From Maddie~

From Kayle~

From Kayle~

What’s inside in addition to the 3D glasses? A 3D poster and a USB with all of their addicting tracks.





I’m jamming out to them now, of course.

I’m so thankful for getting the chance to work with and become friends with the MyMusicTaste team and the ladies of LADY CUBE!^^

It’s been an awesome spring break thanks to them (and that one best friend).

P.S.: Yoon Do Hyun of Yoon Do Hyun Band is also in town, and I ran into him last night while I was downtown! We spoke in Korean and hugged before I ran away. It was just so surreal to not only see him standing outside of a bar after the clubs had closed but to actually hear his voice in person after hearing him sing and narrate one of my favorite Korean variety shows.

Last night's outfit~

Last night’s outfit~

Last night's nails~

Last night’s nails~

Last night's shoes~

Last night’s shoes~

I might be going out again tonight, but I’ve been going out every night since Tuesday night…


It’s my last Spring Break EVER, so I’m definitely going to do it right– even it it means over doing it!

Jay Park: Live, Ripped, &In Concert


*Kpop, Korean Idols, &More*

SXSW (South by Southwest) is a longstanding tradition in Austin, Texas. It’s a week long festival where people from all over the world come to celebrate music, film, and the arts.

SXSW: Kpop Night Out brought f(x) and other great Korean artists like Guckasteen to Austin, Texas last year; and, this year, they brought two of my favorite artists and one new favorite to the place I call home: Jay Park, Nell, and Idiotape!


The Flyer~

But, of course this story doesn’t start out as happy as the ending…

The night before the show I finally get a reply from the administrator of the Kpop Night Out Facebook page:

“Badges only.”

Badges can cost over $1,000.00, and of course I didn’t have one! So, I was immediately worried that I wouldn’t be able to get into the show– turns out it wasn’t badges only, but just in case I decided to volunteer at the SXSW trade show for a Korean startup called My Music Taste with one of my best friends– volunteer and get in for FREE!

However, we had only made tentative plans to go volunteer together the night before since I was SUPPOSED to do my phone interview for another job at 11 A.M. and then go to court with my supervising attorney as part of my internship at 12:30 P.M the next day.

Thankfully, when I woke up in the morning my supervising attorney let me know that our court trip was canceled, and I was able to go volunteer instead! So, I slept some more, finished my phone interview later, and got ready. Then, I picked up my best friend.

We made it ALL the way through traffic and to the convention center in downtown Austin only to turn right back around and go PAST my house to pick up two “bodyguards” who were really just her boyfriend’s buff, black friends. Of course I got lost on the way, but we found them, picked up some super yummy Burger King, and met up with the My Music Taste team again somewhere way PAST the convention center.

Then, we took two cars and dropped off the bodyguards somewhere downtown before my best friend and I finally headed BACK to the convention center where we found decent parking– also for free.

(Parking during SXSW is expensive, and parking in Austin at any time is just trial and error.)

By now, we were ready for some relaxation AND some street style photography, too. I had already got my photo taken earlier by a SXSW street fashion blogger, but these were our attempts at it:


Me being a hypocrite after I said that leggings aren’t pants!~

One of my best friends~

One of my best friends~

She's so cute~

She’s so cute~

After parking and taking pictures, we walked back to the convention center to meet up with the My Music Taste team and then headed to the venue, Elysium, together.

Waiting outside in our own special line~

Waiting outside in our own special line~

Look at the line for General Admission!~

Look at the line for General Admission!~

While in the line for “special people with badges,” I ran into friend and fellow blogger Beats And Sheets. We had talked about going to SXSW this year through our blogs, but it was great to finally get to meet her there; and, it was also great that she was able to recognize me in the crowd!

(It was definitely fate!)

Anyway, we finally went inside, put our things away, and did a wardrobe change now that the work was over and the fun was about to begin!





And, the fun finally began! Inside, I ran into SO many friends, and– of course, I got to see and listen to so many great Korean artists.





But, NOTHING compared to getting to see Jay Park live, ripped, and in concert! We had definitely squeezed our way to the front and had to fight off quite a few people to stay there, but it was SO worth it.


OMG, Jay Park!~

I’ve been a huge fan of his since 2008 when he first starred on Hot Blood and then was picked to be a member of 2PM after being on that show. I was DEVASTED when he left 2PM maybe just a year or two later, but it’s AMAZING to see him now. He’s so much more charismatic, sexy, and ripped in person. He’s got great energy, a great voice, and great moves… and a great body…


Anyway, here are all of the shitty photos that I took. I tried to take better photos and a video, but I just couldn’t figure it out. I also didn’t want to waste too much time capturing this moment, because it’s one that I’ll NEVER forget.















He’s touchy feely, and I loved that he was always coming RIGHT over and teasing the girls in front and cheering on the crowd and also just being really sexy on stage with all that swag and skill.

Oh yeah, even Lady Gaga stopped by!

At the end, some very lucky girl got his shirt but later on I got to meet him and get his autograph!^^ I spoke Korean to get his attention in the horde of girls surrounding him, and it worked.





Thankfully, a girl had a notepad FULL of construction paper, and she shared with us. If she hadn’t, I definitely would have ripped it out of her hands.

Hyuna performed after Jay Park, but I couldn’t have cared less. She didn’t even sing! We also thought our stuff had gotten stolen, but one of the team members had just moved it to a safer place– thank God! So, I was on Cloud 9 and stayed there– I mean, I made eye contact with and talked to Jay Park!!!

I was supposed to touch him– like just his hand or something, but I totally forgot when he was finally RIGHT in front of me…

*(Happy) Sigh*

It was a long but awesome day in Austin, Texas thanks to so many wonderful people!

I made a dream come true, and I also made some new friends along with getting to spend some time with one of my oldest and best ones. I can’t believe that I’m still up, but I wanted to write all of this before I go to sleep and have some very sweet dreams…


Why My Life is like A Noona Romance


I’m still happily watching Let’s Eat, but it’s almost over!

Let's Eat!~

Let’s Eat!~

This means that I’m about to have a “My Kdrama Just Ended” induced panic attack.


As if this wasn’t bad enough, I just finished watching I do, I do. I LOVED every moment of it, and I was sad when it came to an end– sad like an addict who doesn’t know when she’ll get her next fix…

So, I definitely had a “My Kdrama Just Ended” induced panic attack already!

Thankfully, I was able to get my much needed noona romance fix immediately with I Need Romance 3 and postpone the next panic attack until (hopefully) much later. Although I wasn’t interested in or impressed with Season 1 or Season 2, Season 3 is definitely my (new) Korean drama addiction:

Noona romances!

(Opposites attract!)

Anyway, this is THE story of my life– well, at least right now.

After all, part of being a noona is working a lot, and I’ve worked two to three jobs all throughout law school, and this semester (my last semester!^^) is the first time that I’m taking a break and not working AT ALL– Daddy’s orders!

I’ve also had a string of younger boys passing in and out of my life ever since I turned 21, but now that I’m 24 I think at least one of them is here to stay…

But, I could be wrong– after all, like isn’t REALLY like a Korean drama where happy endings arrive in 16 (or 20) hours!

Okay, there are three main ingredients in every noona romance.

Ingredient #1: The (Workaholic) Noona

Work hard~

Work hard~

Work REALLY hard~

Work REALLY hard~

But always play harder~

But, play even harder~

I love work. In fact, I’m about to start another (unpaid) internship since I have absolutely nothing to do but sleep, eat, and study sleep on Fridays.

In addition, I might be 24, but after being in love, engaged, dumped, and in a downward spiral that lasted a very long (but short) two (or three) years, my heart is at least  35 years old.


Oh, and I definitely work hard but play even harder, which is why I got absolutely plastered with one of my best friends and ended up “whiskey kissing” a much-older-than-me, incredibly stylish but not-more-stylish-than-me writer from New York who works as a journalist for National Geographic…

Oh, the out of towners during SXSW are always an interesting bunch!

That was last weekend, and I can only blame the terrible excitement of Spring Break for those shenanigans– not myself.

(I can also blame the bottle of soju, pitcher of whiskey coke, and double shot of whiskey…)

Ingredient #2: The Good-looking Dongsaeng

Like a virgin~

Young and like a virgin~

While all of these dramas star dongsaengs, Park Tae Kang from I do, I do (played by Lee Kang Woo) stands out in particular since Tao 2 is also, well, a virgin


Yoon Doo Joon who plays the young, slick, and handsome Goo Dae Young in Let’s Eat also stands out, however, especially after watching this BTS kiss scene; and yes, here’s a major spoiler that you probably can’t shouldn’t resist:


Since I have two very valuable sources, I just want to say that I think it’s a younger Asian Guy “thing” to think that you HAVE to have a six-pack before you can lose your virginity… 

*Rolls eyes*

Ingredient #3: (At Least One of) The Three Stages of Womanhood

Stage 1, “Nobody Loves Me”

Well, you just started dating (or so it seems), but before you knew it your heart was trampled on by one guy after another.

Now, you’re in the “Nobody Loves Me” Stage. Basically, since you’ve convinced yourself that nobody loves you, you live life with your Bitch-face on… At. All. Times.

Best bitchface ever~


But, you cry like a baby when no one is watching, or when you’re drunk and then suddenly everyone seems to be watching…

Stage 2, “Me, Myself, and I” 

Well, you tried to be a Good Girl (or at least not a Bad Girl), but after one too many bad dates, your wounded, broken heart says enough is enough.

It’s time for Stage 2: “Me, Myself, and I.”

Sleeping alone, waking up alone,  and even eating alone are all common, natural parts of this stage.

I got this! Table to myself because that's not awkward or embarrassing at all~

Eating alone is easy to do… said no one (in Stage 2) ever~

After all, you don’t need anyone– right? You’re fine alone– on your own, right?

You’d like to say yes, but that’s probably a lie.


It’s fun to watch Lee Soo Kyung in Let’s Eat, but it’s frightening to watch Kim So Yeon, who plays Shin Joo Yeon, in I Need Romance 3. I’ve only watched two episodes so far, but the things that she does and the things that she says remind me of The Dark Ages– no, not those Dark Ages, my own.

Apart from going from a naive girl to a jaded woman in the blink of an eye, she also ended up throwing herself at even the good guys (and then throwing even the good guys away) because she couldn’t tell the difference between good guys and bad ones…

And, because she couldn’t tell (or just refused to admit) that there was something wrong– not with them but with herself.

Memorable, “Deja Vu” Inducing Lines from Episodes 1 and 2 of I Need Romance 3

I literally got goosebumps when I was watching this drama, especially when Shin Joo Yeon said the following:

“When I see these couple rings I think of all the times that I failed at love, and I’m counting how many times it takes until I find my true love.”

“Feelings… Feelings aren’t important to me.”

“There’s another romance around the corner.”

“Nobody loves me.”

“But, I’m fine.”

Boo-hoo, blah blah blah.


Stage 3, Getting Your Shit Together

Yes, life is hard, and it seems to be even harder when you are a woman.

We are people, too, but since the beginning of time (whenever that was), we’ve had to bleed from our vaginas, pop out babies, and stay at home to take care of them. Ambitious dreams, a real job, and a lifelong career?

No, those are for boys and men…

Well, not any more.

We want to be women– the very smack dab center of the circle of life, but we also want to be the center of our own worlds, too, and that means getting our shit together so that we can have our cake and eat it, too– have a fulfilling career and a loving family, too.

A little office romance~

A little office romance with your Baby Daddy, because there’s no place like work to make money… and love!~

However, it’s incredibly difficult to be successful in your work life and love life all at the same time, so I admire and envy the (workaholic) noona who finds a dongsaeng who really understands her AND loves and accepts her the way she is– without trying to pressure her or change her.


Anyway, I haven’t even had time to think about dating anyone seriously ever since I got into law school, and even though I like Tao 2 my major focus right now is on getting a job– not getting him “over Level 9000.”

That’s a DBZ– Dragon Ball Z, reference.

Remember, in THIS (recent?) post I said the following:

“I still get to touch his arms and abs but other than that it’s taken us two months(?) just to dance together. I think what helped was showing him different “levels,” which he actually made up while watching me and my friend dance together a weekend ago– yes, he’s a nerd…

Level 0 is him standing there while I dance ‘on’ him, face to face but not really touching. Level 3 is ‘gentle grinding.’”

… Now do you get it?


So, what are the main ingredients that make up your favorite Korean drama– your life; and, what stage are YOU in?

Maybe you skipped some stages but most likely you didn’t.

As for me, I’m somewhere in between Stage 2 and Stage 3, which isn’t a bad place to be. I’m not a mess, but I am used to being alone; and, it’s hard to get my shit together since I’ve never really been good at balancing anything. I either work too hard or play too hard or work AND play too hard, which leaves ZERO room for dating– let alone “romance.”

There are also plenty of decent-but-undateable-because-they’re-bland-and-boring older men in my life along with a few best friends who have unique, interesting stories of their own to complete THIS noona romance called My Life.

(Thankfully, my parents haven’t started telling me to get married– yet.)

The KDrama That Broke 3 Big KDrama Stereotypes


*Korean Drama Reviews, Recaps, &More*

These days, it’s hard to watch a Korean drama– or Kdrama, without seeing the same old stereotypes. Well, after going on another “binge” because of Pak Gun Hyung– I first saw him in the Korean variety show Real Men, I discovered one Kdrama that broke three big Kdrama stereotypes.

But first, here is an obligatory picture of Park Gun Hyung:


Park Gun Hyung: Korean actor and musical star~

Okay, are you ready for something new in Kdrama Land? Well, I know I always am!^^

I Do, I Do

I do, I do~


“Love– cooly. Life– straightly.”

“Hwang Ji An is the top shoe designer in a major shoe company. She is in her 30s, successful and single. One night, she makes a horrible mistake and sleeps with Park Tae Kang, a good-looking new employee in her company, and she finds out she is pregnant. Ji An’s hard-earned career and her stylish lifestyle threatens to implode as a result of her one-night-stand mistake. Will Ji An be forced to give up everything and live with the consequences of her mistake?”

You might already recognize the lead actress, Kim Sun Ah, but the second lead actress is another favorite of mine who I just can’t get enough of because of her acting (and because of her nose). Her name is Im Soo Hyang, and I first saw her in New Tales of Gisaeng, which no–isn’t worth watching.

I remember avoiding this drama when it first came out, because the description really doesn’t do it justice AND because I didn’t know anyone in it except for Kim Sun Ah, and she’s not a must-watch actress for me. Oh, I couldn’t recognize Im Soo Hyang with her bangs until I started watching it! Anyway, I’m glad Park Gun Hyung brought me back to it, because it is SO good, and here’s why:

Usually in Korean dramas, there are three big stereotypes that I have come to hate, because I just can’t relate to them and have gotten sick of them.

Well, this Kdrama says NO to to them all!

(Minor spoilers from Episode 1 and Episode 2 ahead.)

Stereotype #1: No Sex

Not in this drama! In fact, we’ll throw in a very awkward but kind of romantic soju-induced one night stand in the very first episode!



Stereotype #2: A Rich, Older Guy

You know, I like them young and don’t care how much money they have; after all, I’m going to be making my OWN money. So, I’m glad this drama has a young, really poor– in fact at times homeless, lead actor… who also happens to be really cute, tall, and funny.

Arrested? Sell your house to make bond!~

Arrested? Sell your house to make bond!~

Don’t let the pictures fool you– Lee Kang Woo is GORGEOUS.

Lee Kang Woo~

Lee Kang Woo~

Stereotype #3: A Poor, Younger Girl

In real life, Kim Sun Ah is already 38. Not only she is also playing an older woman in this Kdrama, but she’s playing an older woman who is rich and successful after starting her own shoe company.

Damn, girl~

Damn, girl~

I also love how much the two of them bicker. I can definitely relate, because when I’m talking to a younger guy I also act like an obnoxious, know-it-all b*itch and eventually get put in my place, too.

Who's boss?~

Who’s boss?~

For these reasons and more, be sure to watch I Do, I Do!

Watch it HERE on Viki.

Where in the world is westerngirleasternboy?


Where in the world is Carmen San Diego westerngirleasternboy?

I’m actually at my internship right now. We had another “winter weather” warning in Texas last night, so our campus– The University of Texas at Austin, didn’t open until 11 A.M. today.

Of course, I got here a little after noon.

Anyway, I am in my last semester of law school, which is a three year “thing.”  I just realized what a blur these past three years have been now that I have time to slow down and do the things that I used to do BEFORE I got to law school– things like getting dinner with friends during the week, watching more than one Korean drama at a time, and even teaching myself new languages.

(I’m finally studying Japanese again!^^)

But, this semester I haven’t been busy because of my internship OR school but because of job applications and job interviews.

Last week I went to an interview for my “dream job,” which is basically international business transactions to help international students get access to higher education here in the United States, but I was a little underwhelmed once I got there. Now, I’m applying for more practical jobs– think estate planner or financial advisor, and I’m hoping to hear back from them soon.

Like, sometime this week, please…

However, there’s something else– or someone else, that’s been taking up a lot of my time, too.

Tao 2.

By now I’ve seen his nerdy side, and he’s seen my crazy side. We’ve both learned to always understand but sometimes ignore each other, which is definitely a Good Thing. More importantly and surprisingly, this weekend he made the first move and danced with me.

Not a big deal, except for the fact that he doesn’t dance with anyone.

Not even when my friend tried to push him on our other friend. Not even when I tried to push him on my friend– we both thought that he liked her, but more on this misunderstanding later. Not even when two lesbians grabbed him– that time he screamed for me to help him and then watched me dance with them instead.

He’s very conservative, so we’re taking things slow– like turtle slow.

I still get to touch his arms and abs but other than that it’s taken us two months(?) just to dance together. I think what helped was showing him different “levels,” which he actually made up while watching me and my friend dance together a weekend ago– yes, he’s a nerd.

Anyway, this past Friday night I asked him if he was ready, and then I TOLD him, “Level 0!,” but on Saturday night he came over, asked, “Level 0?,” and actually put his hands on my hips, which is NOT a part of Level 0! My friend and her boyfriend were so surprised when he grabbed me that they literally leaned back and made “O”s with their eyes and mouths.

(It was So funny– even though I was drunk and don’t remember much about that night, I can still remember their faces.)

 Of course, I went to “Level 3.”

(Level 0 is him standing there while I dance “on” him, face to face but not really touching. Level 3 is “gentle grinding.” Hey, you get what you grab for!)

Of course, on both nights he didn’t last very long– he’s a shy boy, but it’s a start.

But, we did have A LOT of misunderstandings pop up between us and not just because we are so different from each other. As I said, my friend thought that he liked her, and I agreed at first just because he was so nice to her. I mean, he’s not really nice to me! So, I finally asked him if he liked her, and he said no. 

What’s going on, right?

Well, he thinks that he’s being friendly with girls when he says or does certain things, but really– he’s being a flirtHe’s also really cute, so I think know that girls don’t see him as “just a friend,” which I explained to him and he already kind of knew. Then, he said something about wanting to “be ugly” and shaving his head…

*Rolls Eyes*

Shaving that precious, perfectly styled black hair? Over my dead body.

Almost everything he says is ridiculous or funny, like this past weekend on Saturday night when he complained about my “boobies” touching him when we hugged. Ugh, he probably thinks that I have cooties

He’s an interesting, rare mix of cute and sexy, boyish and manly, but more importantly I have the time of my life whenever he’s around because he’s funny.

As far as putting on my war paint and going to battle, I think this is more of a race:

“There once lived in a forest a hare and a tortoise. They were good friends. But the hare always boasted that he was able to move faster than the slow tortoise. At this, the tortoise felt humiliated in front of other animals. So one day he challenged the hare in a race. The fox was made the supervisor, and the lion the judge.I There was a starting point and a point marking the end, fixed by the fox.

Both the competitors started their race at the same time. The hare ran faster. He was naturally much ahead of his slow friend. Now on his way the hare wanted to take a little rest under a tree, because he was sure of his win. And he soon felt asleep.

On the other hand, the tortoise moved slowly but steadily without any rest. He reached the destination before the hare arrived. When the hare woke up, he found that he was defeated by his tortoise friend.”

The Moral of The Story:

Slow and steady wins the race.

So, this girl– a hare by nature, is going to turn into “a tortoise.”

In other news, I made some new Korean friends, which is refreshing after having so much trouble with Tao 2! We met them downtown, and then we all went to noraebang together. They were SO much fun, and they were  excited to meet us, and I was excited to meet them, too.

New friends~

New friends~

The one who took the picture is like a samchon, or uncle, and I’m sure you can tell since he is right in front! But, one of them didn’t make it into the selca, and he is the “funny one” who wants to get Korean BBQ later.

Anyway, spring break is next week!

I am going to RELAX alone, and when I’m not relaxing alone I’m going to PARTY with my friends– and try to get into the Kpop concert at SXSW featuring Jay Park and Hyuna.

So, stay tuned, since I AM still here on planet Earth– there are no Do Min Joons in my life, although Tao 2 is kind of like an alien sometimes…