So, What’s Next?: Korean Culture Blog Posts, KCON, &caughtinkorea

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I’ve had my nose buried in the entire Sookie Stackhouse series– you might know these books a little better as the TV show True Blood, for the past week. I managed to read them (all over again) from start to finish, which explains my long(er than usual) absence.

Well, I forgot how much I love reading for fun! After all, I was in law school for the past three years and had no time to read anything but casebooks


Anyway, here’s what’s coming up on WesternGirlEasternBoy, because I love blogging, too!

So, What’s Next?

I have some new, exciting Korean culture blog posts in the works:

How to Make Korean Friends Online, in America, and in South Korea

This But Not That: How To Dress To Impress in South Korea

How to Lose a Korean Guy in 10 Days (Based on True Stories)

My Favorite Kindie Artists, Part 1

My Favorite Kindie Artists, Part 2

Of course, Feeding Your KDrama Addiction will be back, too!

In addition, KCON 2014 is in TWO weeks. I STILL can’t believe that I’m going.

(This is crazy.)

While there I plan on going to the convention and the concerts as well as crossing a few things off my “KCON Bucket List,” like bar hopping, shopping, and sight seeing in Los Angeles. Of course, that includes a trip to KTown, AND meeting up with one of the minds behind

(Their site just gets better and better, so be sure to check it out!)

I will be sharing my first KCON with you all here on my blog and at my Instagram, and I hope you are just as excited as I am!

So, stay tuned!

I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’ll kick things off with a translation of 한여름의 일기장.

P.S.: I recently discovered these hilarious, NSFW KakaoTalk chats by caughtinkorea, a black girl who is living in Korea. Be sure to check out her tumblr for those chats (oh, yes– Korean boys can be crazy, too) AND more fun stories about her life in Korea. Oh, her brother is in BTS’s new reality TV show, American Hustle Life, and she’s sharing stories about that, too.


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WGEB on Instagram: Fashion, Food, &Fun + KCON 2014

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KCON 2014 is getting closer and closer, and I want to be able to update you all step by step, moment by moment– and not just with blog posts but with pictures and short stories.

There are also SO many little things that I want to be able to share with you all from my latest fashion items to my favorite Korean food to fun stuff I do with my friends (and dog), and now I can!

Because, I’m finally on Instragram.

I'm on Insta ya'll~

I’m on Insta ya’ll~

Find me on “Insta” by going HERE.

Now, I also have Tumblr– my WGEB one and my advice column, which is growing quickly and getting REALLY interesting so keep those questions coming!

In addition, if you haven’t seen them already, there are links to my WGEB  Twitter and my WGEB Facebook Page underneath the search bar.

Right now, I just use Twitter and Facebook to share my blog posts with people who would rather follow me and keep in touch with me there.

Well… I really can’t tell you how excited I am about Instagram!

I guess I like it because it is so easy to use, and when I don’t want to write a long blog post or when I just want to share something short and sweet or random and unrelated, I can do it there.

… And, it’s addicting.

VERY addicting.

P.S.: I actually locked myself out of my first Instagram account in ways even I can’t explain, so just ignore it if you do find it.


Hallyu X Holic, The Kpop Pop-Up-Shop

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Hallyu X Holic– that’s Hallyu by Holic, or “the Korean Wave brought to you by an Addict,” is my home away from home, and I’ve decided to turn it into a Kpop Pop-Up-Shop!

You can buy tons of Hallyu-related stuff from Kpop merchandise to Korean skin care and beauty products to Korean fashion items for anywhere from two to 10 to 20 dollars…

+ a flat rate of 7 dollars for shipping in the United States and 14 dollars for shipping internationally.

BUT, there’s only one of (almost) each item, so be the first to visit Hallyu X Holic!

(The EXO Nature Republic Photobook might already be gone!)

Visit Hallyu X Holic first…

Then, start shopping!

P.S.: I’ve tried to make everything as cheap as I could– I even did a lot of price comparing on places like Amazon and eBay, because I want to treat my friends and followers to some of what we all love so much.

So, happy shopping.


The WGEB Community

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At first I blogged for myself– just because my oppa kept planting little seeds in my ear about how great I would be at blogging about Korea, Korean culture, and Korean boys. Now, I blog about a lot more than that, and I also blog for me AND the amazing girls (and boys) who follow my blog (and have even become my friends).

Together, we are the WGEB community!^^

After doing my first giveaway, someone from the WGEB community who was actually a winner of the giveaway reached out to me in a fun, heartfelt way.

She goes by Miki, and she sent me this awesome video about being able to finally get her first Kpop CD:

I also love the reactions that Miki and her sister “M9Y9″, who is also an amazing singer and songwriter, do on Kpop MVs!

Since I love BTS, too, I’ll share this one:

She also has a fun (and very random) tumblr, which you can check out here.

The best thing about being a part of a community is getting to share so many things that we love with the awesome and amazing people who love them, too.

So, welcome to the WGEB community!

*Off Topic*


I am happy to announce that in addition to blogging for Dramafever, I have also decided to become

This was a big decision. After all, it cost $18.00; but, more importantly, it means my blog needs a makeover, a new theme.

(Makeovers are always so hard to do!)


So, you might walk in on me while I’m changing my theme, but don’t be afraid to take a peek.

And, stay tuned for My MAJOR Etude House Haul, which is coming later this week!

Updates: Blogging for Dramafever, A New Page, &More

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Finals are almost over, and I will be in Korea on vacation in less than two weeks! But, I also have (more) exciting news to share.

I’m excited to be partnering with and blogging for Dramafever; and, you can check out my first post, “6 reasons Heirs Needs a Season 2,” right HERE.

In addition, I know that my blog is getting bigger and Bigger and BIGGER, but I don’t want you to feel lost in the midst of my many blog posts. So, in order to make finding the blog posts you’re looking for easier, I’ve changed and updated one page that you HAVE to take a look at:


The Navigation page has all of my main topics, special series, and (one) short story in a compact, easy-to-read ‘em all layout.

Now, that I’m finally (almost) on vacation, I’m catching up on the blog posts that I promised!

So, stay tuned for Preparing for Life in Korea, Part 2: Studying Abroad in Korea.

Also stay tuned for my (unexpected) blog post Etude House Haul where I’ll talk about and share pictures of this amazing Korean skin care and make-up line that I was introduced to recently by one of my best friends!^^

Where Should I Stay in Korea, A Giveaway, and What’s Up and Coming

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I took my final this morning, but my professor put ONE essay question on the entire 2 hour exam.

(Thankfully, I knew the answer.)

Anyway, there are a few things that I want to ask, let you know, and do, so here goes!^^

Where Should I Stay in Korea?

Now that I have my ticket and winter clothes, I am looking for a place to stay while I am in Korea!


My unni is pregnant (another shotgun wedding), and I am SO excited to see her baby! She is living in Itaewon, so it will be nice to be close to her and also close to my favorite restaurants and one of my favorite clubs, B1.

(This is my favorite option because it comes with airport pickup, a phone rental, and free breakfast. However, it is also my least favorite option, because it has the least amount of privacy and personal space.)


Sinsadong is where the famous Garuso-gil is located. I’ve been there once, and its very lovely– very airy and very comfortable. I like this location, because its young, modern, and close to everything. It’s right next to Apgujeong and just a few (or more) stops away from Itaewon, Cheongdam-dong, and Hongdae!


I LOVE Cheongdam-dong. I have been to SM already, but now that EXO will be there…

*Stars in my eyes*

I also love Ellui, and I will  definitely be visiting Ellui AND Answer this time around!

For Cheongdam-dong, I would like to stay HERE, because its the cheapest option.  There is also an extra(?) bed for a friend, but I don’t know if I will just end up sharing the room with some stranger! So, I am waiting for the manager to get back to me about that.

So, where should I stay? Where would YOU stay, and why?

(And, if you are planning a trip to Korea or anywhere else around the world, then be sure to use Wimdu! For Korea,  I also suggest checking Craigslist Seoul. Also, if you would like to make Korean friends and have your trip to Korea sponsored, then check out

A Giveaway

So, in honor of several upcoming post on Kpop, I would like to do a Kpop CD giveaway! I’ve given away a Kpop concert ticket and two Kpop CDs on my tumblr blog (Black Girls Love Kpop, Too) already, so I am excited to do something similar here.

I want to know how one (or more) of my blog posts has changed you AND changed the way you think about the WORLD. It doesn’t have to be specific to Korea, but it can be.

Please answer BOTH parts of the question, and email your submission to

(I will probably leave the giveaway open for two to three weeks.)

Up & Coming

The next post will probably be Black Girls: A Guide to Korean Boys. I will be going home this weekend, so I will  have time to relax and get a lot of writing done instead of my usual dinner, drinking, and dancing then puking on the streets.

I will also be writing several posts on Kpop: My Favorite Korean Boys: EXO and BTS and Kpop: Disillusionment and Disappointment?.

I may also finish Dirty/Clean and post that next, too, though…

It all depends on my mood.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day, but I’m going back to bed!

Up and Coming

*Off Topic*

I’m sure some of you girls (and boys) are curious about what’s up and coming at westerngirleasternboy!

So, here’s a sneak peek!

Dirty/Clean: Episode 4 and Episode 5

Korean Boys: A Guide to Black Girls

Black Girls: A Guide to Korean Boys

Dirty/Clean: Episode 6, Episode 7, and Episode 8

How To (Really) Learn Korean, or Preparing for Life in Korea: Part 1: Learning Korean

Dirty/Clean: Episode 9 and Episode 10

My Favorite Korean Boys: EXO &BTS

Kpop: Disillusionment and Disappointment?

So, stay tuned!

I don’t know which posts I’ll write first, because it definitely depends on my mood. But, now that you know what’s up and coming, I hope you are as excited about getting to read these posts as I am about getting to write them. And, if there are any topics you think I should cover, just let me know.


Q & A!

*Off Topic*

I’ve talked a lot about Korea, but here’s your chance to ask me any questions you have– even about something I haven’t talked about yet!

In the meantime, stay tuned for my next post– Korean Boys and Black Girls, Part 2: Its Not That Complicated (Or Is It?), which will be here SOON