My Favorite Korean Boys: CNBLUE, EXO, &BTS

*The “My Favorite Korean Boys” Series*

I’m not a huge fan of Kpop (anymore), but I still have my favorite Korean boys who happen to be Korean idols– rockers, singers, and rappers along with a few dancers to be more exact. So, here some more of my favorite Korean boys from CNBLUE to EXO to BTS!




I LOVE CNBLUE. I love the way they look, I love the way they play together, and I also love their songs. Yong Hwa already made the list of My Favorite Busan Boys, but little did I know that his dreamy, drop dead gorgeous member Lee Jong Hyun was also from Busan!


This was the first time that I saw and heard CNBLUE– when they made their debut all the way back in 2009 with the hit song “Loner.”


This is where they are now– with the hit song “Can’t Stop,” looking better than ever, of course!




I REALLY love EXO, and I can’t believe how many other girls do, too. My favorite members are all Chinese, but they’re still Korean idols, right?


I first saw them after they had already made their debut and made their comeback with “Wolf,” which is still one of my favorite Kpop songs!


This is the teaser for their new and even more amazing song, Overdose!




Last but definitely not least, BTS! These are my boys. Two of the members also made the Busan Boy list: Jimin and Jung Kook!


I first saw and heard BTS when they made their debut last year! “No More Dream” was super cheesy but also super cute (and a little sexy), and after listening to their songs like “School Tears” I fell in love with their originality, rhythm, and genuine Korean soul.


They just made their comeback, Skool Luv Affair. The album (along with EXO’s Overdose) is on its way, but these are my favorite tracks so far.

So, who are some of your favorite Korean boy (bands)?

I also like DBSK– my first Kpop love, but they broke up…


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My Favorite Real Life Korean Bromances

*The “My Favorite Korean Boys” Series*

Some of my favorite Korean boys and men are already taken in Drama Land AND in real life. But, they’re not always taken by a wife.

Sometimes, they’re taken by a best friend…


So, get ready for these sometimes cute, sometimes cringeworthy couples!^^

Jung Woo Sung (1973) <3 Lee Jung Jae (1973)

The Classic Couple~

The “Classic” Couple~

This couple has been together since they filmed City of The Rising Sun together back in 1998, but rumor has it they still speak to each other using honorifics out of respect (and love).

Song Seung Heon (1976) <3 So Ji Sub (1977) <3 Park Yong Ha (1977)

The Bad Boy Couple~

The “Bad Boy” Couple~

 During a guerilla date  So Ji Sub, one of my favorite Korean “boys,” said that the only person he would ever be able to borrow money from is his best friend, Song Seung Heon. But, I guess he forgot about me.

However, this wasn’t always a couple– it was a threesome!

Unfortunately, Park Yong Ha passed away after committing suicide, and the following is a brave, beautiful, and heartbreaking moment that you shouldn’t watch without a box of tissue by your side:

Cha Tae Hyun (1976) <3 Kim Jong Kook (1976) <3 Jang Hyuk (1976)

The (Kind of) Cool Guys Couple~

The “(Kind of) Cool Guy” Threesome~

1976 must have been a year made for awesome threesomes, and here is one more!

I first found out about this threesome while watching Family Outing, and I have grown to love each and every one of them (almost) equally.

Gong Yoo (1979) <3 Jo In Sung (1981)

The BFF Couple~

The “BFF” Couple~

These two talented goofballs will definitely be friends forever, but nothing more than that, which is great, because Gong Yoo is another one of my favorite Korean (and Busan) boys!

Won Bin (1977) <3 Kang Dong Won (1981)

The Mystery Couple~

The “Mystery” Couple~

There’s not much that anyone knows about these two, but they definitely look good together; and, Kang Dong Won even introduced Won Bin to his current girlfriend and future wife(?), Lee Na Young.

Park Ji Sung (1981) <3 Patrice Evra (1981)

The Bumblebee (Black and Yellow) Couple~

The “Bumblebee (Black and Yellow)” Couple~

Park Ji Sung left his home in South Korea to play soccer in England for Manchester United, and while there he met and became fast friends with Patrice Evra.

(I love the last question!)

Later, Park Ji Sung even brought his best friend back home to star on one of their favorite shows that they always watched together: Running Man!

(This was such a great moment in Korean variety show history!)

Yasiel Puig (1990) <3 Ryu Hyun Jin (1987)

The "Still Kids at Heart" Couple~

The “Rookie” Couple~

Still kids at heart~

Still kids at heart~

Just really BIG kids!~

Just really BIG kids!~

Here’s another couple that met while playing sports, but this time it’s baseball! Ryu Hyun Jin and Yasiel Puig are both rookies at the Los Angeles Dodgers; and, their bromance is always making headline news.

But, here’s a sneak peek! Just fast forward to 2:25 to see them battle it out in English, do their “secret” handshake, and even say hi to mom.

Kim Woo Bin (1989) <3 Lee Jong Suk (1989)

So handsome~

The “Schoolboy” Couple~

But really~


Last but definitely NOT least, here’s a couple that we all know and love– my favorite couple, in fact. After all, Kim Woo Bin is also one of my favorite Korean boys!

(And, I’m also an ’89er.)

Anyway, these two became famous– and a famous couple, after filming the big hit high school drama School 2013!

They even appeared on Running Man together.

So, I hope that they tease and tantalize us more on the big screen soon, but here’s some couple spam until then– sorry if you don’t speak Korean, but here’s one more reason to learn!

(And, just sayin’: G Dragon, back off and butt out!)

So, which couple is your favorite real life Korean bromance?

I could be jealous of so many of these guys, but I won’t waste my time, and you shouldn’t either. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the bromance.

So Ji Sub’s Road

*The “My Favorite Korean Boys” Series*

My most ultimate fangirl item has arrived, and of course it stars my most favorite Korean “boy,” So Ji Sub.

What is it? 

It’s his photo essay collection, So Ji Sub’s Road:

“Popular actor So Ji Sub takes readers on the road in his new photo essay collection. The book features photos and stories from his trip to the DMZ and other locations in Gangwon Province. So Ji Sub shares his personal thoughts and experiences about life and travel, as well as his encounters with different people including rapper Tiger JK and writer Lee Oi Soo. Filled with beautiful photos this photo essay collection documents both So’s journey as a traveler in the summer of 2010, and also his journey as an actor over the last 13 years.”

I ordered it last month, and it finally arrived on Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a sneak peek:









I am so excited to get to practice my Korean in such a fun, romantic way…

After all, it’s almost like we’re traveling together!^^

My Favorite Korean Boys, Part 4: So Ji Sub

*The “My Favorite Korean Boys” Series*

You know that feeling of insanity and joy– that feeling when you fall for someone you’ve never even met? We could just call it an obsession, but either way I’m in a deep, dark pit located somewhere in So Ji Sub’s eyes; and ya’ll, I’m never coming out.

It all started RIGHT before I left for Korea. I was at home in Pearland, on Netflix, because… what else am I going to do in Pearland? So, I had never watched anything with So Ji Sub in it, but I decided to watch A Company Man since it was another one of those foreign crime action thrillers that I am SO addicted to– and, I had just seen So Ji Sub on an episode of Infinity Challenge.

He was gorgeous and funny, so why not see what the fuss was all about?

(No regrets, but I would like my heart back.)



*DEEP sigh*~

Needless to say, I was hooked– this wasn’t a GREAT movie, but it was good, and So Ji Sub made it that much better. But, he’s been acting for about 20 years now, so I had a lot of catching up to do! I went back and watched Rough Cut and A Master’s Sun.

(I also ended up watching like ten or twenty foreign crime action thrillers in a row before reaching my maximum capacity of blood, thrills, and chills.)

Then, when I went to Korea a week or so later, I took a picture with So Ji Sub, went to his “house,” bought a So Ji Sub calendar, and even bought the OST for one of his dramas.

(I have never fangirled so hard, happily, and expensively in my life.) 

Now, I’m watching Ghost, and I just ordered So Ji Sub’s Road, a collection of his photos and essays.

My desktop:




But, instead of going on and on and on about So Ji Sub, I was wondering– who are some of YOUR favorite Korean boys?

Are they idols, actors, or people you’ve actually met in real life?

(Someday, I’ll have to write a post about the Korean boys who I’ve called and still call best friends.)

My Favorite Korean Boys, Part 3: Kim Woobin

*The “My Favorite Korean Boys” Series*

When School 2013 came out, I had absolutely no intention to watch it, but I read some articles about the drama and the cast. So, I knew Lee Jong Suk (Secret Garden) and Kim Woo Bin (nugu?) would be in it.

It was only later when Kim Woo Bin– together with Lee Soo Hyuk, appeared on Talk Show Hello that I started to wonder just who this boy with a weird face, goofy smile, and deep voice was…

What a goofball~

What a goofball~

Later that same week, I saw him again on season 2 of Strong HeartHwashin…

... But, a charming goofball~

… But, a charming goofball~

I’ve only fallen for two other Korean actors (lies!)– Gong Yoo and Yoon Kye Sang, but I fell for Kim Woo Bin when he said this:

“I came from a difficult and obscure hometown. I went up to Seoul to find work as a model because at that time, I couldn’t receive support from my father. I lived for six months in a sauna and didn’t even pay up because I didn’t have money… I didn’t even have enough money to buy rice, so I would just drink water.

When I would try out for modeling jobs, the positions would all be filled. I had a friend who dreamed about becoming a model with me, and I often said, ‘We should give up.’

I’m glad my friend didn’t listen to me because I am so happy right now… 

I met good people…” 

(Credit Soompi– with minor additions by me.)

On Hwashin, he also talked about getting scammed by his old company and sleeping in so that he wouldn’t have to be– no feel, hungry; and, that’s when he had to stop talking and hold back his tears. It was only his first or second variety show appearance, so he apologized to the hosts and guests, but the way he carried himself and expressed himself so honestly was refreshing and touching.

Suddenly, I was intrigued by this humble, hardworking country boy, and I wanted more. So, I decided to watch School 2013, and I’m glad I did, because while watching it I got to know some of Korea’s best young actorsKim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk, as well as watch one of the best Korean dramas– EVER.

(Watch School 2013 HERE on Dramafever!)

School 2013 was daebak, and I watched the special that aired once the drama ended. I also watched and read a lot of interviews– anything, that Kim Woobin was in, and HERE is one of my favorite interviews; and, in another one of my favorite interviews, he also talks about how his biggest role model is his Dad.


He’s been in quite a few things from White Christmas (2011) to Cupid Factory (2011) to Vampire Idol (2012). I also really love these two mini-reality shows he filmed earlier this year, and I can’t recommend watching his earlier works, but I can recommend– and highly recommend, watching these two mini-reality shows, especially the second one!

So, I also watched A Gentleman’s Dignity, because he was in it. I also knew that I HAD to watch Heirs, because he is in it. I’m planning on watching the movie he recently starred in, Chingu 2.

Recently, he said that he felt like he was going to cry as soon as he saw his name roll by in the credits.

From a small town country boy to a top model to a top actor, Kim Woobin seems to have been through it all and done it all!

So, he’s definitely one of my favorite Korean boys!

Too bad he’s already taken.


My Favorite Korean Boys, Part 2: Busan Boys

*The “My Favorite Korean Boys” Series*

Let’s start with this (ugly) map of South Korea; and, I can make you look at this, because I’m about to treat you to more than enough eye candy to make up for it in a bit.

The map~

The map~

Look, there are two cities: Seoul and Busan. Why? Because they are the two best cities in South Korea. Now, everybody knows about Seoul, but does everyone know about Busan?


What makes Busan so special: The forever warm beaches, the fresh seafood, and the amazing clubs?


The boys and the men make Busan special.

About a year after I got into Keverything– 2009 to be exact, I would always tell people, especially my Korean friends, who asked me “If I liked Korean guys”:

“I don’t really like Korean guys, because every Korean guy I like is from Busan.”

It was (almost) a joke, but lately, I haven’t been able to laugh about it anymore. I think I mean it. Falling for Busan boys and men, whether through my computer screen or in the real world, has been a recurring theme in my life– a theme so common and prevalent, in fact, that today, Busan Boys are getting their own post on my blog as one of My Favorite Korean Boys.

(Click HERE for My Favorite Korean Boys Part 1: Gu Boys.)

But, while doing further research for this post, my mind was blown; because, OMG, all of my favorite Korean boys really ARE from Busan.

Gong Yoo is my favorite actor, and he always has been ever since I first saw him in Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy back in 2008. He’s in two of my favorite Korean Dramas and so many other good dramas and movies.

(I would marry him if he asked me, too.)

So, here he is.

Gong Yoo~

Gong Yoo~

Gong Yoo~

Gong Yoo~

Gong Yoo~

Gong Yoo~

Gong Yoo~

Gong Yoo~

… Sorry, I would love to continue photo spamming you with Gong Yoo, but we have A LOT more to talk about. SO, go Google him when you’re finally done reading this!

Well, guess what I found out today while doing research HERE at this site– where you can see the complete list of Korean idols and actors from Busan. Today, after ALL THESE YEARS, I found out that Gong Yoo is from *drumroll* Busan.

So, just who else is from Busan?

Come on, blow my mind again, internet. I dare you!

(My challenge was accepted.)

I’ve posted about BTS before, and everyone(?) knows that I love Jung Kook and Jimin!





(OMG, this nuna will gladly go to jail for these gu boys!)

Yeah, you guessed it: They’re BOTH from Busan.

Before today, my favorite Busan Boys were as follows: Wooyoung, Yonghwa, Daehyun, Park Hae Jin, and Heo Kyung Hwan. I’m not that into random Koreans, but if I ever DID talk about ones that I’ve never even met, then these boys and men were always on “the tip of my tongue.”


SO, I know there aren’t many moments of silence on my blog, but today, let’s have a moment of silence as we appreciate some of my favorite Busan boys and men:

Wooyoung of 2PM~

Wooyoung of 2PM~

Yonghwa of CNBLUE~

Yonghwa of CNBLUE~

Daehyun of B.A.P~

Daehyun of B.A.P~

Park Hae Jin, Actor from My Love From The Stars~

Park Hae Jin, Actor from My Love From The Stars~

Kang Haneul, Actor from Heirs~

Kang Haneul, Actor from Heirs~

Heo Kyunghwan, Comedian~

Heo Kyunghwan, Comedian~

Okay, are you still alive? Because, I am DYING, but let me get myself together and move on.

So, what makes these boys so special?

1.  “Small Eyes”

For me, I like Asian guys, particularly Korean, because they don’t have 쌍커플 (ssang keopul), or double eye-lids.

2. “Satoori”

Anyway,  it’s also the way they speak. Have you heard Busan 사투리 (satoori), or accent, before? Your panties will drop.

The video is not subbed, but basically, Suzy is using a horrible Busan satoori, which scares Yonghwa. For more on how it sounds, go here.

3. “Swag”

It’s also the manners. Even in Korea, Busan 남자 (namja), or men, are well known as being 상 남자 (sang namja), or “rough gentlemen.”

Anyway, my heart is about to give out, especially since I keep thinking of the best oppa I ever had, who, yes, I’ve talked about before in Oppa, Our First (and Last) DateThe Hangover, and Thursday Thoughts– and who, yes, was from Busan…

So, who is your favorite Busan Boy?

Here’s the list of Busan Boys again, so be sure to check it out and let me know!


My Favorite Korean Boys, Part 1: Gu Boys

*The “My Favorite Korean Boys” Series*

You’re probably wondering just what exactly gu boys are. So, let me explain. Instead of saying how old they are, Koreans often say the year they were born in; and, gu boys are Korean boys born in the years 1990 and after– after all, gu-ship (구십) is 90 in Korean.

(It’s just another one of those acronym things that Koreans love!)

Anyway, I’ve met a lot of Korean boys, and a lot of them have been younger than me (I’m an 89er), as I mentioned in THIS blog post. A few of them have even liked me, but the way they went about pursuing me was so different from the way older Koreans did that I have to say that I’m more likely to date a Korean guy who is younger than me.

And, here’s why.

Pet was born in 1992.

I used to post on a lot of Korean fashion cafes on Naver. He saw my picture and sent me a message. We talked for months before meeting in Korea. He was so sweet. He rode the subway for three hours and stayed with me during my first few days in Korea. He even helped me move into the apartment that I found!

Unfortunately, he totally turned me off of younger boys, because he was SO needy and sensitive… However, I soon found out that gu boys weren’t worth giving up on just yet!

Y- was born in 1994. He actually dated my ex-best friend. I met him when they were still going out. Apparently, he fell for me at that time, something he told me later, which explains why my best friend slowly became my ex-best friend. He’s been SO persistent about liking me and not being able to forget about me, even though we only met ONCE– and it was a long time ago. However, he’s not in the same state as me, AND he graduated from high school this year.

Me? I’m about to start my third year of law school.

He’s just too young, and there is a reason why things didn’t work out between him and my ex-best friend.

(Let’s just say it wasn’t her fault that they broke up.)

K- is a 91er. He’s so against being told he’s a baby, but he’s got so much 애교, or cuteness! He always gets mad when I call him one, too, because he is a “man”. He even has tattoos and a very cool image. He has the most amazing six-pack, which he tells everyone to touch.

Anyway, we’ve run into each other a lot since last year at the library and Korean karaoke– maybe once downtown, and we finally started something last night at karaoke, because he finally got over his ex-girlfriend.

(We’ll see where it goes. I’m excited, I’ve had a crush on him for awhile!)

But, finally, the person who inspired this post:

S- is also a 91er, and he’s actually K-’s friend.

I met S- last night at the Korean bar. I actually saw him first– he’s super cute, but he came over and said hi to me later. I love that he introduced himself first. Then, at karaoke he talked to me a lot and asked me:

“Are you interested in Asian guys?”

I said:


I didn’t actually say yes. I teased him and said no, and then he said, Oh, I bet you’re only into white and black guys. Then, I told him that my (only) ex-boyfriend is Korean.

S- was really excited to meet me. He’s going to be a freshman at university in the Fall, and he wants to hang out. Yay, another 동생, or little brother!

So, the gu boys approach– its straight-forward and persistent. Most of them are too young to be (real) players, and they still wear their hearts on their sleeves.

So, find yourself a gu boy!

And, here are my favorite gu boys, EXO & BTS: