25 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I love your blogs, they’re really helpful!! I am a young black girl that loves South Korea and Koreans!! I was wondering if you we’re on any social networks?


  2. Hi ^_^
    I found your blog yesterday and I have been totally addicted to it. it has really encouraged me more than you can ever know. Thank you so much!!! I am a Nigerian girl too and I have always been surrounded by people who don’t think that it is okay for me to listen to K-pop or be best friends with an Asian girl or like Korean boys or even want to learn or participate in anything that is not “mainstream”. Now I will pursue my learning of the Korean language more just like you did and will continue singing kpop songs till I drop! THANK YOU!!!!


    • Yay, so happy you’ve been having fun reading my blog and also gaining more confidence! Just be yourself for sure. I had the same experiences with people telling me I was weird or whatever when I came to college and started liking Asian guys. Yeah, don’t care! haha I have fun doing what I do and I can like or love what and who I want. So, pursue your own passions, too! <3


  3. Hey, I’m Seo, from korea, Now I’m trying to learn to English myself, but It is so difficult to meㅠㅠ.
    I need some helping, and maybe we can help each,


  4. Hey love your blog! I see that your from Pearland, I’m from Pasadena. I just got into korean dramas. My first love is anime and Japanese culture but your blog is really cool. Keep up the good work!


    • I played soccer in high school and remember going to Pasadena a few times!^^ So glad you’ve been reading and enjoying my blog since we’re pretty much neighbors (All Texans are nieghbors).

      My first love is also anime, by the way, but now Korean shows have me hooked! :)


  5. Hi~ My name’s Mimi and I was thinking about auditioning for Bighit in about a few months after practice, but there were several questions I didn’t get. Would you mind answering? Thank you either way in advance~


    • Hello~ It’s me again, Mimi, and here are the questions:
      1) Contact: Put in email? (Cause it might not reach me.)
      2) Family relations: Also put in grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, etc?
      3) Apply postion: Means position?
      4) Special ability: ….
      5) The application is sent with a picture as I’ve heard… From head to shoulder, right? What if I am very different from the pictures I took?


    • Oh… Hehe. Sorry, I just wanted to make sure you got the message. I don’t really mind either way. But I think you should email me. 😁 Thank you in advance!


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