The Top 10 Trendy, Must-See Spots in Seoul, South Korea

Apgujeong Rodeo Drive~

*Korean Culture: The Good, The Bad, &The Ugly*

Recently, I talked about the real reasons why everyone seems to be (and really is) going to South Korea. Although South Korea has many beautiful, exciting cities to see and explore, most people– including me, just go to Seoul.

(However, I’d also like to go to Busan for the summer and Jeju Island or Okinawa in Japan for my honeymoon!)

Anyway, Seoul is incredibly small, but it’s also jam-packed with tons of different, unique dongs, or neighborhoods, so it seems incredibly BIG. And, each neighborhood has it’s own style along with something special to offer, from sightseeing to shopping to something yummy to eat.

So, instead of getting lost in all that Seoul has to offer, just take this list of the top 10 trendy, must-see spots in Seoul with you whenever (and wherever) you go!

Before you begin reading, you need to know that I’ve been to Korea twice: Once in the summer of 2012 and once last year in the winter.

Okay, are you ready?


1. Samcheongdong

If you watch the Korean variety show Roommates then you’ll know about this neighborhood, because So Ra unni is always going there!

I went there for the first time during my winter trip last year. Mr. Kang showed me around, and we walked on a beautiful cobblestone road past some traditional palaces before we stood in the long line for the famous Samcheongdong chicken skewers.



We also ate at a great ddeokgalbi matjib.

More yummy food~

More yummy food~

matjib is the name for a restaurant that specializes in making one tasty dish.

Along with the roads, palaces, and matjibs, Samcheongdong is also home to a national museum.

2. Sinsadong

Sinsadong is most famous for Karusogil, or Karuso Road, where you can window show, or really shop, and then sit down and relax with some good food and drinks at a nice cafe or restaurant.

I went to Sinsadong for the first time back in 2012. At that time I went there on a date, and we walked around, did some window shopping, and then ate at a nice Italian restaurant.

I went back again with Mr. Kang last year during my winter vacation, and we went to a nice bar where I got my first margarita in Korea!

My strawberry margarita~

My strawberry margarita~

… I’ll stick to drinking them in Texas, but thanks anyway, Seoul.

3. Itaewon

Oh, Itaewon!

How you’ve changed over the years. Gone are the dirty streets filled with suspicious foreigners. They’ve been replaced by poppin’ clubs, stylish bars, and cute shops.

I went to Itaewon during my first trip to South Korea in 2012, and I loved it– so much so that after partying in Itaewon all night, I missed my flight!

Of course, when I went again last year, I had to go back!

Mr. Kang took me to his favorite bar there.

Glam in Itaewon~

Glam in Itaewon~

We also ate at a pojangmacha, or tent bar, outside.

Speaking of eating, go here if you want to do some serious eating. Since it’s Itaewon, there is something other than Korean food here– and a lot of it!


Celebrity Hong Suk Chun’s Famous Restaurant~






At Flying Pan Blue, my favorite place to eat in Korea~




And pancakes~

Chicken Avocado Panini~

Eating a chicken avocado panini there with my best friend the night before I left~

Still, you have to be careful in Itaewon, because of places like THIS.

4. The Han River

I LOVE the Han River.

Where else can you take a nice walk, a refreshing run, or a fun bike ride outside during the day or late at night? … I don’t know, but I haven’t done any of that!

What I have done is get my chimaek, or chicken and beer, on there back in the summer of 2012. Of course, it was another date– one that was supposed to start with a boat cruise but never did.

The view from the river front chimaek restaurant~

The view from the river front chimaek restaurant~

And, here’s the boat cruise that I never went on.

The Han River Boat Cruise~

The Han River Boat Cruise~

I’m not complaining, by the way…

I’ll take chimaek on land over a boat cruise on water any day!

5. Hongdae

As you can see, there is A LOT of shopping to do in Hongdae.

And, oddly enough, after eating chimaek at the Han River we went to spot number 5, Hongdae, for the rest of our date where we had some fruit soju and snacks since you can also go to bars and clubs there.

Fruit soju~

Fruit soju~



Hongdae is also famous for– and named after, its college of the arts and artwork that the students there create.



More art~

More artwork~

The college~

The college~

Hongdae is also famous for its music scene.

Live music~

Live music in Hongdae~

So much fun~

That night was so much fun~

The clubs in Hongdae are there, but I don’t recommend going unless you enjoy being trapped in a fire hazard.

At Cocoon in Hongdae for the first (and second to last) time~

At Cocoon in Hongdae for the first (and second to last) time~

I barely escaped alive…


6. Myeongdong

Myeongdong is simple:

It’s ALL about shopping.

If you want to get your Korean beauty products, then you HAVE to go here for the wide variety of stores and their great sales.

I didn’t fall in love with Myeongdong until I went back last year in the winter and took this awesome picture after getting tons of awesome Korean beauty products from Etude House:

Me and my husband So Ji Sub~

Me and my husband So Ji Sub~

Yes, my husband!


7. Dongdaemun

Dongdaemun is also simple, but the shopping here is much more Korean. Think bartering for prices and walking away with tons of really good but cheap stuff!

Apparently, this place was recently renovated and is now a hot date spot, which you’d know if you’ve been watching Roommates all the time like me…


However, I still do (or did) most of my shopping in Apgujeong.

8. Apgujeong

Oh, five or six years ago this would have been number one, but Korea changes a lot in months let alone years!

I love Apgujeong– the shopping, well, I loved it TOO much so I didn’t do much of it when I went back.

The nightlife here is the best!

My favorite bar in Korea, Bunker~

My favorite bar in Korea, Bunker~

Bunker buckets~

Bunker buckets~

And the food, well, its pretty good, too!

Texmex at Coreanos~

Texmex at Coreanos~

Soooo good!~

Soooo good!~

You can do it all on Rodeo Drive and even stop by the Galleria, H&M, and Uniqlo.

9. Cheongdamdong

This is where I stayed last year in the winter, and it was a dream come true!

What a quiet, lovely, filthy freakin’ rich neighborhood to get some REAL shopping done, and it’s also home to one of my favorite clubs, Ellui, and a bunch of entertainment companies like SM and FNC.

Apart from shopping at stores you can’t afford, there’s a few other things to do, like heading down into the subway and shopping there or walking around and looking for Korean idols.

So, keep your eyes wide open!


10. Namsan Tower

I saved the best for last!

Okay, that might not be true, but I still haven’t been here! I’m determined to go with my boyfriend (whenever I actually get one), so yes– I’m saving the best for last: Cable car rides and locks of love!

Cable cars~

Cable cars~

Locks of love~

Locks of love~

Oh yeah, there’s a super famous restaurant with questionably tasting food at the top of that tower. Yeah, I’d like there to go there someday, too.

And get proposed to, again.

So, do you know where you want to go once you go to Seoul, South Korea?

I know I do!


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The Orange Room, Woodstock, and Lotte Department Store

*The “My Winter in Korea” Series*

Day 8:


Time for dinner!

Unni and I walked around Nonhyun for awhile, and it was nice to be in my old neighborhood again. Somehow, though, we ended up at a place called The Orange Room, which turned out to be a “luxury VVIP booking restaurant.”

(I just saw the delicious food on the sign outside and walked in!) 

Thankfully, we were able to eat (and drink) in peace.

The view outside of our private room~

The view outside of our private room~

My pitcher of strawberry soju~

My pitcher of strawberry soju~

Crust fried chicken~

Crust fried chicken~

Bacon pastry pizza~

Pastry pizza~

The food here was SO good, but of course we didn’t finish it all!

Afterwards, we went to my favorite bar in Nonhyun called Woodstock where we had a BUNCH of Lemon Drops as we listened to some great music and tried to talk over this ahjushhi singing screaming along at the table behind us.

Woodstock and their record player and records behind the bar~

Their record player and records behind the bar~

It had been a long day, so we decided to go home a little early and get some sleep.

Day 9:

I needed to go shoe shopping today, because I am SO tired of wearing those 6 inch boots every time I go out. So, I got up (somewhat) early, ate, and got ready. I went out and had to come RIGHT back home after doing some subway shopping in Cheongdam– there are tons of little stores and restaurants in the subways of Korea.

Another ootd~

Another ootd, one of my faves!~

Sister sweaters for me and my friend, fellow blogger, and "little sister" at mindheartandseoul~

Sister sweaters for me and my friend, fellow blogger, and “little sister” at mindheartandseoul~

My five dolla' sweaters~

My five dolla’ sweaters~

My 20 dolla' peach dress with (fake) pearls~

My 20 dolla’ peach dress with (fake) pearls~

I love how cheap, warm, and well-fitted everything was, but I still had to make it ALL the way to Lotte Plaza. Too bad I ended up at the Lotte Department Store– not the same thing, or so I thought until I spotted a pair of the most amazing shoes…

They were $400.00, but Thank God they were NOT in my size, because I had stars in my eyes and was about to buy them!

(I’ll let you imagine what shoes could be so amazing that I would pay $400.00 for them– no, I am not wealthy, just crazy when it comes to clothes and accessories. I don’t shop often, but when I do…)

I walked around lost and looking for more shoes, and on my way out I finally spotted a Nine West. They had these babies for $300.00, but thankfully (and surprisingly) I got them on sale for $150.00.

My new babies~

My new babies~

On the way back and almost home I realized that I was starving, so I stopped and bought some more bread from the local bread store.



There, the ahjusshi and owner asked me where my 고향 , or hometown, was. In fact, I think that he thought I was born in Korea– I speak Korean REALLY well, because he was surprised when I said America– Texas.

Then, he started speaking to me in Korean at the speed of light. He was so excited. He told me that his daughter was married to an American and studying psychology at a university in San Francisco. I mentioned that I also majored in psychology, and he went off again– even faster. I definitely learned some new vocabulary, but thankfully the phone rang and I was able to make my escape!

(I told him that I would come back, but he kept staring after me, looking a little sad but still excited.)

One(?) thing he said to me that I want to share:

“Americans are very honest and innocent. They can say that they’ve done something wrong and people will forgive them. It’s not like that in Korea, so Americans come here, and when they make mistakes– especially because the two cultures are so different, they get in trouble– they get hurt.”

This is true, and it’s what I try to warn girls about in particular.

Anyway, today was a wonderful day, and I am really happy that my dream of living here in Cheongdam– even for a bit, came true; although, if I move to South Korea I would like to live in Apgujeong, which is right in between Itaewon and Gangnam and home to Bunker, the place where my crush works!^^

I love being able to have conversations with shop owners and taxi drivers and hosts, but sometimes I think that these people pay more attention to me and our moments together than the people that I call friends and sit down to eat with.


Well, these days, people always seem to be on their phones, with someone or something else instead of the person right in front of them. So, the older I get, the more I wonder if I’ll ever meet someone who always looked me in my eyes again…

Ex-boyfriend nostalgia, because he was my best friend, my lover, and my everything, and it’s always strange when we live under the same sky but remain so far apart.

(He’s single again, and he bought a new apartment and a new Lamborghini. Funny, I used to tell him that I would buy him one– much later when I was a wealthy lawyer.)

Anyway, my “little sister” (she’s Chinese) is finally here in Seoul. She went to Japan and Taiwan before finally coming to Seoul, and we met once in Austin and have been fangirling about Kpop, Kdramas, and even anime together ever since, so I am really excited that we will actually get to meet in Seoul.

There are a lot of places that we have to go, so I hope we manage to go to them all: Itaewon, Myeongdong, and the entertainment companies in Gangnam.

Thankfully, I have been feeling at home here in Seoul, and as I manage to survive the long winter I am becoming more positive of the fact that one day I will be spending all four seasons here!^^

Two Weeks of Seoul

*The “My Winter in Korea” Series*

I had donuts for breakfast and pizza for dinner; and, soon I’ll be having the white winter that I’ve always dreamed of in Seoul, South Korea!^^


D oppa is picking me up and taking me to the airport tomorrow night. I’ll arrive on the 30th.


Two weeks of Seoul!

(I’ll be back on the 11th, which is just in time to make it to class on the first day of school, which is on the 13th.)


I’ll be staying in Cheongdam-dong, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Gangnam, and my apartment is located just two to three minutes away from SM!

A map of the different districts in Seoul~

A map of Gangnam~


I’ll be graduating from law school next year in May, and I’ll have to spend the next few years studying for the bar, finding a job, and working. So, my second trip to Seoul is ALL about taking a break in what will be a very cold paradise but a paradise nonetheless. 

(Unlike last summer, I will not be going to school or working while I am there.)


I worked two to three jobs this past year and saved up– that’s how!

I am excited about graduating, but like everyone else these days I am also worried about what comes after! At 24, I’ll definitely be a “young lawyer,” and part of me just wants to party and travel…


So, I’ll do my traveling while I still can!

Anyway, I’m really excited to see my best friend. I still remember when I dropped her off at the airport in August! I’m also excited to meet a few new friends and catch up with some old ones.

My To Do List:

I’ve only got two weeks, but that’s plenty of time to eat, drink, and party in Itaewon, Hongdae, Apgujeong, Cheongdam, and Nonhyun. I will also visit the Han River, Namsan Tower, and (hopefully) Busan!

In addition, I will visit SM and YG along with a few other entertainment companies with my dongsaeng as soon as she gets to Korea. She just left for Japan, and I am excited about getting to see her later once she gets to Korea.

I’ll be doing some shopping, too, but not for myself.

(You know who you are.) 

My Suitcase:

I’ve got my bag packed, and I’m both excited and worried about finally wearing these babies:

2013-12-10 13.44.40

My UNIF Salem Boots~

I’m packing lightly, just 2 or 3 pairs of shoes and 2 bags– leggings, leather pants, leather shorts, 2 pairs of jeans, 3 maxi skirts, 1 midi skirt, 3 sweaters, 4 or 5 dresses, and 4 or 5 tops + my coat, scarf and glove set, and fur head wrap.

Everything fits into one suitcase, but I’m a genius when it comes to packing– okay, I’m not, but having “skinny” space-saving hangers helps!

(Everything is still on the hanger.)

I’m also bringing underwear (duh), my skin care products, and make-up.

(Yup, all in one suitcase.)

Oh! I definitely won’t forget to bring my new camera…

So, stay tuned for two weeks of Seoul!

I’m excited. Are you?

That One Time I was Scouted by OnStyle Korea…

*The “Preparing for Life in Korea” Series*

This post is part continued conversation, part appetizer for Preparing for Life in Korea, Part 3: Finding a Job in Korea. I will also be writing Preparing for Life in Korea, Part 4: Finding a Place to Live in Korea.

In Korea, scouting is a Big Deal, and being scouted is one of the best ways to find a job in Korea.

Many of Korea’s biggest talents were either scouted on the street– like Kim Tae Hee, or they were “that friend” who went to audition for fun and actually passed the audition while their friend who went for real didn’t– like So Ji Sub, or they were 낙하산, “nakhasan” or “parachutes” who got into the business by using their connections– like Mir of MBlaq.

(Check out more “how they got famous stories” featuring Korean idols HERE.)

But, my story is a little different, since I wasn’t even in Korea when I was scouted by OnStyle Korea

Back in 2011, I used to blog on Naver and post in fashion cafes there, too. While making my blogI got to practice reading and writing in Korean. While posting in fashion cafes, I got to practice “speaking” Korean. I even made a lot of Korean friends on Kakaotalk through my “activities” there.

I had been blogging for about a month or so– just off and on. Then one day– suddenly and unexpectedly, I got a 쪽지, “jjokji” or message, from a 작가, “jakka” or writer, who worked at OnStyle Korea.

To this day, I have no idea how she found me or my blog, but she said that she had seen some of my photos and thought that I would be a great fit for an up and coming reality TV show about 일반인, “ilbanin” or regular people, who become friends with 연예인, “yeonyaein” or celebrities.

Uhm, my photos? I only had a few uploaded– at least on my blog, and they were nothing special! But, they did match the concept of the show, which was about taking a closer look at the “celebrity” life through the eyes of a “regular” person.

(These are the few photos from my blog that I could find. Thankfully, one of my old friends who took them also uploaded them to her Facebook.)


At Pure Night Lounge~


At Pure Night Lounge~

The writer thought that I was Korean, which doesn’t really make sense, but I suppose she just assumed that I was Korean since I was blogging in Korean and on a Korean website.

(Again, I don’t know how she found me or my blog, and I also don’t know what photos she was talking about!)

Anyway, I started digging around, and I found the interview that she sent to me:

A screencap~

A shortened screencap~

After I filled this out with the help of my Korean friend whose mom actually writes Korean dramas– she even wrote one of my favorite ones, I sent it to the writer at Onstyle Korea. Then, we had a phone interview.

In the end, they didn’t mind that I wasn’t actually Korean. In fact, they were excited about having a “sexy” foreigner on their reality TV show; and, having foreigners on Korean variety shows is actually a trend these days. But, they did mind that I wasn’t actually in Korea, and I was already in law school at this point, so I didn’t mind staying here in America, either!

When I actually got to Korea, I was scouted again: Twice in Apgujeong, once while out shopping and once while out clubbing, but I’ve already talked about that before.

Where to get scouted and where to audition?

Definitely Seoul! Yeoksam, Apgujeong, Nonhyun, Cheongdam, Sinsa– basically, the neighborhoods of Gangnam for both scouting and in person auditions. Maybe Myeongdong and Itaewon for scouting, too.

(There’s a reason why Kim Woo Bin left the countryside of South Korea to pursue his dreams in Seoul!)

So, for the girls that I have been talking to lately who are interested in modeling in Korea or being a part of the entertainment industry in Korea, this post is meant to encourage you to learn Korean and go to Korea– after all, it was really my knowledge of Korean and trip to Korea that gave me access to many of these opportunities.

If any of us are actually serious about our dreams to take ourselves where we want to go or to take the world where we want it to go, then we’ve got to get out there, and we’ve got to put ourselves out there.

After all, Mark Twain said the following:

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

Wise words, Twain, wise words.

Inside FNC: Cheongdamdong 111


*Kpop, Korean Idols, &More*

It’s always hard to describe what life at a South Korean entertainment company is really like to foreigners who are interested in becoming a Kpop idol or a Kpop star. From the managers who will control your daily schedule to the sunbaes who will boss you around to the practice rooms where you will spend most of your time– now you can see it all for yourself through the part reality, part variety show Cheongdamdong 111!

The cast~

The cast~

Cheongdamdong is a “neighborhood,” or district, in Gangnam.

(Gangnam Style is actually a song that pokes fun at the rich people who live there.)

You might know it as the place where I’ll be staying this winter while I’m in South Korea, but in case you didn’t know, Cheongdamdong is also one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Gangnam, Seoul, and all of South Korea.

More importantly for this post, Cheongdamdong is home to some of the biggest South Korean entertainment companies from SM to JYP to Cube and even FNC.

(I’ll be living just two to three minutes away from SM!)

Cheongdamdong 111 takes you inside FNC– literally, and shows you the lives of the CEO, trainers, managers, Kpop idols, and trainees as well as the lives of the actors and actresses who are also a part of this very successful South Korean entertainment company.

So, who’s who at FNC?


Han Sung Ho


FT Island, CNBlue (“Yoon Chan Young”‘s band!), Juniel, AOA, and more.

Actors and Actresses:

Lee Dong Gun, Yoon Jin Seo (Cha Eun Sang’s older sister!), and more.



In addition, after watching this show you might better understand THIS post on becoming a Kpop idol or a Kpop star; and, you might also better understand why its so important to speak Korean, understand Korean culture, and practice Practice PRACTICE.

You’ll also understand more about how these companies work by getting a behind the scenes look at management, production, and training.

Plus, its just a lot of fun to watch!

(I’m already on Episode 2 as I take a very long break from writing my final papers…)

Wanna watch Cheongdamdong 111, too?

For full-length but unsubbed episodes, go HERE and watch it on OnDemandKorea.

For shorter but English subbed episodes, go HERE and watch it on Dailymotion.

Finally, as a quick preview here’s “Yoon Chan Young,” Kang Min Hyuk of CNBlue, talking about what its like to act with “Lee Bo Na,” Krystal Jung of f(x).

The Cheongdam-dong Guest House

*The “My Winter in Korea” Series*

My sister, a doctor, got engaged to her boyfriend. He is also Nigerian, and apparently he flew her out to New York to propose!

I got my security deposit back plus what they had overcharged me when I moved in– that’s 242 much needed dollars! I also went on a job interview this morning, and I’m excited about finally making the BIG decision to pursue my career in health law.

And, more importantly, I’m that much closer to having a white winter in Cheongdam-dong!

I decided to stay in Cheongdam-dong– not Itaewon or Sinsa-dong, because it was the cheapest option. It was also one of the most convenient options, since it is close to Itaewon, Sinsa-dong, Apgujeong-dong, and a few other places I would like to go, like Ellui, SM, and the Han River.

Once I found out I could use the apartment, which has two beds, all by myself– and even have an extra bed for a friend to crash, I went All In and booked it on Wimdu!

So, HERE is the Cheongdam-dong Guest House, which can also be found on AirBnB.

It’s SO lovely, and my host, Dohyun, is SO nice.

There was a problem, because the website was showing a $339.00 discount– one that appeared a few weeks AFTER I booked my room. I contacted him, and he immediately contacted Wimdu and even spoke with my mom. The discount was definitely a mistake, and everything was taken care of in a few days. What’s more, he was never annoyed or angry with me or my mom for asking him so many questions and sending him so many messages.

He was just patient, kind, and understanding.

So, I am really excited to meet him, too!

If YOU are looking for a place to stay while you are in Gangnam or Seoul, choose the Cheongdam-dong Guest House!

The location alone is the best, because you are in the heart of Gangnam, right next to famous Kpop stars and Korean celebrities, delicious restaurants, cute cafes, and popular clubs! And, coming home to this cheap but cozy and clean apartment with everything you need will also be the best.

… Seriously, is it December yet?!

I can’t wait to see my best friend Jennie, J-, D.H., unni and her family, all of my Korean friends, AND all of my friends from Korean class who are living and working in Korea PLUS, I also can’t wait to go to my favorite restaurants and clubs, Namsan Tower, and even Busan!

It’s going to be Two Weeks in (freezing) paradise.

Where Should I Stay in Korea, A Giveaway, and What’s Up and Coming

*Off Topic*

I took my final this morning, but my professor put ONE essay question on the entire 2 hour exam.

(Thankfully, I knew the answer.)

Anyway, there are a few things that I want to ask, let you know, and do, so here goes!^^

Where Should I Stay in Korea?

Now that I have my ticket and winter clothes, I am looking for a place to stay while I am in Korea!


My unni is pregnant (another shotgun wedding), and I am SO excited to see her baby! She is living in Itaewon, so it will be nice to be close to her and also close to my favorite restaurants and one of my favorite clubs, B1.

(This is my favorite option because it comes with airport pickup, a phone rental, and free breakfast. However, it is also my least favorite option, because it has the least amount of privacy and personal space.)


Sinsadong is where the famous Garuso-gil is located. I’ve been there once, and its very lovely– very airy and very comfortable. I like this location, because its young, modern, and close to everything. It’s right next to Apgujeong and just a few (or more) stops away from Itaewon, Cheongdam-dong, and Hongdae!


I LOVE Cheongdam-dong. I have been to SM already, but now that EXO will be there…

*Stars in my eyes*

I also love Ellui, and I will  definitely be visiting Ellui AND Answer this time around!

For Cheongdam-dong, I would like to stay HERE, because its the cheapest option.  There is also an extra(?) bed for a friend, but I don’t know if I will just end up sharing the room with some stranger! So, I am waiting for the manager to get back to me about that.

So, where should I stay? Where would YOU stay, and why?

(And, if you are planning a trip to Korea or anywhere else around the world, then be sure to use Wimdu! For Korea,  I also suggest checking Craigslist Seoul. Also, if you would like to make Korean friends and have your trip to Korea sponsored, then check out

A Giveaway

So, in honor of several upcoming post on Kpop, I would like to do a Kpop CD giveaway! I’ve given away a Kpop concert ticket and two Kpop CDs on my tumblr blog (Black Girls Love Kpop, Too) already, so I am excited to do something similar here.

I want to know how one (or more) of my blog posts has changed you AND changed the way you think about the WORLD. It doesn’t have to be specific to Korea, but it can be.

Please answer BOTH parts of the question, and email your submission to

(I will probably leave the giveaway open for two to three weeks.)

Up & Coming

The next post will probably be Black Girls: A Guide to Korean Boys. I will be going home this weekend, so I will  have time to relax and get a lot of writing done instead of my usual dinner, drinking, and dancing then puking on the streets.

I will also be writing several posts on Kpop: My Favorite Korean Boys: EXO and BTS and Kpop: Disillusionment and Disappointment?.

I may also finish Dirty/Clean and post that next, too, though…

It all depends on my mood.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day, but I’m going back to bed!