WGEB on Instagram: Fashion, Food, &Fun + KCON 2014

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KCON 2014 is getting closer and closer, and I want to be able to update you all step by step, moment by moment– and not just with blog posts but with pictures and short stories.

There are also SO many little things that I want to be able to share with you all from my latest fashion items to my favorite Korean food to fun stuff I do with my friends (and dog), and now I can!

Because, I’m finally on Instragram.

I'm on Insta ya'll~

I’m on Insta ya’ll~

Find me on “Insta” by going HERE.

Now, I also have Tumblr– my WGEB one and my advice column, which is growing quickly and getting REALLY interesting so keep those questions coming!

In addition, if you haven’t seen them already, there are links to my WGEB  Twitter and my WGEB Facebook Page underneath the search bar.

Right now, I just use Twitter and Facebook to share my blog posts with people who would rather follow me and keep in touch with me there.

Well… I really can’t tell you how excited I am about Instagram!

I guess I like it because it is so easy to use, and when I don’t want to write a long blog post or when I just want to share something short and sweet or random and unrelated, I can do it there.

… And, it’s addicting.

VERY addicting.

P.S.: I actually locked myself out of my first Instagram account in ways even I can’t explain, so just ignore it if you do find it.


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The Traveling Kimchi

*Korean Culture: The Good, The Bad, &The Ugly*

Before The Traveling Kimchi was The Traveling Kimchi, she was just a girl named Jessica that I met in my first Korean class back in 2011. Little did I know that she would become a great friend AND fellow blogger years later.

We met again in 2013– when I went to Korea last winter. We had an amazing time at my favorite bar– Bunker, my last night there.

Recently, I found out that she’s been blogging about her adventures in South Korea, too, so I knew that I had to introduce her to you and share her adventures with you, too!^^

The Traveling Kimchi

The Traveling Kimchi~


“Who is the Traveling Kimchi?”

“Why, she’s a tiny half Korean-Irish American currently living in Seoul, South Korea! After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin the Traveling Kimchi decided it was time to explore her roots! Since her arrival in 2012 she has been blogging about her experiences not only in Korea but all of her adventures abroad. She hopes you will enjoy traveling along with her and are inspired to pick up your own passport and see a culture and world beyond your own.”

– From The Traveling Kimchi’s Facebook Page

In addition, The Traveling Kimchi and westerngirleasternboy might be two very different blogs by two very different people, but we share the same exact mission:

“… to encourage thinking openly, meeting new people, having lifetime experiences, and traveling abroad.”

The Traveling Kimchi is on Youtube, and I wanted to share this cover she did with you all since it IS Sunday morning!

By now, we probably all need a little pick me up before the week starts, so here it is:

She has a lot of other great videos on everything from her adventures in Korea and Thailand to her favorite beauty products to what to do BEFORE you come to Korea, so be sure to check them out!

Sunday morning…

For some of us, “rain is falling.”

For some of us, it’s Easter, and we’re with our families– celebrating what should be a day that is less about hunting for eggs and more about hunting for something else.

For some of us, though, it’s just another Sunday– the Sunday before our last week of school… ever.

(That would be me!)

So, I’ll be watching Korean dramas and trying to write and edit my final papers! My last year of law school is coming to a close, and I can’t wait to start working, traveling, and living. I might even get to see The Traveling Kimchi again sooner than either of us thought…

The Traveling Kimchi, take me with you!~

The Traveling Kimchi, please take me with you!~

The WGEB Facebook Page, The Traveling Kimchi &Daniel Cooper

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WGEB is finally on Facebook!^^

Click HERE to like WGEB on Facebook and get daily updates on the latest WGEB, KDrama, and Kpop news, or just keep in touch with me.

There’s a lot in store, so stay tuned for the following:

An introduction to my friend and fellow blogger The Traveling Kimchi, more guest blog posts from Daniel Cooper, and the new series Feeding Your KDrama Addiction where I’ll let you know about all the Korean dramas that you’ve been craving from noona romances to medical dramas to high school dramas and more!

As always, thanks for following WGEB!

I’ll do my best to keep improving my blog until it becomes a home for everyone interested in and passionate about not just Korean culture but the undeniable connection between different cultures, languages, and people. After all, the WGEB community has friends and followers from all around the world.

Leggings Aren’t Pants &Other Rants


I’ve got some ranting to do!

Leggings aren’t pants!

Girls (and some boys), you know who you are.

YOU– you’re guilty of leaving the house in leggings so tight that I (and everyone else with eyes that work properly) can see your ass, crack, and pantyline. No, you don’t check the mirror before leaving the house, or maybe you do and you just don’t care, so you leave the skirt and shorts in the closet where they don’t belong.

YOU– you’re everywhere…

I go to the University of Texas at Austin, and I know that college students here pride themselves on being cheap and eating every meal at Wendy’s– or an equally cheap (or cheaper) place, but I know they can afford pants.

They just choose not to wear them.

Look, I don’t know if anyone has ever said this before, but leggings aren’t pants; and, I’m tired of seeing so much ASS everywhere I go: BIG ass, small ass, no ass…

Tribal printed ass, striped or solid ass, rainbow colored ass…


Am I Still in Highschool?!

It’s really hard for me to text Tao 2. We’ve been hanging out every weekend, and we always talk a lot. I even got his number, but…

There’s one small problem that is getting in my way.

He’s really popular– like, disgustingly popular. I stalked stumbled upon his Facebook pake, and I saw all these random girls that were liking AND commenting on his pictures, so I quickly ran away without adding him, because I didn’t want to be one of those girls.

Random like those girls from Sweden.

Random like those girls saying:

“Oh, but I drive by your workplace every day.”


ONE of his Facebook pictures has 97 likes, but it could easily be more by now.

I mean, that’s not the real problem. That’s just Facebook. The real problem is that it’s Valentine’s Day on Friday, and when I asked him about his plans for the weekend today, some bitch girl had already asked him to go swing dancing (swing dancing?!) on Friday.

So, now I’m stuck in this awkward position of wondering whether I should try to get him to hang out with me on Friday instead or just see him on Saturday.

I mean, I feel like I’m in highschool right now, back to wondering what I should type into that little box on my phone before hitting send.

Thinking about Valentine’s Day Friday is giving me a headache. Thinking about him is giving me a headache…

He’s actually really funny and normal, which is weird, because I wasn’t expecting him to be. We speak the same language; and, by that I just mean that even though I speak both English and Korean it’s rare to meet a guy who actually understands what I say, what I do, and what I mean.

He really understands me; and, girls in general, too.

For example, when I asked him about his plans for Friday and Saturday, he said that “a friend” had asked him to go swing dancing. So, I said:

“Girl friend? Are you sure she’s not asking you out for a Valentine’s Day date?”

Then, he said:

“Not really a girlfriend. I don’t know what she wants.”

What she wants?


I’m also annoyed at myself for giving a shit for liking him so much that I’ve actually gone into Crazy Mode, but he’s always telling me to touch his arms and six pack and saying funny things…!


Okay, I think I’m done ranting.

I feel better, so I’ll share my current Facebook Status:

“I was walking to the PCL– it’s a library, when a boy (who turned out to be from London and visiting a friend for two weeks) stopped and asked me if he could “be cheeky.” He said something about liking my hair– it was braided, because it makes me look like I just stepped out of a fairytale. We had a nice chat; and, of course, I gave him my number when he asked for it.”

If a nice guy asks for my number, then I will give it to him. I might text him when he texts me, but I probably won’t actually bother going out with him.

If I was interested, then I would have asked for his number– just like I asked for Tao 2′s number…


Sorry, that was only two rants and a Facebook status, but it’s naptime!^^ Maybe I’ll think of something cool to say to Tao 2 in my dreams…

Six Signs That You’re A Stalker


No, you’re not REALLY a stalker. You’re just crazy, jealous, and obsessive. What’s wrong with that? A lot.

Come on, you know who you are!

But, just in case you DON’T, here are six signs that you’re a stalker!

Sign #1

You see him and start following him around– spy style, making sure that he doesn’t notice you unless you want him to. Every stalker knows how to go into stealth mode, or so they like to think…

Sign #2

You ask your friends about him before you meet him. ALL of your friends, and even people you’re not really friends with.

The first question:

“Does he have a girlfriend?”

If they say, “No,” then you smile smugly and start concocting a plan to meet him and make him fall in love with you, after which will come marriage in the next three years and a “Happily Ever After” ending.

If they say, “Yes,” then you ask (casually), “Oh, how long have they been dating? Is she pretty?,” but really you don’t give a fuck and you’re thinking, “Whatever, I can break them up, but how much would it cost to get rid of her just in case I can’t?

Sign #3

You make sure you get his phone number and Kakao the first time you do meet him, and you struggle NOT to send him tons of text messages asking about his day and what he’s doing, because you know he probably won’t like you if he finds out that you’re a stalker.

(Everyone has a secret that they’re keeping, right?)

Sign #4

When you find out that he has a Facebook, you try to look at as many of his photos even though you’re not friends– yet. And, you get mad when you see he’s friends with another one of your friends who you know likes him, too.

You get so mad, in fact, that you can’t even focus at work.

Sign #5

You check his Facebook everyday every five seconds, even though he hasn’t used it since July 14th.

Sign #6

You show up on his doorstep even though he moved away a few weeks ago and lives 1,300 miles away in Minnesota; and no, he didn’t tell you his address.

So, are you guilty of these six sins– are you a stalker?


I’m NOT a stalker.

I swear.

Q & A!

*Off Topic*

I’ve talked a lot about Korea, but here’s your chance to ask me any questions you have– even about something I haven’t talked about yet!

In the meantime, stay tuned for my next post– Korean Boys and Black Girls, Part 2: Its Not That Complicated (Or Is It?), which will be here SOON


Korean Boys and Black Girls, Part 1: Three Questions That Need To Be Answered

*Black Girls in Korea: Relationships, Beauty Tips, &More*

These days, boys from South Korea are really popular, but back in 2008 they were just boys at my university to me, and the horror stories on the internet that almost scared me away from them haven’t changed.

(But, I wasn’t scared away, because in the end who could have resisted THIS).

Jaejoong in 2008 when DBSK was still together~

Jaejoong in 2008 when DBSK was still together~

Back then, I had Statistics with a Korean boy– the third Korean boy I had ever met in my entire life, and no, he didn’t look like Jaejoong, but we happened to go to the same party. I went and said hi to him first, and we ended up drinking and dancing together. We became Facebook friends and talked often, but later, somehow I was deleted from his Facebook. I thought it was him, but he apologized and explained what happened as soon as he found out that his friends had done it as a joke.

Suddenly, I was aware of our differences, and I had to ask myself these three questions:

“Are Koreans racist?”

“Do Korean boys like black girls?”

“Can I meet and date a nice Korean boy?”

Since then, I have found the answers to the questions I had; and, I want to share my answers with you, because they just might give you the courage you need to follow your heart.

Koreans are Probably Not as Racist as You Think They Are

Koreans are still very xenophobic, which is characterized by an irrational fear of that which is perceived as foreign or strange. Meaning, they’re just not used to seeing and might not like foreigners, especially black foreigners.

For example, Koreans often stare at black foreigners.

When I went to Korea, I literally got goosebumps because I realized everyone around was watching me as I walked down a street in Apgujeong with my friend.

The Korean Stare~

The Korean Stare~

But, don’t take the Korean stare the wrong way. Sometimes, they are staring out of genuine curiosity. If you smile, they might even smile back. Even if they do say or do something rude or disrespectful to you, be polite and respectful to them. Not everyone will be willing to accept you for who you are, but you should be willing to try to change their minds by making a good first and last impression.

Tip: If you speak a little or a lot of Korean and show that you are familiar with their culture, Koreans tend be very warm and welcoming.

Korean Boys Like (Some) Black Girls

Koreans tend to have one standard of beauty for both men and women.

Their ideal women tend to be pale and thin, with big eyes, a small nose, and an oval, or “V” shaped jaw line. They also idealize long, straight hair, although the ocean wave is also a hot trend in Korea.

Lee Da Hae~

Lee Da Hae~

Koreans find pale skin tones cute and innocent and tanned skin tones sexy.

So, Beyonce is the perfect example of a black woman who is popular with Korean men, because she is tanned and has a “glamorous,” curvy body. Many idols like Hyosung, Hyomin, and Ailee are known as “The Korean Beyonce.”



However, Naomi Campbell is also very popular in Korea, and they call her Victoria Secret’s “Shining Black Pearl.”

Naomi Campbell~

Naomi Campbell~

Korean boys and men also appreciate stylish women, as well as women of all sizes; although, there does seem to be a general preference for smaller, skinnier girls and women.

American girls and women can sometimes fall behind the rest of the world when it comes to fashion, so I suggest looking your absolute best at least– no matter what size you are, which will definitely turn heads and land smiles. You might even get a few compliments, which is always a great way to start a conversation.

(This might seem shallow, but Koreans are very concerned with first impressions and image.)

Tip: Special K can help you drop inches off your waist and thighs within weeks. Circle lenses are also a fun beauty trick that make your eyes look bigger.

Meeting and Dating a Nice Korean Boy: Don’t Break The Three Golden Rules!

The Three Golden Rules:

1. Learn to speak Korean– even a little.

2. Don’t meet Korean boys or men in clubs.

(But, I did meet my ex-boyfriend at a club in America. However, he was definitely the ONE exception to this rule– for the most part, Korean boys and men that you meet in clubs want ONE thing: Sex!)

3. Never sleep with a Korean boy or man that you just met.

A "Love" Motel~

A “Love” Motel~

(Especially if you met him at a club!)

Most girls ignore the importance of the first rule and break the second and third rule.

Korean boys or men might try to sleep with you very quickly because they think foreign girls and women, especially American girls and women, are open about having sex. However, they will probably lose interest in you if you sleep with them too soon, especially if you don’t actually speak the same language and don’t or either can’t find out whether or not you actually have anything in common.

So, you should either talk about what you want from each other upfront or just wait until you get to know each other before having sex.

(I think this goes for any relationship with anyone, though!)

Tip: When you meet Korean boys or men, they probably won’t know anything about you except for what they have seen on TV. So, work hard to help them get to know you and be patient with their questions about your skin or hair.

These answers aren’t good or bad, and you might have different ones based on your own experiences.

However, keep an open mind and an open heart, and someone special– Korean or not, will feel your sincerity and genuinely welcome you, help you, and grow to understand and even love you.

Finally, be sure to check out Korean Boys (and Me) and Korean Boys and Black Girls, Part 2: Its Not That Complicated (Or Is It?). In the first post, I’ll talk more about my relationships with Korean boys, including my best friend from college and my ex-boyfriend. In the second post, I’ll talk more about my relationship with my ex-boyfriend and offer some advice on how to overcome the language, cultural, and even physical barriers that come with being in an interracial relationship.