WGEB on Instagram: Fashion, Food, &Fun + KCON 2014

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KCON 2014 is getting closer and closer, and I want to be able to update you all step by step, moment by moment– and not just with blog posts but with pictures and short stories.

There are also SO many little things that I want to be able to share with you all from my latest fashion items to my favorite Korean food to fun stuff I do with my friends (and dog), and now I can!

Because, I’m finally on Instragram.

I'm on Insta ya'll~

I’m on Insta ya’ll~

Find me on “Insta” by going HERE.

Now, I also have Tumblr– my WGEB one and my advice column, which is growing quickly and getting REALLY interesting so keep those questions coming!

In addition, if you haven’t seen them already, there are links to my WGEB  Twitter and my WGEB Facebook Page underneath the search bar.

Right now, I just use Twitter and Facebook to share my blog posts with people who would rather follow me and keep in touch with me there.

Well… I really can’t tell you how excited I am about Instagram!

I guess I like it because it is so easy to use, and when I don’t want to write a long blog post or when I just want to share something short and sweet or random and unrelated, I can do it there.

… And, it’s addicting.

VERY addicting.

P.S.: I actually locked myself out of my first Instagram account in ways even I can’t explain, so just ignore it if you do find it.


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The WGEB Facebook Page, The Traveling Kimchi &Daniel Cooper

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WGEB is finally on Facebook!^^

Click HERE to like WGEB on Facebook and get daily updates on the latest WGEB, KDrama, and Kpop news, or just keep in touch with me.

There’s a lot in store, so stay tuned for the following:

An introduction to my friend and fellow blogger The Traveling Kimchi, more guest blog posts from Daniel Cooper, and the new series Feeding Your KDrama Addiction where I’ll let you know about all the Korean dramas that you’ve been craving from noona romances to medical dramas to high school dramas and more!

As always, thanks for following WGEB!

I’ll do my best to keep improving my blog until it becomes a home for everyone interested in and passionate about not just Korean culture but the undeniable connection between different cultures, languages, and people. After all, the WGEB community has friends and followers from all around the world.

Q & A!

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I’ve talked a lot about Korea, but here’s your chance to ask me any questions you have– even about something I haven’t talked about yet!

In the meantime, stay tuned for my next post– Korean Boys and Black Girls, Part 2: Its Not That Complicated (Or Is It?), which will be here SOON