My Top 10 Must-Watch Korean Movies (English Subbed)

This is not your average Korean movie list, so be sure to check it out– from Chubby Revolution to Time to Silenced (The Crucible).

These 10 Korean movies will challenge your perspective of your own society and your perspective on humanity as they blur the lines between justice and revenge– love and obsession– beauty and ugliness.

My Top 10 Must-Watch Korean Movies (English Subbed)

Many of the Korean movies–most with English subtitles, on this list are independent films. Some of the independent films are by Kim Ki Duk, my favorite director. He is a controversial director in South Korea but critically acclaimed abroad. All of the movies on this list address issues within Korean society, issues that– in fact, pervade humanity.

1. Address Unknown

Address Unknown~

Set after the Korean war, a half-black, half-Korean boy lives with his mother in an abandoned school bus. While his Korean mother looks for his estranged black father by writing letters that always come back stamped “Address Unknown,” he struggles to fit in with Korean society. In the end, will he ever really belong in a place that has no place for him?

Watch HERE, unsubbed, on Youtube!

2. The Unforgiven

The Unforgiven~

A boy finally goes off to army, but he struggles to fit in and follow commands from his superiors, one of whom happens to be an old friend, or 형 (older Korean male). Slowly, the army changes him, but once he leaves will he be able to come to terms with the person he has become?

Watch HERE, unsubbed, on Youtube!

3. Beastie Boys (Moonlight of Seoul)

Beastie Boys~

Two men sell their bodies for sex as “hosts,” struggling to make ends meet and to make sense of the world they live in– a definite must-watch starring two of my favorite actors way before they blew up, Ha Jung Woo and Yoon Kye Sang!

Watch HERE, English subbed, on Amazon!

4. No Regret

No Regret~

A secretly gay man falls in love with a boy who drives him home one day (designated driving services are popular in South Korea). Then, they meet again at a host bar where the boy is working. Although they fall in love, will their love survive the pressures of Korean society? (Stunning performance by Kim Nam Gil!)

Watch HERE, English and Vietnamese subbed, on Youtube!

5. Birdcage Inn

Birdcage Inn~

In a beautiful but gritty coming of age story, a young, conservative girl is forced to confront a prostitute who moves into her home that serves as a motel for travelers. As she does so, she finds out more about herself and her own sexuality.

Watch HERE, English subbed, on Youtube!

6. A Good Day to Have an Affair

A Good Day to Have An Affair~

A married woman finds out that her husband is having an affair, and a single woman finally meets the man of her dreams; but, not everything is as it seems.

Watch HERE, English subbed, on Youtube!

7. A Good Lawyer’s Wife

A Good Lawyer's Wife~

After struggling to deal with a cheating husband and his strange family, the wife of a lawyer is suddenly confronted with a loss that wakes her up from the dream she’s been living; but, will she ever dream again?

Watch HERE, English subbed, on Amazon!

8. Chubby Revolution (Plump Revolution)

Chubby Revolution~

A lighthearted comedy tackles a serious issue: The obsession with physical beauty in Korea. How? Well, a model suddenly starts to gain weight when she finds out that the man she is in love with only dates chubby girls. Will he fall for her, and does her weight really matter to him– or to her?

Watch HERE, English subbed, on GoodDrama!

9. Time


It’s been two years, and he no longer looks at her anymore. So, a young woman becomes increasingly obsessed with her looks, suddenly disappearing one day. She undergoes plastic surgery in secret, only to come back to her boyfriend as someone new. Will he remember his old girlfriend, or will he forget her and fall in love with someone else– no, with her, again?

Watch HERE, English subbed, on Viki!

10. Silenced (The Crucible)


A teacher reluctantly goes to the middle of nowhere in order to teach at a school for the deaf. He misses his wife and newborn baby back home. But, when strange things start to happen around him, he realizes that the deaf children he teaches have been sexually abused by the faculty of the school. Silenced and ignored by the entire community around them, will anyone– including the new teacher, listen to their anguished voices? (Based on a true story!)

Watch HERE, English Subbed, on SoompiTV!

So, what are some of your “must-watch” Korean movies?

Although these movies may be hard to find– along with their English subtitles, it’s worth taking the time to look for and watch them; but, if you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, then leave me a comment. I’ll try to help.

In addition, many of these videos can be found subbed in languages other than English, so it’s worth doing a quick search on your own, too– if you speak Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish and even Italian!

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  1. I was just looking for movies lol I even downloaded Plump Revolution just now !!! I’ll probably check them all out caz I haven’t seen them except for Silenced it was so sad I cried I love yoo gong and love the fact he brought this story to live but I still can’t help feel mad bcaz of what happened to the kids thanx for the list ~~

  2. Yeah also I’ll recommend 3 I watched recently and liked a lot secretly greatly , as one , happiness for sale and men’s manual they r really good ^^

  3. Have you seen any English subtitles for Silenced / The Crucible yet ? Am a huge Gong Yoo fan, but can’t understand Korean

  4. I downloaded the movie and the English subtitles.

    I actually wanted to drive to Dallas when it came out in theatres, but they stopped showing it right when we were about to go! I am a huge Gong Yoo fan, as well.

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