My Must-Watch Korean Dramas: 2013 Edition

Is your favorite Korean drama from 2013 on my must watch list?

Thankfully, 2013 is turning out to be another year full of  “must-watch” Korean dramas. So, here are some of mine!

My Must-Watch Korean Dramas: 2013 Edition

Ever since 2008 I’ve been a hardcore fan of Korean dramas. Now, everyone I know from family to friends to complete strangers seems to be watching them! The stunning visuals, the heart-warming but tear-jerking stories, the unforgettable soundtracks and the feels make Korean dramas so addicting.

But, for me, what really makes Korea dramas so addicting is that they have characters I can actually relate to. I mean, it beats watching almost anything on American cable television, which I don’t watch– ever! Some of my friends have watched hundreds of Korean dramas, but I’m a lot pickier about mine.

Maybe because I’m an avid reader and obsessive writer. I really care about everything from the acting to the story-line to the soundtrack. Cinematography matters, too, and having strong leads and strong supporting roles might be what separates a great drama from a good one.

Anyway, you can find the long list of Korean dramas that I’ve watched and loved over the years HERE.

1. I Can Hear Your Voice — The Best Korean Drama Of 2013

I Hear Your Voice~

A bad little girl turns into a big, bad prosecutor, but when the little boy she saved a long time ago finally finds her again, her whole world is turned upside down as he reads her mind and her heart.

2. The Master’s Sun — The Best Korean Drama Couple Of 2014

The Master's Sun~

A selfish CEO, played by So Ji Sub, meets an insomniac with the ability to see ghosts, played by Gong Hyo Jin, in this dark and delicious romantic comedy by the famed screenwriting duo, the Hong Sisters.

3. Good Doctor — The Most Heartwarming Korean Drama Of 2014

Good Doctor~

An autistic little boy dreams of becoming a doctor, and as he overcomes his disabilities, he also overcomes his painful past and finds success and love in the present.

4.  Marry Him If You Dare — The Craziest Korean Drama Of 2014

Marry Him If You Dare~

What would you do if the future “you” suddenly showed up and forced you to wake up in order to keep you from making mistakes only she knows about? Find out as Mirae meets her future self and is forced to change her present!

5. Unemployed Romance — The Cutest Korean Drama Of 2013

Unemployed Romance~

“An aspiring drama writer living off her unemployment checks bumps into her first love, who just so happens to be the one issuing her checks.”

6. Heirs — The Most Talked About Korean Drama Of 2013


“Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho star in this trendy high school drama about chaebols as they form friendships and fall in love for the first time.” Wait– that’s Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Ae AND Kim Woo Bin!

7. Let’s Eat! — The Must-Watch Korean Drama Of 2013

Let's Eat~

One of my favorite actresses– Lee Soo Kyung, in a really fun, down to earth story about a divorced woman living alone– and all her pesky and pretty neighbors. Oh, and there’s LOTS of (Korean) food porn, too!

8. The Queen Of Office — The Funniest Korean Drama Of 2013

Queen of Office~

The amazing Kim Hye Soo stars in this Korean drama about an independent contractor who jumps from job to job until she starts working in one office where she meets people who become more than coworkers but friends and family.

So, what are some of your must-watch Korean dramas?

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30 thoughts on “My Must-Watch Korean Dramas: 2013 Edition

  1. Secret garden is really boring in the beginning.Like SERIOUSLY ! I end up rewatchinh the first 4 ep over and over again because I stopped watching it but gave it a new chance…. again and again. but after this really first part of the drama it gets better!!!! The story is kinda fictional fantasy and at first you are like:” oh my gawd this would never happen its so unrealistic” but in the end you will find yourself crying like a baby in the corner because of the heartwarming storyline T3T so its really worth watching !!!! Another drama you didnt mentioned as your favorite is 49 days. Its ABSOLUTELY on of the most awesome dramas. The actors, the storyline, the ending EVERYTHING was A M A Z I N G and its one of my favorite dramas!

  2. OMGGG Heirs is my LIFE right now! (I mean put Kim Woo Bin~~~ in anything and I’ll watch it tbh, hahahaha, but it’s actually good!) I really liked I Hear Your Voice as well! My friend who got me into Korean stuff’s favorite drama is Secret Garden but I’ve never watched it.. Right now (as I wait for more Heirs episodes) I’m watching School 2013 (starting BOTH Lee Jong Suk AND Kim Woo Bin *SWOOOONNNSSS*) it’s pretty decent, if you don’t have anything to do and is feeling for some eye candy, I recommend!! Good Doctor sounds good but I feel like it’ll make me cry T-T is it on Hulu?

  3. I already say School 2013!^^ Its amazing, and its why I fell in love with Woobin and Jongsuk. Ill get to Heirs eventually, but right now Marry Him If You Dare is soooooooooo good! Good Doctor, I guess you might cry. I didnt. Its really heartwarming and the lead girl is so badass! Idk, I love her, too.

  4. at first I thought the story idea for Secret Garden was preposterous. But it had 5 stars rating on Netflix. So I tried it. and it made me laugh, and there was one episode where I had tears throughout the whole time.

    There was great chemistry.
    I enjoyed watching how the male lead, Kim Joo-won found himself strongly drawn to Gil Ra-im, the stunt woman. It was fun to watch him chase her all the while he denied having any attraction.

    I really liked Gil Ra-im because she is a strong person and didn’t whine. She also wasn’t intimidated by Kim Joo-won.

    The comedy poked fun at Kim Joo-won and I guess other sterotypical wealthy males, with the track suit. You have to see to appreciate.

    Also in the story you see fate takes its hand.

    K2Hearts – I’ve watched alot of Korean dramas, but so far this is my favorite, after that comes K2Hearts , with another preposterous story line that ends up being fascinating.

    49 Days was awesome too.

  5. OMG I❤ 'my love from another star' (or 'you who came from the star' I don't really care). I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH KIM SOOHYUN!!!!!!! THEIR ACTING IS SUPERB!!! Gonna watch 'secretly, greatly' and 'the thieves' now.

  6. That Winter, the Wind Blows is amazing (watching that now). I loved The Heirs too – but Lee Min Ho is good in everything he does. I’ve only watched half of Marry Him If you Dare – it’s kind of all over the place (I like Lie to Me better). Master’s Sun though is my favorite drama so far. So Ji Sub rivals Lee Min Ho in excellence!

  7. People are going to get annoyed with me for this one, but Heirs was so disappointing for me. The cast, the directors, the budget – they had it all. But then they just kind of went and ruined it with the story line of and characterization, as well as the over hyped up publicity. Eun Sang’s whiny and constantly dependent character made me cringe, and Lee Min Ho was a bit of a possessive jerk. Only reason I watched was because of Woo Bin’s (admittedly douchebagy) badass character and Choi Jin Hyuk’s excellent portrayal of an older brother. Kang Ha Neul’s role was great too – but I never liked the main pairing.

    Otherwise, I love all your drama’s (IHYV, TMS… SO GOOD). I read a couple of comments about Secret Garden (okay) and School 2013 (loved it’s realistic approach) on here, but I’d like to recommend Reply 1997 if you haven’t watched it.

    How is Good Doctor in terms of pacing btw?

  8. I agree with you on Heirs, though. I didn’t finish it. Stopped before the last two episodes again, which always happens with that writer…!

    I heard about Reply, but I just don’t know the cast yet or like the story enough.

    Good Doctor has excellent pacing. I can’t recommend it enough whether or not you like medical dramas! Sooo heart-warming, fun, and romantic:)

  9. my favorite series are :
    49 days
    secret garden
    The Innocent Man/Nice Guy
    That Winter The Wind Blows
    Two Weeks
    My Love From Another Star
    I Miss You/Missing You {was ok}
    Arang and the Magistrate
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
    I Hear Your Voice
    Love Rain
    City Hunter
    Can You Hear My Heart
    Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy
    Gu Family Book
    Rooftop Prince
    Flower Boy Next Door
    Coffee Prince{slow but watchable}
    Playful Kiss
    Time Between Dog and Wolf
    School 2013
    Boys Over Flowers
    You’re Beautiful
    Queen In Hyun’s Man
    Who Are You
    Personal Taste
    Shut Flower Boy Band
    Big {slow , not sure if others like it …. i didn’t }
    Faith {boring}
    The Heirs
    The Suspicious Housekeeper
    Her Legend
    King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo
    pretty man
    The Master’s Sun

    if you know of other series that are good, please let me know . The list above is what I have watched.

  10. How can playful kiss be the best drama of anyone?????,,, playful kiss is the WORST k-drama I have ever watched!!!… Storyline is crap,, the acting is crap,,, chemistry crap,,, and it was sooo boringgggg,, gosh… Big waste of time!!!

  11. My K drama list:

    Boys over flowers
    citu hunter
    personal taste
    prime minister n i
    love from the star
    full house
    my girl
    masters sun
    last scandal
    u r beautiful
    protect the boss
    the greatest love
    sly n single
    witch yoo hee
    coffee prince
    lie to me
    flower boy ramen sop
    shining inheritance
    my gf is a gumiho
    oh my lady
    playfull kiss
    my name is sam soon
    you’ll surrounded
    I hear your voice
    emergency couple
    Mary stayed out
    angel eyes
    doctor stranger
    secret garden

  12. Try FAITH! This made it into my all time favourites! And it’s definitely one of the good ones. It starts off a bit slow at first and the last episode is a bit abrupt (would have preferred a bit of screentime.) but they managed to tie up almost all the loose strings. It’s extrememly underpublicized because it seems that the director-producer embezzled the money, leaving it in high deficit and a whole hell of lot of lawsuits as well as some of the cast being unpaid after the end of the filming. But I really really love it. It has Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun starring and its seriously GOOD(in my opinion, anyway.)

  13. Reply 1997 and Nice Guy were both good but I couldn’t finish them– only got halfway through! So simple (Reply) or so makjang, so just all over the place (Nice Guy). I will look more into FBND. Heard good things about it from you and other drama fans, too!

  14. Well, this is about too late but I just had to mention this drama considering no one else did; The Queen’s Classroom. Yes, it kinda has no romance in it, but it is an excellent drama that, for me, is befitting of the title “Best Drama of The Year” ( though I can hear your voice is so good lee jong sum ahhhh. Pinocchio is excellent. I don’t understand the PSH hate. If she is holding you back, just get over it, this time she proves that she can be amazing. For me, at least. )

  15. Hate is too strong of a word, and I don’t like when people use it simply because I don’t like someone as an actress or idol.

    Here since we are talking KDramas, I prefer mature actresses like Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Sun Ah and Moon So Ri and Uhm Hung Hwa… and Lee Soo Kying!! Strong women who play strong female leads.

    Of course, PSH is beautiful and lovely and talented and sweet in real life and I also know script and writing has a lot to do with why I haven’t been able to like PSH in dramas. She tends to play the childish or petulant girl, and I am honestly too old for that, or was never really able to relate to that. Maybe she will take on a more mature role later on in her career!!

    I also am not a huge fan of Lee Jong Suk, so putting them together as leads is so meh for me!!:/

    I will check out Queen’s Classroom, though. A little anti romance never hurts:)

    Also, its never too late to talk dramas!! Thanks for sharing, and I may even check out at least one episode of Pinnochio.🙂

  16. Oh, I saw some of her drama with the younger guy. She gets so much hate in Korea for being divorced, but she is a great actress. Sucks.:/

    And yeah, I watched some of Heartstrings and Heirs, too, and… they were just so bad I will not say anything about them. Haha

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