How To Learn Korean In 10 Simple Steps

These ten tips will help you learn Korean the right way and show you what you might be doing wrong, too! So, be sure to check them all out. Some of them are even fun.

Once you learn Korean, you can communicate– talk to, meet, make friends and network, with people in South Korea. Continue reading “How To Learn Korean In 10 Simple Steps”

So You Want To Be A Kpop Idol, A Kpop Star?

It’s not going to be easy; and, you’ll need to get in line– a very long line of girls and boys just like you. So, what makes you different from everyone else dreaming the same dream?

This is a special post for my “little sisters” who are interested in pursuing a career in the Korean music industry as singers. Continue reading “So You Want To Be A Kpop Idol, A Kpop Star?”