My Must-Watch Korean Dramas: 2014 Edition

Here are the best Korean dramas from 2014.

2014 was a total hit or miss year for Korean dramas, with some really good ones and some really, really bad ones!

My Must-Watch Korean Dramas: 2014 Edition

The following Korean dramas are sure to make you laugh or cry– sometimes both, as the leads fall in love and find whatever it is they’re looking for (but sometimes they do get a little lost along the way).

1. My Love From Another Star — The Most Talked About Korean Drama Of 2014


In this drama starring Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Park Hae Jin and Yoo Inna, an alien from another planet lands in Korea and falls in love with a top Hallyu star.

2. Secret Love Affair — My Favorite Korean Drama Of 2014


A married woman falls in love with a much younger boy. Her marriage, career and entire life start to collapse around her slowly, but will love save her– and what will happen to him?

3. A Witch’s Romance — The Sexiest Korean Drama Of 2014

Witch's Romance~

A single woman falls for a much younger guy, and hijinks ensue thanks to the the cute, bubbly relationship between the two leads, played by Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon.

4. High School King Of Savvy — The Funniest Korean Drama Of 2014


This Korean drama about a high school boy turned CEO was so good I couldn’t stop watching. I loved the ending, but I know just as many people hated it. *Shrugs*

5. Fated To Love You — The Most Romantic Korean Drama Of 2014


I was skeptical of Jang Hyuk in a role like this one– I last saw him playing a slave in Chuno after all, but he pulled off Mr. Charming Chaebol and gave him his own unique, Jang Hyuk-spin.

6. You’re All Surrounded — The Most Action Packed Korean Drama Of 2014


This is another Korean drama that made my must-watch list– but barely. Of course, I might be a little more than biased when it comes to this Korean drama… *cough* Cha Seung Won *cough*

7. Bad Guys — The Most Suspenseful Korean Drama Of 2014


Park Hae Jin plays a psychopath who may also be the serial killer behind the death of a very angry detective. When he and two other convicts are asked to solve crimes, will they be able to live like humans– or die like bad guys?

8. Misaeng — The Must-Watch Korean Drama Of 2014


Office life and so much more as these interns struggle to fit in and figure out the future. The story sounds simple, but once you start watching you won’t be able to stop.

9. Joseon Gunman — The Best Sageuk Of 2014


I went back and watching this Korean drama in 2015, but belated or not it totally belongs on my must-watch list thanks to Lee Joon Gi and a supporting cast that make history (and guns) kind of cool.

Now, as you’ve seen I’ve decided not to watch any of the divorce dramas (Emergency Couple and Sly and Single Again), medical dramas (New Leaf, Doctor Stranger and Angel Eyes) or cop dramas (Gap Dong and You’re All Surrounded) that aired this year.

I also passed on Trot Lovers and My Secret Hotel as well. I tried to watch the latter but couldn’t get past the first few episodes without falling asleep. It’s Okay, It’s Love just seems absolutely crazy. So, even though I love Gong Hyo Jin– I’ll pass on this Korean drama (for now).

Just when I was about to give up on Korean Dramas, I’ve been pulled back in!

You can watch a bunch of new and old Korean dramas on my favorite site where I watch high quality videos with high quality English subtitles, MyAsianTv. And, you can also check out my past Korean drama must-watch lists (if you haven’t yet).

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80 thoughts on “My Must-Watch Korean Dramas: 2014 Edition

  1. Haha Sounds a lot like my life right now!

    I will definitely need more Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun this year! They are both soooooo charming along with being great at what they do. Their acting is on fire– so is the rest of the casts’, and I love having something to look forward to after working and being in school ALL day… >.<

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    My name Is Susan Jonsson i am from sweden and are 25 years old.

    have a good day

  3. Hi Susan!

    Nice to meet you, and thanks for contacting me about this.
    d me an email with your topic or any ideas. I love having guest bloggers but do edit each submission. That might be good for you if you hate editing– I’ll do it for you!

    I’d also love to visit your blog and see what it’s about. My email is Don’t forget the “x”!

    – WGEB

  4. hi ..i have only started waching kdramas this year ..but i hav watched alot. could you please suggest some really good kdramas? i only like dramas lik the heirs,my luv from another star, city hunter, faith, boys over flowers ect…im more inot kdramas that have romace,comdey and not so much if action. pls sugggest some really good kdamas..thnx🙂
    your website was very helpful although im not sure which is my type🙂
    thnx again

  5. Have you checked out THIS series? Lots of suggestions!

    And we have EXACT opposite taste in KSramas. I didn’t really like any of those, but you should watch Secret Garden, Coffee Prince and My Name is Kim Sam Soon, if you like those!😀 Maybe also check out Queen InHyun’s Man.🙂

  6. Bad Guys … Ooo i love that show. Sigh Park Hae Jin …mmm totally different from his “from another star” charcater. I love his dead eyes and deadpan delivery of everything. And is it me or does he have like the sexiest lips ever…cant pull my eyes away.

  7. you’re missing out, Gap Dong is my fave drama this year and Lee Joon is such a talented actor. there was amazing acting throughout and never a dull moment. Hotel King was good too🙂

  8. I tried to watch Gap Dong for Lee Joon, too, but I am NOT a fan of Yoon Sang Hyun. he tends to overact. Anyway, Hotel King with Lee Don Wook was also good? I will check it out probably next year. So much catching up to do!!!🙂

  9. You’re missing something if you don’t watch, “THE JOSEON GUNMAN”. It’s fantastic. Watch LEE JOON GI run, leap, fight, shoot a gun, wield a sword, straddle and ride a horse while firing a gun. This KOREAN drama is the best scripted and acted drama of 2014 and LEE JOON GI is the BEST KOREAN ACTOR of the year. Watch his PHOENIX EYES and CUPID BOW LIPS. He is also a fantastic dancer (“KING of DANCE”) and excellent singer, and he’s so FUN and HUMOROUS. Watch him on YOUTUBE.

  10. Did you ever get a chance to watch Iron Man? I was so excited to see it but it quite a letdown – the drama had a weird sense of humor that I just didn’t get.

  11. OMG, boy did I! I couldn’t get past Episode 3, and I thought… Lee Dong Wook needs to pick better dramas. I love him as an actor, but part of being a successful actor is picking the right “acts.”

  12. You’ve got a good list here but I must say you’re missing out on not watching It’s Okay, It’s Love. I thought it was such a cute and bubbly feel good show with some twists and turns. I highly recommend you give it a shot ^_^

  13. omg.. it’s okay its love is Bombdigadiii,. !! Defoe try it.. Won’t regret.. I kinda let it go cuz I wasnt a fan of the guy and somehow I pushed it even tho m a huge GHJ fan.. I only watched it when it ended.. But since then have watched it6times

  14. SIX times?!!! I’m also not a fan of the guy even tho i love me some GHJ. Okay, it’s on the shelf of KDramas– the one in my mind since I’m too lazy to update this post for like the millionth time… haha

  15. if you are into romcom than you guys can try:
    To the beautiful you(romcom) ***(must)
    You’re beautiful(romcom)
    personal taste(not romcom but good)
    And i really liked your list..was really helpfull…🙂

  16. Hi, my name is Temilola!

    I just finished watching Misaeng per your recommendation…
    Thank you for bringing this drama into my life. I think I’ll be watching it semi-annually😀
    It had such great content, depth and realism. I could hardly believe I was watching a Korean drama.

    Oh and I just want to say I have thoroughly enjoyed following your blog. I am taking a gap year (involuntarily :P) between undergrad and graduate school and your blog has made me pass the time cheerfully.

    Ok, see you on another post!

  17. Hi Temilola!

    Lovely to hear from you.🙂
    I’m so glad that you enjoyed Misaeng! It’s one of the best KDramas not just from 2014 but from all time.
    Also, it’s good to know that you are taking a break from school whether you wanted to or not! And, I’m glad you’re having a good time on my blog in the meantime.

    See you~😀

  18. I think I watched Reply 1997 but it was a little weird with how the love line went. Also, it’s not really my style even though I love Seo In Gook! Anyway, I know both reply kdramas did so well in Korea and internationally, but I couldn’t finish them. >.<

  19. Hi Im from the Philippines and I am having a hard time finding a good site where I can watch Kdramas online through my Ipad since some sites are restricted
    and not available in my country. Can you recommend sites where I can watch Kdramas online? Thank you so much and God bless.

  20. I think your best bet is to search for a Korean drama on Google: “my love from the stars ep 1 eng sub.” Then, see what sites come up and find which ones work for you. I’m sure you’ve tried Dramafever, Viki, Crunchyroll, and perhaps SoompiTV, right? I know OnDemandKorea also has Korean dramas but without English subs. MyAsianTv seems to be an okay site with English subs as well.🙂

  21. thanx for this list! i couldn’t watch more than 3 ep of Miseang before i got really bored. I recommand Marriage not dating (if you like romcom) it’s really funny and enjoyable

  22. I actually never finished Misaeng although I did get father in than you! I think I stopped at Episode 8 or 10? It does get… boring, or maybe just repetitive to say it more nicely. haha Now, I heard so many good things about Marriage Not dating, so I will have to check it out! Thanks so much!😀

  23. I love My Love From Another Star, I plan to watch High School King of Savvy from your list, but why not Pinocchio, this drama has been just great. LJS and PSH were so cute together, and for the 1st time we have a nice really kissing scene with PSH. It’s taken me 3 days to watch it, on ep 12 and 13 I slept at 3 in the morning, (I feel crazy, what will happen?)😉 I love LJS.

  24. I think you’ve really missed out by deciding not to watch Doctor Stranger, Emergency Couple, and Sly and Single Again. All three were really good shows. Did you ever end up watching Healer? It had a killer plot line and superb actors. The three shows I mentioned first I watched when I had nothing else to watch and I ended up being completely enthralled.

  25. I mentioned before but probably deleted it. I don’t find divorce a good storyline, and I also don’t like any of the main actors or actresses in the dramas you mentioned. I actually haven’t been watching any KDramas lately, but I’m glad you enjoyed those ones from last year! Secret Love Affair really set a high bar for what I want to watch in the future, and of course I am ready for some family dramas. My tastes just change as I get older, and I like rom coms less and less.

  26. I just watched it’s okay, it’s love. It’s actually really good! I could not stop watching, even though it does seem a bit overwhelming a little violent at times, but personally i thought it was really good. Check it out (:

  27. Second (or third?) vote for It’s Okay, It’s Love! I will try to get past the first few minutes this time around… I make no promises, though, so maybe I should just fast forward a bit? LOL

  28. SECRET or SECRET LOVE – Amazing – must see!
    HOTEL KING – 32 episodes of pure brilliance – don’t quit that one!
    MARRIAGE NOT DATING – watched it twice and loved it
    STARS FALLING FROM THE SKY – amazing funny plot and 5 kids involved
    PROSECUTOR PRINCESS – really cute older drama


  29. I watched and liked Prosecutor Princess. I also watched The Master’s Sun and Can You Hear My Heart AND Scent of a Woman… loved them all! I’m behind on KDramas but have had some of those recommended to me, too. I’ll check them out!🙂

  30. Anybody can u refer me any best dramas bcos I have already watched all the above n it’s ok thats love is my favourite. Best one. I’m a fan of that heroine. She is so cute. best actress too.

  31. I literally grew up watching Kdramas (thanks mom), and I’ve honestly tried / watched at least 100 dramas (thanks mom, again). Out of them all, “It’s Okay, That’s Love” is my absolute favourite drama of all time. Like seriously. This drama got everything. The plot, chemistry between actors / actresses, and the script (seriously better than John Green quotes) are all perfect. After so many dramas, I have become extremely hard to impress and surprise — but OMFG (cough cough), “It’s Okay, That’s Love” just got me. It’s been more than half a year since the drama ended, but I’ve watched this drama beginning-to-end seven times already. (GOD BLESS MYSELF, SIGH)

  32. Hi jeni last i found wat to watch.I’m gng to watch exo next door dear.happyyyy….gng to start now.i have a doubt .Wat made u to start tis korean drama site dear.anyways thank you.if u have time reply me to my question.see u my kfnds

  33. Shiny, lovely to hear from you! Well, this is a Korean culture blog that my oppa told me to start. He is my close Korean friend.

    Because of my relationship with him as friends and also with my exboyfriend Junho who is Korean, he said to blog about black girls and Korean boys, diveristy and love and acceptance. Why? To help inspire and encourage others to do different things and like or live different people, also to travel to different places! … And the blog just grew from there! I also blog about learning Korean and so much more.🙂

  34. Thank u jeni…I like korean culture a lot.koreans n my fnd decided to go korea someday…..thanks for replying me dear…see u

  35. I wanted to say tis.thanks for creating tis site.korean dramas r so cute n loverly. Wenever I feel down I wil start watching my lovely dramas…kamsamida to Koreans and there dramas.gud nt kfnds. …sarangae all

  36. I already watched it’s ok tats love Kathy….it’s my favvvvv.i love ittttt.can u pls refer me dome drama similar to its ok tats love…

  37. I just wanna thank you for your recommendations. I wouldn’t watch Misaeng and Bad Guys if it weren’t for this article.🙂 I’ll be watching the other dramas listed here and I’ll be looking at your other recommendations as well so I don’t just keep on watching those mainstream dramas with really cliché plots. Thanks so much!

  38. Yay, I love Korean dramas but they do get old fast. So many rich mean guy/poor nice girl dramas out there, especially these days.

    The clishes are fun at first, like back in 2008 when I first started watching, but now… meh.

    So, happy watching!!😀

  39. Helloooo I really really love ur blog!
    Just wanna say.. I think you should add My Secret Hotel on your watch list! It’s awesome and funny as well. Ohh! And made me so curious (little bit mistery)

  40. No, I just can’t handle PSH/LJS as leads. One is fine, but both as leads is a bit much for me. I love LJS as an actor but sometimes I want more maturity and tension from leads, like Secret Love Affair!!🙂

  41. Misaeng is really good. It has a realistic storyline and bring up sad, happy, heart warming, heart breaking and all emotions together. It was a big hit in Korea. The housewives phone up their working husbands crying just to say sorry.

  42. Have you still not watched it’s okay,
    It’s love? I know the plot seems crazy, but I really recommend you to try it! It’s one of my absolute faves. Also if you loved D.O. In ‘I remember you’, I think you’ll quite like him in this drama also. He is so good, compared to some of the other idol-actors out there!!:)

  43. u r absolutely right. i have watched many k-dramas as well but “its okay its love’ is the best one for me. u might not believe me but i watched this drama continuously for 4 times in 4 days in a row without any sleep and still felt the same emotion when i felt it watching for the first time. the chemistry between JIS and GHJ is just beyond imagination and they other casts are also so perfect and the OST is just mesmerising and so heart touching. i and pretty sure any drama will not give me this sort of feelings in the future and i would like thank all the cast n crews for working so hard to give us a such a wonderful drama..

  44. It’s Okay, It’s Love is also my favourite drama ! Brilliantly executed with some great acting involved. Highly recommended!

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