15 More Must-Watch Korean Movies (English Subbed)

This movie list stars Kang Dong Won, Lee Min Ki, Yoo Ah In, So JI Sub, Yoon Kye Sang, Jo In Sung, Jung Woo Sung, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jung Jae, Song Joong KI, and more!

It’s almost summer, and that means it’s the perfect time to beat the heat and stay inside with a good Korean movie– and some popcorn!

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7 Supernatural Romantic Comedies

These supernatural romances will leave you wanting some magic and love in your own life.


Last Monday I fed your Korean drama addiction for noona romances, and this week– as promised, I’ll feed your KDrama addiction for fantasies, or supernatural romances and supernatural love. So, without further ado, here they are!

Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction: 7 Supernatural Romantic Comedies

1. Soulmate (2006)



She’s engaged to someone else, but from the moment he sees her he not only falls in love with her– he also reads her mind. With a cast and story that’s fun, sexy, and down to earth, this KDrama is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

2. Who Are You? (2008)

Who Are You?~

Body swapping!

When a loving father is hit by a grumpy and mean (but good-looking) CEO, he goes into a coma. However, he is able to borrow the CEO’s body for three hours a day to visit the people he loves, including his daughter.

3. Secret Garden (2010)


Body swapping!

When a rich chaebol and poor stunt woman drink a magic potion, they wake up in one another’s bodies and slowly learn more about one another’s heart.

(From the writer of A Gentleman’s Dignity and Heirs!)

4. I Love Lee Tae Ri (2012)

Growing up overnight!

A little boy grows up overnight to protect the woman he loves!

5. I Hear Your Voice (2013)

I Hear Your Voice~


A boy searching for the girl who saved his life finally meets her years later, and he can read her mind (and everyone else’s), which comes in handy when the criminal who killed his father makes a comeback and targets the woman the little girl has become.

6. Master’s Sun (2013)

Master's Sun


She sees ghosts, but when she touches him, they disappear. He just happens to be a (good-looking) chaebol and CEO with a bad temper that also disappears the longer she stays around.

7. My Love From The Star (2014)



Falling in love with a 400 year old alien with awesome super powers? Well, not a problem for a Hallyu star who finds herself in deep trouble after being accused of murder.

… Okay, you want more?

Bonus KDrama: Big (2012)

Gong Yoo of Big~

Growing up overnight!

This was an awful Korean drama, but you should watch it anyway because Gong Yoo looks amazing and does manage to carry the show with his serious acting and adorable shenanigans despite the awful script.

You can find out where to watch all of these Korean dramas and more HERE.

P.S.: After reading this Korean drama list, you might want to start looking for a few aliens, or little boys in big men’s bodies– but, that might NOT be legal… or possible! Either way, stay tuned for more form this series.

9 Noona Romances

You can never have enough noona romances!


You have your own Korean drama addiction, so enough about what I like. Here’s what YOU need— more of your favorite Korean dramas! After all, we’ve all had those moments when one Korean drama ends… and we immediately want to watch another one just like it.

So, every Monday for the next month or two (or three), I’ll go through my long list of KDramas (that I’ve watched AND finished); and, I’ll do my best to feed your Korean drama addiction.

How? Well, by letting you know about Korean dramas that are like the ones you’ve already watched– from noona romances to supernatural romances to school romances and more.

Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction: 9 Noona-Dongsaeng Romantic Comedies

1. A Second Proposal (2004)

A Second Proposal~

Oh Yun Soo and Oh Ji Oh star in this drama about a divorced woman who works hard to get her children back from her asshole husband and along the way gets a second chance at love with the (much younger) boy next door.

2. Biscuit Teacher &Star Candy (2005)


Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin star in this drama about a teacher who falls in love with her disobedient but dangerously sexy student.

3. Dal Ja’s Spring (2007)

Dal Ja's Spring~

Chae Rim and Lee Min Ki star in this drama about a working woman and her romance with an older man and younger boy.

4. Oh! My Lady (2010)


Chae Rim and Choi Si Won star in this unexpectedly cute and heartwarming drama about a divorced woman who works as a housekeeper-turned-nanny for a top star and his illegitimate daughter.

5. I Do, I Do (2012)

I do, I Do~

Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo star in this drama about an older, workaholic woman and a younger, puppy dog (virgin) boy– and what happens after their really awesome really awkward one night stand.

6. I Hear Your Voice (2013)


Park Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk star in this drama about a girl who witnesses a murder and the boy who is saved (but forever changed– think head injury and telepathy) because of her.

When they meet again years later, she’s changed, but he helps her become the courageous girl that she used to be.

7. Let’s Eat (2013)

Let's Eat!~

Lee Soo Kyung and Yoon Doo Joon of the Kpop idol group Beast star in this fun, simple, down to earth drama about a divorced woman living alone and her nosy neighbors living next door.

8. Secret Love Affair (2014)


Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In star in this sexy but subtle drama about a married woman and the piano prodigy of her dreams; only, he’s all too real.

See more of their photo shoot for Elle Korea and read more about their off-screen chemistry HERE!

9. Witch’s Romance (2014)

Witch's Romance~

Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon star in this drama about another workaholic woman and the boy who finally sweeps her off of her feet.

Okay, you want even more noona-dongsaeng romantic comedies?

Then take your pick from these ones that I haven’t watched (or just haven’t finished) yet: What’s Up Fox, My Sweet Seoul, I Need Romance 3, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Personal Taste, Faith, Who Are You?, When A Man Loves, and Kang Goo’s Story!

You can find out where to watch all of these dramas and more HERE. And, I know you loved Secret Garden— even though I definitely didn’t. So, stay tuned for 7 Supernatural Romances. Yes, I’m going to keep feeding your Korean drama addiction!

P.S.: Don’t worry– this addiction is perfectly legal, although it does come with common side effects such as loss of sleep, squeals, and sudden bursts into tears. It may also take away from your productivity– and ability to date boys and men in real life. Well, you’ve been warned!

Where To Watch Korean Dramas Online

Find out where to watch your favorite Korean dramas online!


Today I’m going to talk about my top five places to watch Korean dramas online. I watch all my shows– Korean or not, online since I don’t have (and don’t want) a TV. I’ll also let you know why I’ve chosen these sites as the best by taking a look at everything from their ads to their video and subtitle quality to their selection.

Where To Watch Korean Dramas Online

1. MyAsianTV

This is a new site for me but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites!


There are NO ads.

Video and Subtitle Quality

Videos can be watched in 720p or 360p. Here’s the kicker: Unlike with Viki, 720p actually works. There is little to no buffering, which makes for great video AND subtitle quality.


You can find almost every current and classic KDrama here!

2. SoompiTV

This is a new site that I discovered today through Crunchyroll, which came in second third place on this list.


Choose minimal ads, or choose no ads with a free 60 day premium trial and $6.95/mo subscription after the trial ends.

Video and Subtitle Quality

Every video is in HD quality– it’s the only option. Now they’re offering 1080p(!), 720p, 576p, 480p, and 360p. There’s NO buffering, and best of all the English subtitles are the highest quality out there. No more scratching your head in confusion after reading these translations!


Unfortunately, they’re the new kids on the block, so they don’t have as wide of a selection of KDramas as other sites. Okay, the selection is GREAT, and it’s growing everyday! Perfect, especially if you want to watch dramas that are airing this year– not anymore now that’s it’s 2015.😦

3. Crunchyroll

I watch all of my anime on Crunchyroll— yes, I love All Things Asian. Lately, I’ve noticed that they’ve expanded their KDrama section as well, which is great!


Choose minimal ads, or choose no ads with a free two week premium trial and $6.95/month subscription after the trial ends.

Video and Subtitle Quality

With premium membership, you get access to watch your videos in 720P. Otherwise, watch in 420P or SD. The subtitles are also high quality, and again– no buffering.


The selection here is similar to that on SoompiTV– minus all the new releases. If you don’t watch anime, then just subscribe to SoompiTV.

4. Viki

I love Viki, but lately I’ve been having problems with their video and subtitle quality, but the selection is still great.


Choose frequent ads, or choose no ads with the Viki pass— 7 day free trial, $3.99/month.

Video and Subtitle Quality

 Sure, there’s great quality, but as soon as I go up to 720P the buffering begins… and doesn’t stop. Watching in 420P is fine, but then again the actual video quality can be bad. The videos themselves are just lower quality for some reason. Nevertheless, the subtitles can be spot-on sometimes. It all depends on the volunteer translators.


GREAT selection!

5. Dramafever

Why is Dramafever last (but definitely NOT least)? Well, I have problems with the video player and occasionally, the subtitle quality.


Choose SUPER frequent ads, or choose no ads with premium membership– 7 day free trial, $9.99/month.

Video and Subtitle Quality

The videos are in HD I think? The little HD button is confusing. I can’t tell when it’s on or off, or if it’s even working. A lot of buffering, but not as much as before. The subtitle quality is good but not great sometimes. If you prefer to watch with Spanish or Portuguese subtitles, then it is a great option for you!


BEST selection, which is probably why the membership price is so high. They even have Korean variety shows, Korean movies, and more from all around the world. Viki.com also has an incredible selection of shows from around the world, though.

So, where do you watch your KDramas?

I also like watching on Netflix (TV) when I go home– when it’s NOT buffering like crazy because our internet is slow….