Where To Watch Korean Dramas Online

Find out where to watch your favorite Korean dramas online!


Today I’m going to talk about my top five places to watch Korean dramas online. I watch all my shows– Korean or not, online since I don’t have (and don’t want) a TV. I’ll also let you know why I’ve chosen these sites as the best by taking a look at everything from their ads to their video and subtitle quality to their selection.

Where To Watch Korean Dramas Online

1. MyAsianTV

This is a new site for me but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites!


There are NO ads.

Video and Subtitle Quality

Videos can be watched in 720p or 360p. Here’s the kicker: Unlike with Viki, 720p actually works. There is little to no buffering, which makes for great video AND subtitle quality.


You can find almost every current and classic KDrama here!

2. SoompiTV

This is a new site that I discovered today through Crunchyroll, which came in second third place on this list.


Choose minimal ads, or choose no ads with a free 60 day premium trial and $6.95/mo subscription after the trial ends.

Video and Subtitle Quality

Every video is in HD quality– it’s the only option. Now they’re offering 1080p(!), 720p, 576p, 480p, and 360p. There’s NO buffering, and best of all the English subtitles are the highest quality out there. No more scratching your head in confusion after reading these translations!


Unfortunately, they’re the new kids on the block, so they don’t have as wide of a selection of KDramas as other sites. Okay, the selection is GREAT, and it’s growing everyday! Perfect, especially if you want to watch dramas that are airing this year– not anymore now that’s it’s 2015.😦

3. Crunchyroll

I watch all of my anime on Crunchyroll— yes, I love All Things Asian. Lately, I’ve noticed that they’ve expanded their KDrama section as well, which is great!


Choose minimal ads, or choose no ads with a free two week premium trial and $6.95/month subscription after the trial ends.

Video and Subtitle Quality

With premium membership, you get access to watch your videos in 720P. Otherwise, watch in 420P or SD. The subtitles are also high quality, and again– no buffering.


The selection here is similar to that on SoompiTV– minus all the new releases. If you don’t watch anime, then just subscribe to SoompiTV.

4. Viki

I love Viki, but lately I’ve been having problems with their video and subtitle quality, but the selection is still great.


Choose frequent ads, or choose no ads with the Viki pass— 7 day free trial, $3.99/month.

Video and Subtitle Quality

 Sure, there’s great quality, but as soon as I go up to 720P the buffering begins… and doesn’t stop. Watching in 420P is fine, but then again the actual video quality can be bad. The videos themselves are just lower quality for some reason. Nevertheless, the subtitles can be spot-on sometimes. It all depends on the volunteer translators.


GREAT selection!

5. Dramafever

Why is Dramafever last (but definitely NOT least)? Well, I have problems with the video player and occasionally, the subtitle quality.


Choose SUPER frequent ads, or choose no ads with premium membership– 7 day free trial, $9.99/month.

Video and Subtitle Quality

The videos are in HD I think? The little HD button is confusing. I can’t tell when it’s on or off, or if it’s even working. A lot of buffering, but not as much as before. The subtitle quality is good but not great sometimes. If you prefer to watch with Spanish or Portuguese subtitles, then it is a great option for you!


BEST selection, which is probably why the membership price is so high. They even have Korean variety shows, Korean movies, and more from all around the world. Viki.com also has an incredible selection of shows from around the world, though.

So, where do you watch your KDramas?

I also like watching on Netflix (TV) when I go home– when it’s NOT buffering like crazy because our internet is slow….

14 thoughts on “Where To Watch Korean Dramas Online

  1. Ohhhh crunchyroll was my home a years ago for taiwanese drama mainly, but at some point they removed all links to videos, you could only post synopsis! It has changed sooo much, wow. I didn’t know kdrama.com! I love Viki for the millions of subtitles in different languages. I think that’s so crazy in a good way. Thanks for sharing!! I watch my stuff at yodrama.com and gooddrama.net !!

  2. Viki all the way, girl!! I was part of their humble beginnings way back in 2010/2011 (I think??). Then they were vikki.net. It was a very unstructured community then with gatekeepers and what so many DONTs, a little harsh towards newcomers. Thank goodness it’s a lot better now. Girl, how time flies! Dramafever is becoming huge too. Are you aware of their upcoming 2nd annual Dramafever award ceremony? You’re going?

  3. Yes, I saw on DF. DF also feeds to Netflix I think! Not sure~ Either way, it’s good that you can pay for one subscription to get access to shows from more than one place around the world. LOL

  4. Yup, I was there, too! Back in 2008 for all the Asian stuff I loved. I was devastated when they took down all the UCC (user uploaded content) later, but now they have some great stuff! So, I’m not too upset about it anymore.

    I also watch on gooddrama.net every now and then, but I don’t like the videos that are in different parts, bunch of ads, low quality. etc.

    And now I wonder if any of ya’ll know about mysoju.com…. LOL Another relic from before kdramas started getting licensed!

  5. Yup, I was there when Viki/Vikki started as well. I even translated a few episodes of Triple! haha Back when I had time for stuff like that… Hopefully I will when I start working and finish this law school thing– last week of school ever approaches!

    Anyway, DF is huge!

    And no, I don’t live in NY– not sure who from Korea will be attending, either… It’ll be interesting to see if DF can ever compete with SBS/KBS/MBC.

  6. I watch almost everything on gooddrama.net, sometimes go to drama.net or dramabay.com. On dramabay.com you don´t have to skip parts.

  7. Yes, viki, dramafever are good choices. But if you ‘d like an ads-free way to free download Korean dramas. You can take WinX YouTube Downloader with you with zero cost. It is a totally free and clean video downloading tool helping free download any Korean dramas to local drive from 300+ online sites.

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