Must-Wear Korean Makeup: BB Cushions

The hardest thing about living in South Korea is losing access to American makeup– not!

Must-Wear Korean Makeup: Laneige BB Cushion

I first heard about BB cushions thanks to my Facebook feed. A little research later: Laneige– my favorite Korean beauty brand, makes BB cushions for girls and women of color. (Well, some girls and women of color.)

ByBare has a helpful review and demo of Laneige BB Cushion Dark, so be sure to check it out!

However– insert ironical twist, these gifts from the makeup gods are only available at Target (which does have international shipping to South Korea for a pretty penny).

So, I ordered Laneige BB Cushion Dark from Target about two weeks ago and was excited to have it arrive yesterday– only to find out that I would have been better off getting Laneige BB Cushion Medium Dark (similar to Kiss New York Aqua BB Light).


The Laneige BB Cushion Dark (similar to Kiss New York Aqua BB Light/Medium) has orange tones that overwhelm my skin, but I still fell in love with it!

Laniege BB Cushion claims to do the following:

1. Hydrate and Cool Skin — Optimal Mineral Water instantly hydrates and cools skin upon application, reducing skin surface temperature by 4°C.

2. Brighten and Even Skin Tone — Contains Melacrusher™ brightening technology, which instantly creates the appearance of luminous skin by visibly reducing dark spots and unevenness.

3. Prevent Shine — Regulates and prevent sebum buildup.

4. Perfect Long-lasting Coverage — Delivers ultra-smooth coverage for an all day radiant finish.

5. Protect — Leaves skin with a healthy, moisturizing glow.

After using it– I’ve been putting my e.l.f. Foundation on top of it, I have to say it does a lot of those things and maybe even a little more, like restoring my faith in the whole, “You get what you pay for!” thing.

Laneige BB Cushion: Pros

1. Fast and fun to apply — Just pat, pat, pat.

2. Perfect for combination or oily skin — Looks dewy but dries matte.

3. Light scented — I really love the scent; although, I read that scented products aren’t exactly good for your skin.

4. Powerful protection — SPF 50.

Laneige BB Cushion: Cons

1. Limited shades — Don’t be fooled by the swatches above. “Dark” is better suited to the Beyonces or Rihannas of the world– not the Naomis.

2. Light coverage — Coverage is light to medium at best but could be better with the right shade. I’m also considering purchasing the matching concealer, too.

Dark or medium dark, one thing is for sure: Laniege BB Cushion is on my must-wear Korean makeup list!

In the future I hope Laniege offers more shades for girls and women of color, and that other makeup brands– Korean or not, do the same. This product is just too good to not be able to share with everyone!

P.S.: Of course, other Laneige BB Cushion shades and products for Asian, Caucasian and even Hispanic girls and women living in South Korea (or not) are available on YesStyle.