My Top 5 South Korea Job Search Sites

Looking for your dream job? Look no further! Here are my top 5 South Korea job search sites.

My Top 5 South Korea Job Search Sites

I’ve written about how I landed my dream job in South Korea— and how you can, too. However, today I want to let you know more about the South Korea job search sites that are available and awesome– awesome like my affordable one room apartment here, too.

What sets these South Korea job search sites apart from the rest are the diversity of jobs offered and the ease with which you can apply to jobs. All sites except for a few post both teaching jobs in South Korea and non-teaching jobs in South Korea, too.

Many of these sites also offer other career services, such as tips and tricks on Korean work culture and more. You can even post your resume on most sites! Just be sure to click the links to go directly to each site and see why it made my list for yourself.

1. Koreaners

At first glance Koreaners seems like your typical teach-English-in-Korea job search site, but it’s so much more than that. This job search site in particular offers detailed descriptions of each job and how to apply as well as when each job was posted.

You can also easily search for jobs by field, which is a helpful option for those interested in a specific field. The downside is that– as with all South Korea job search sites, some fields have too many jobs (education, marketing, etc.) while some have too few (medical, legal, etc.).

2. MonsterEnglish

MonsterEnglish is one of my favorite South Korea job search sites. It’s really easy to use and offers everything at a glance. There are a diverse number of jobs, but one of the biggest downsides is that some jobs are really, really old, so make sure to check the posting date!

3. Korea Observer’s Jobs In Korea

Korea Observer’s Jobs in Korea is really easy on the eyes when it comes to searching for jobs. It looks more like a yellow page, or Yelp! Job types are color-coded, and this South Korea job search site would rank higher on my list if there were more jobs– and more unique jobs that I couldn’t find anywhere else!

4. JobSeekr

As a legal and marketing consultant, JobSeekr (that’s not “jobseeker”) has the most jobs in my chosen field: Marketing. Pay is also good, with internship and employment opportunities for D 10 visa holders like myself. Of course, there are the occasional casting calls and other odd jobs, too.

5. Seoul Global Center

The Seoul Global Center job search site is useful– but only if you know where to look (the site has a lot of superfluous features) and happen to look at the right time! Jobs aren’t posted with any regularity, and they seem to expire really quickly.

However, the plus side is that there are a wide variety of jobs posted on this site in an equally wide variety of fields.

Honorable mention: Craigslist Seoul!