Why I Moved To Seoul, South Korea

It’s been seven months of heaven (and hell), but here’s why I moved to Seoul, South Korea.

Why I Moved To Seoul, South Korea


I grew up in Baton Rouge, LA.

Although my family moved to Pearland, Texas when I was 11– and me, to Austin, Texas when I was 17, America never felt like home. As my Dad once told me when I was 21 and had long since stopped coming home for anything but the holidays, he knew that I had never really been happy.


I fell in love with Junho— and his home Seoul, South Korea, when I was 21. After seeing Seoul through his eyes when we first met and fell in love– and my own a year after we had broken up, I knew that I wanted to make Seoul my home.

Something about the endless streets lit both day and night called to me.


Last year, when I was 25, I reached a dead end in my life– in every way. I needed– not just wanted, a new beginning. Seoul was the answer, and everything fell into place for the first time in years, or at least what felt like a very, very long time.


My dream, the one I had forgotten, was to live and work in an international environment in the service of others, which is exactly what I do now as a legal and marketing consultant. The fact that I speak Korean almost fluently having studied it off and on for the past eight years is both a personal and professional perk.


Sheltered, I needed to get away from the comfort– the cradle, of family and friends and Grow Up big time. Thus, the capital letters. I’m still a kid at heart, but being in Seoul has made me more of an adult than I ever thought I would be.


I wanted to experience Korean nightlife– everything from bars to clubs to concerts, before I got “too old”.

Although, many of the places my friends and I go aren’t even well known to Koreans– unless they’re also a part of the Korea’s fast-growing hip hop community– a community and a sub-culture.


Speaking of concerts and music, Korean hip hop was a big reason why I wanted to move to Seoul. I’ve been able to see, meet and even make friends with some of my favorite Korean rappers and hip hop artists.


Korean food. (Need I say more?)


The low cost of living– and healthy living, was another plus as prices in Austin sky-rocketed to all time highs, and with time spent in traffic rising right along with it. Here, I walk to work and live in a studio apartment, better known as a “oneroom,” with all bills paid for just $450/mo.

And, with Hongdae just a 20 minute walk away, I also get plenty of exercise on the weekends.


Last but not least: Love. I’m looking for my Seoul-mate, because, Seoul is a city for couples and families– even interracial ones. Although, figuring out Korean dating culture is going to take a lot more than seven months!

Home is where the heart is.

And, my heart is definitely right here in Seoul.

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