7 Cases Of Second Lead Syndrome

Second lead syndrome: When you want the second lead to get the girl even though you know it’s just not going to happen.


Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction is back by special request! Here are the Korean dramas that made viewers cheer for the second lead, and don’t forget to share to share your own cases of Second Lead Syndrome in case I miss them.

Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction: 7 Cases Of Second Lead Syndrome

1. Heirs (2013)


Would Cha Eun Sang ever realize how perfect Choi Young Do is for her? Or, would she always sleep through those soft, loving looks he gives her.

2. Greatest Love (2011)


Will the geeky, gorgeous doctor actually get the girl in the end?

3. I Do, I Do (2012)



It was so hard to choose between the hot doctor ajusshi and the cute unemployed dongsaeng as they battled for the love of the lead lady played by KDrama Goddess Kim Sun Ah. Anyway, it looks like doctors in KDrama Land do get the girl (every now and then).

4. She is 19! (2004)


Doctors have a hard time in KDrama Land, even when they’re played by the incredibly “sexy-cutie” guy Kim Jae Won!

5. Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Yoon Ji Hoo~

Because I really can’t stand Lee Min Ho although I know he’s SUCH a great actor. What’s wrong with me?!

6. Triple (2009)




Was I the only one who watched this and cheered for the hot ajushhi played by Lee Jung Jae instead of the cute schoolboy played by Song Joong Ki?

7. Chuno (2010)


First loves don’t always end up as last loves, which I know all too well.

So, what’s your case of Second Lead Syndrome?

3 Times We Saw Ghosts

These KDramas will make you scream and shout. Lock the doors and leave the lights on!


Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction is back with three ghosts! You may or may not want to remember those Korean dramas that haunted and howled, leaving you scared at night. But, these are the ones that I remember! So watch them with the lights on (or off), if you dare…

Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction: 3 Times We Saw Ghosts

1. Soul (2009)

soul 1

Starring Lim Ju Eun and Lee Seo Jin, Soul (also known as Possessed) is about a high school girl possessed by spirits and the criminal profiler who exploits her powers in his quest for justice.

2. 49 days (2011)


Lee Yeo Won, Jung Il Woo, and Nam Gyu Ri star in this popular romantic comedy about a young bride who gets a second chance at life by possessing the body of another woman.

3. Master’s Sun (2013)


A selfish CEO meets an insomniac with the ability to see ghosts in this dark romantic comedy by the famed screenwriting duo, the Hong Sisters.

So, what Korean dramas made you all fuzzy and frightened inside? 

Vampire Prosecutor comes to mind, but I just haven’t had time to watch it yet! And, be sure to find out where to watch all of these Korean dramas and more right HERE.

6 Korean Dramas Like Healer

Action, adventure, and romance– all in one!


Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction is back! They say you can’t have it all, but in Drama Land– you can. So, here are six Korean dramas full of action, thrills, AND romance. This one’s for you, Amy T., and all the other Korean drama fans just like you, looking to have it all!

Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction: 6 KDramas That Gave Us Action, Thrills &Romance

1. Iris (2009)


“Kim Hyun Joon and Jin Sa Woo are best friends who were brought into a top secret organization known as NSS by analyst Choi Seung Hee and Park Sang Hyun. Hyun Joon and Sa Woo both fall in love with Seung Hee when she first profiles them.

Their lives are changed forever when Hyun Joon is given a solo mission in Hungary. Hyun Joon later tries to find out who set him up and to figure out what IRIS is and wants.”

2. My Country Calls (2010)


One of the few dramas on this list that I watched, it’s time for these cops to save the world, but they also have to make sure to save a little time for romance– whether they like it or not!

3. The Fugitive: Plan B (2010)


Rain stars in this action and adventure rom com that takes him all the way around the world: “For as long as she can remember, Jin Ji Ni has been running for her life as the anonymous and seemingly omnipresent Melchidech tracks her down.

When she decides that she needs to attack rather than run away, she seeks the help of Private Investigator Ji Woo, a man who will solve any case as long as he receives the right sum of money.”

4. Athena (2010)


“A terrorist group known as ‘Athena’ and led by evil mastermind Son Hyuk threatens South Korea and the world. It is now up to special agent Lee Jung Woo of the National Security Agency to foil their terrifying conspiracy.

Jo Soo Young, the daughter of the South Korean president, is kidnapped and hidden away in Italy. Jung Woo and his team are given the assignment to find her and bring her back.”

5. City Hunter (2011)


“The story takes place in Seoul, 2011. Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who works on the international communications team in the Blue House. He plans revenge on five politicians who caused his father’s death with his surrogate father Lee Jin Pyo and eventually becomes a ‘City Hunter.'”

6. Iris 2 (2013)


“The story take place three years after the the death of Hyun Joon. It will reveal mystery surrounding Hyun Joon’s death and Baek San, who has been arrested for being active in the secret organization IRIS. IRIS will also outline the story of Mister Black, who controlled everything through Baek San.”

Have you watched any of the Korean dramas on this list? 

Be sure to share your own, and stay tuned for more from this series coming again on Wednesday next week! Remember, you can have it all (and watch it all) right HERE.

8 Reasons Why High School Doesn’t Always Suck

Uhm, I kinda wanna go back to high school now– to high school in South Korea…


Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction is back by special request. No, it really is. Someone left me a comment saying I should do “school dramas” next. It’s been a few months– maybe one or two, but it’s next.

So, here are seven Korean dramas that show us why high school doesn’t always have to suck. Be sure to share your own in the comments!

Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction: 8 Reasons Why High School Doesn’t Always Suck

1. Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (2005)


This KDrama takes being the teacher’s pet to a whole ‘nother level, and strong performances by leads Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin are sure to please!

2. Boys Over Flowers (2009)


This is a classic KDrama, one I’m sure you’ve either already watched or at least heard of. My rendition: A poor girl named after weeds takes on four rich boys at her high school and finds true love (and a lot of trouble) along the way.

3. Ma Boy (2012)


I absolutely love this KDrama all about making dreams come true, first love, and… cross-dressing. What more could you ask for?

4. School 2013 (2012)


Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk heat up this KDrama with enough bromance to last you a lifetime, or just a few months until the “I Need Bromance” fever kicks in.

5. Reply 1997 (2014)


The most ultimate high school drama ever, complete with the problems of puberty and awkward first loves!

6. Heirs (2013)


More stuck up rich boys and poor girls? Yes. Thankfully, also more Kim Woo Bin. Check out what I had to say about Heirs HERE and HERE. I STILL haven’t watched the last two episodes. Sue me?

7. High School King of Savvy (2014)


Okay, I haven’t watched this yet, but I will. Why? Lee Soo Hyuk: That’s why. Now, I’m also excited about everyone else in this KDrama, kind of. Check out my review HERE.

8. High School Love On (2014)


I know nothing about this KDrama except that it’s an idol drama starring some boys from Infinite. I have nothing more to say, and no– I won’t be watching it. But remember, this isn’t about me. It’s about you, so now you know it exists, too. Feel free to watch it or let everyone know what you thought of it.

Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Korean drama.

Let’s hope Snickers doesn’t sue me, or any of you since I won’t be finishing Heirs anytime soon. Anyway, there’s more to come from this series every Wednesday! So, stay tuned for some Korean dramas.

Ones that will scare you and some that are so makjang you just won’t know what to do– except keep watching! And, you can find out where to keep watching these Korean dramas and more right HERE.

9 Charming Chaebols

Yes, chaebols are charming, too. Sometimes.


Chaebols are usually anything and everything BUT charming, but they still seem to be in every Korean drama these days! They’re known for being rich, spoiled, and at the root of all Korean drama evil. But, not all chaebols are bad; and, these ones aren’t just good. They’re charming— and ready to feed your Korean drama addiction!

Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction: 9 Charming Chaebols

1. Who Are You? (2008)

Cha Seung Hyo~

This rich and bad-tempered chaebol may have gotten his body snatched, but that doesn’t stop him from turning into the very good man of one lucky girl’s dreams.

2. Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Yoon Ji Hoo~

Oh, I hope you weren’t expecting to see Go Jun “Poo” here…? Although Kim Hyun Joong couldn’t act to save his life in this KDrama, there was still something charming about his character.

(My inner fan girl is showing.)

3. Secret Garden (2010)

Kim Joo Won~

This chaebol had a knack for turning doing crunches and drinking coffee into some of the most romantic moments KDrama Land has ever seen.

4. Scent of a Woman (2011)

Kang Ji Wook~

I’m currently watching this KDrama– and continuing my Lee Dong Wook spree, and I have totally fallen in love with the first chaebol who’s been willing to throw it all away for the woman he loves.

5. Can You Hear My Heart? (2011)

Cha Dong Joo~

This chaebol might not be able to hear, but he sure is able to love– and with all of his heart.

6. I Love Lee Tae Ri (2012)

Lee Tae Ri~

Wait– not ALL chaebols are rich men. Some of them are rich women, like Lee Tae Ri.

7. Master’s Sun (2013)

Joo Joong Won~

This chaebol takes first place for not only being So Ji Sub charming but (mostly) calm. After all, the woman he falls in love with can see ghosts!

8. Mi Rae’s Choice (2013)

Park Se Joo~

… Yeah, that fan girl? She’s back, but this chaebol was rather charming. He probably wouldn’t have been if someone else had played him!

9. Heirs (2013)

Choi Young Do~

Oh, I hope you weren’t expecting to see Kim Tan here…? TEAM CHOI YOUNG DO!!!

So, who is your favorite charming chaebol?

If you don’t actually know what a chaebol is, then you’re not watching enough Korean dramas, and you DEFINITELY need to watch more. So, go HERE to find out where you can watch all of these Korean dramas and more… MUCH more.

P.S.: Hyun Bin in My Name is Kim Sam Soon is also pretty charming!


8 Times We Loved Cops &Lawyers

Cops and lawyers need a little love, too.


Feeding Your KDrama Addiction is finally back! Recently, Drama Land has been all about cops– along with the usual chaebols, doctors, divorces, and one night stands that lead to marriage!

2014 alone has brought us tons of cop dramas from Gapdong to Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team to Joseon Gunman and even Night Watchman’s Journal, but let’s throw in some lawyers, too. After all, cops and lawyers go hand in hand, just like guns and robbers.

Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction: 8 Times We Loved Cops &Lawyers

1. Mr. Big’s Lawyer (2008)



This is a KDrama about a man named Mr. Big who gets divorced by his wife and his lawyer’s attempt to salvage his money and marriage. Then, in an exciting turn of events, a new romance blossoms between Mr. Big and his lawyer.

2. Partner (2009)



One playboy lawyer has met his match when a new lawyer joins the firm! Little does he know she is a single mom who will still his heart and change his ways.

3. Prosecutor Princess (2010)



Legally Blonde Korean after she’s gotten hired by a law firm. And– of course, this KDrama is full of the same style and shenanigans.

4. My Country Calls (2010)



It’s time for these cops to save the world, but they also have to make sure to save a little time for romance– whether they like it or not.

5. Ten (2011)


When crimes happen, Team Ten– a team strangely brought together by fate, is there to stop it.

6. Ghost (2012)



When one man gets in over his head, his best friend takes on his identity to right what’s gone wrong.

7. I Can Hear Your Voice (2013)



Lawyers need love, too, and this KDrama is chock full of it as two children who were witnesses to the same crime meet again years later. In fact, one of them can read minds.

8. Let’s Eat (2013)

Let's Eat~


These lawyers love to eat in this slice of life story about one woman who lives alone and wants to keep it that way– well, until she meets her neighbors living right next door.

Watching all these Korean dramas is bound to get you arrested, so hire a good lawyer– me!

And, stay tuned for more from this series, which will be back in two weeks!

4 KDramas For Foodies

Yummy KDramas– with lots of food porn!


It’s the World Cup, and my best friends and I have been having so many World Cup Watch Parties! When Korea played, we ate samgyubsal. When Mexico played, we drank Tequila (and ate wings).

Unfortunately, we were all at work when Nigeria, which is my country, played today. And, they lost, too. Even though the only country left for my best friends and I to cheer for is the USA (Germany and the Netherlands for my best friend from Bulgaria), that doesn’t mean that we have to stop watching the World Cup and eating delicious food.

And, in honor of  Korean drama fans (and soccer fans) from all over the world who are also foodies like my friends and I and love any reason to get together with good friends, good food, and good drinks, here are some Korean dramas– I’m always Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction, that will get your mouth watering as you watch!

Feeding Your Korean Drama Addiction: 4 KDramas For Foodies

1. Coffee Prince (2007)

Coffee Prince~

This KDrama with an indie feel isn’t all about coffee, but it sure is mouth-watering thanks to Gong Yoo and a few coffee shop flower boys… and one boy, played by Yoon Eun Hye, who is actually a girl.

2. Pasta (2010)


If this KDrama starring everyone’s favorite actress Gong Hyo Jin doesn’t make you want to eat pasta everyday and call your crush, boyfriend, or husband “Chef!,” then nothing else will!

3. Baker King Kim Tak Goo (2010)

Baker King Kim Tak Gu~

Baking has never been so dreamy and delicious (or so deadly and dangerous) until this KDrama decided to take one of our favorite foods and past times– break and baking, to the next level.

4. Let’s Eat (2013)

Let's Eat~

Now this is the Just for Foodies KDrama to end all Just for Foodies KDramas! How? Well, with Korean food porn.


And don’t forget, you can find out where to watch all of these Korean dramas and more (yummy food not included) HERE.