How To Find Affordable & Awesome Housing In Seoul

Everything you need to know about how to find a place to call home in Seoul, South Korea– and make it feel like home, too!

If you want to live (and work) in Seoul, South Korea, then you probably also want to find an affordable but awesome place to live while you’re there.

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Western Girl Eastern World?: Soul Searching In Seoul

Stop waiting until tomorrow to do what you can do today, and come soul searching with me in Seoul, South Korea!

Dear friends and followers,

I would like to invite you to go soul searching in Seoul with me as I pursue my professional and personal dreams.

When I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law in 2014 at 24 years young, I got my JD degree but forgot to take my dreams with me.

Recently– very recently, it was by chance and circumstance that I remembered my dreams. Now, it is by design and determination that I have decided to pursue them.

Surprisingly, this month has been the best month of this year (and last year!), and I am happy to have the love and support of both my friends and family as I go abroad.

I obtained housing, my visa and a one-way ticket in the short span of just three weeks. Hopefully, in the next two to three weeks I will be able to let you know how to land your dream job in South Korea.

There’s so much in store for me and my blog– and my friends and followers who love (or just like) and support me from far away.

I still have to do some last minute shopping, packing and cleaning, but I wanted to update my blog– my friends and my followers, before I go soul searching in Seoul.

My flight leaves December 1, and this time I’m taking my dreams– the most important thing, with me.


What Not To Do In Seoul, South Korea

These do’s and don’ts just might surprise you, so be sure to check them out! There’s advice (and warnings) on everything from dating to drinking to touring.

Yup, here’s what not to do in Seoul, South Korea, coming from a law student by day, VIP party girl by night like myself.

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